Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 831: Fairy Dragon

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Chapter 831: Fairy Dragon

After several days of traveling day and night, Chen Rui finally arrived at the outer suburbs of the Fallen Angel Capital.

In order to get there as soon as possible, he flew by himself on the last day while the little black horse was placed in the Red Spirit Estate.

This valley in the outskirts of the capital was also called the Rainbow Valley because every time a rainbow appeared, the valley of Zola would appear too. When the rainbow disappeared, the valley would disappear again. Some people who entered by mistake would be sent out.

The appearance of the Rainbow Valley had no fixed time, sometimes for months, sometimes for years, sometimes for hundreds of years…

In fact, the so-called ‘rainbow’ was caused by the explosion of Zola’s experiment which caused the s.p.a.ce enchantment to loosen. This ‘accident’ wouldn’t happen again theoretically after Chen Rui completed the stone slab of ancient runes to greatly consolidate the stability of the s.p.a.ce.

The valley was already controlled by the imperial guards sent by Shea. Several magic circle masters headed by Stiller were studying how to open the s.p.a.ce entrance, but it had been nearly 10 days and they still haven’t found a way. Stiller was Zola’s named apprentice, and she had also learned some corresponding knowledge, but unfortunately, the enchantment of the Rainbow Valley was still too high level for her.

Of course, Chen Rui was an exception.

Back then, Chen Rui used the knowledge of the Dragon Inscription and magic circle to open the s.p.a.ce node of the Rainbow Valley and entered it. After becoming lovers with Zola, the 2 studied ancient runes and improved together. The new enchantment of the Rainbow Valley was even set up by both of them.

Chen Rui had discovered the imperial guards in the valley long ago. He put on a mask and descended. The imperial guards were the lamp spirits. They bowed when they sensed the master’s breath. This move made Stiller and others immediately determine the ident.i.ty of the Royal Highness Prince Consort. Now the Royal Highness Prince Consort had become the legend of the Fallen Angel Empire. Whether it was strength or the status of alchemy great grand master, it was enough to make everyone look up.

“Stiller, you go back to the capital first. The imperial guards will stay here for the time being.”

Stiller was Zola’s apprentice. She knew Chen Rui and Zola’s relations.h.i.+p well, so she didn’t dare to ask more. She bowed respectfully and left the valley with the few magic circle masters.

Chen Rui ordered the lamp spirits to expand the guard range, then He took a deep breath to calm down the restlessness and began to crack the enchantment.

It was easy to open the s.p.a.ce nodes.

The rest of the imperial guards were all Chen Rui’s people, so he also did not have any scruples. One after another strange runes jumped out from the pointers and scattered. Those were the ancient runes condensed by Star Power.

Under the touch of these runes, several white luminous spots appeared in the air, and the white luminous spots were connected by lines of light, faintly showing a huge outline of s.p.a.ce.

Since the last time the Rainbow Valley was nearly destroyed by Auglas. Chen Rui and Zola once again strengthened the s.p.a.ce. Even a Demi-G.o.d-level powerhouse would not necessarily be able to break it. As one of the builders of the s.p.a.ce enchantment, Chen Rui didn’t spend too much time determining the position of the entrance in the invisible void. Using some means, the enchantment entrance slowly opened.

Once the enchantment entrance was opened, streams of terrifying and extremely sharp power breath came out. Chen Rui was caught off guard, and his mask was instantly cut into pieces. The cloak was also torn apart, and the ground was swept by countless blades, crisscrossed with cracks. Fortunately, he sent away the lamp spirits long ago, otherwise casualties would be inevitable.

Chen Rui’s thoughts moved, and a translucent dome appeared around him, blocking the sharp qi. The sharp qi changed again and converted into a thick and dignified breath. The scarred ground was lowered as if it was under heavy pressure. Those cracks turned into huge cracks and spread quickly.

“Wind element and earth element power?” Chen Rui wiped the 2 bloodstains on his cheeks and frowned tightly. Although he didn’t know magic, he could clearly feel that these 2 element powers were berserk, chaotic and seemed to be out of control.

Under the interference of element power of this intensity, the entrance of the pa.s.sage enchantment couldn’t maintain its stability. It might close at any time and it would be difficult to open it again.

Chen Rui rushed in against the manic element power without hesitation. As soon as he entered the pa.s.sage, the entrance disappeared with a bang. Then, the outlines and nodes of the s.p.a.ce disappeared, leaving only the shocking traces of destruction on the ground.

The Rainbow Valley.

There were 6 elements’ power in chaos everywhere: sometimes calm, sometimes rampant. Especially those elements that were inherently repulsive. Once interlaced, it would produce terrifying destructive power.

Chen Rui turned on the defensive s.h.i.+eld and moved forward carefully. Many of the original protective magic circles were destroyed by the enormous element power, especially those key nodes. Once changed, the entire magic circle would undergo unpredictable changes. Even the person who set up had to be cautious.

“Boom!” The nearby Dragon Inscription exploded uncontrollably. The powerful destruction power cracked the defensive s.h.i.+eld a little more. Although the defensive s.h.i.+eld had the ability to heal itself, Chen Rui was worried about Zola’s safety. He couldn’t afford to wait at all now, so he simply rushed forward with the power of the explosion.

The concentration of elements was getting stronger and stronger to the terrifying level that it was almost materializing. With the naked eye, he could actually see the rays of light.

Chen Rui sensed something and turned his head abruptly. He saw a blur of phantasm in the woods on the right. Before he could see clearly, an overwhelming and suppressing wave of magic power came. It was so strong that the defensive s.h.i.+eld collapsed instantly.

Chen Rui instinctively had a strong sense of crisis. His figure flashed, and he appeared in the distance. Now his strength had reached the top of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, plus the law realized by activating [Pole Star Transformation], he had vaguely mastered a few s.h.i.+fting skills that only kingdom-level could activate. However, he was still a step slower. His facial expression turned pale for a while, obviously suffering from internal injuries.

Compared with the injury, what surprised Chen Rui the most was the data shown in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] just now.

Race: Dragon (Fairy dragon)

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: SS (S++)

Physique: S+, Strength: S+, Spirit: S++, Speed: S++.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Magic body, element talent, incantation proficiency.

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

SS! Zola has reached the kingdom level? Chen Rui was shocked and immediately reacted. No! Judging from the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] display, Zola’s real strength has not reached the real kingdom level, but for some reason she has temporarily reached the kingdom level. It is similar to the pope can unleash the kingdom power with the help of the faith power of the Divinity Seal Hall.

Then, what happened to Zola’s strength?

At this moment, the phantasm suspended in the air had become clear. This figure was about 6 meters long. It looked like a dragon from the outside, but it was different from the rough and ferocious feeling of ordinary dragons. This dragon had an extra delicate appearance, faintly glowing with colorful rays of light with large purple eyes and a pair of huge b.u.t.terfly wings. This pair of b.u.t.terfly wings gave people a surreal feeling which was somewhat similar to the angel wings that Chen Rui had seen.

This is the original body of the fairy dragon!

Although she already had the closest relations.h.i.+p with Zola, Chen Rui saw her dragon body for the first time. Due to her talent, the fairy dragon who did not need to combat in close distance looked very delicate. Among the dragons, the fairy dragons were the most friendly. Her outer temperament was friendly and lovely. However, those were ordinary fairy dragons. Zola’s reputation as the ‘Mad Scientist’ was very famous among the Demon Realm dragons. Even the peak stage of the Demon Overlord giant dragon like Paglio and Daniel would run away when they see her.

Flames flickered around Zola’s body, lingering with terrifying and chaotic element power. The trees in the forest were sometimes scorched and sometimes frozen into ice. The power was out of control.

“Zola!” Chen Rui shouted.

As soon as Zola looked up, Chen Rui immediately felt a burst of terrifying spirit power. In the next second, her eyes turned fiery red.

A terrifying spherical flame enveloped Chen Rui and crashed into a huge rock behind. The fire element raged rampantly. The huge crystal rock, known for its st.u.r.diness, was quickly melted and burned into a human-shaped hole.

The [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] on Chen Rui immediately played a role. The [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] could reduce fire damage by 90%, and there was a 10% chance of complete immunity. Even if it was weakened to 10%, he still felt that terrifying burning if it was not for the [Anti-Magic] physique, perhaps that 10% power would still cause him to be severely injured.

Kingdom-level damage!

Chen Rui, who had fought against kingdom-level powerhouses several times, immediately determined the intensity level of this flame. Fortunately, it was a fire element attack. If it was another element, it was definitely life-threatening if the [Pole Star Transformation] was not activated. Obviously, Zola, who was temporarily promoted to the kingdom level for unknown reasons, lost her mind and he had to try to wake her up.

The power of the flame gradually weakened. Chen Rui’s thoughts moved and he activated [Sneak] as he silently left the area.

[Sneak] was very wonderful. Zola was in a state of chaos at this time. Even with the spirit power of SS, without locking on the target in advance, she couldn’t detect Chen Rui’s location.

The fairy dragon who lost her target did not attack again. Instead, she continued to daze in the air. The element power flying around her was still chaotic.

Use [Pole Star Transformation] to fight Zola and make her sober? With the strength of [Pole Star Transformation], it should not be difficult to suppress Zola, but Zola’s Spirit power at the moment obviously exceeds the limit that a Demon Overlord can bear. If I forcibly use strength to control her, it will cause her spirit power to suffer unbearable recoil ranging from severe damage to life-threatening.

The safest way to suppress it is with her will.

While Chen Rui was hesitating, he suddenly sensed a vague and somewhat familiar wave in the distance. He glanced in that direction. That place seemed to be the location of the Rainbow Valley’s Fountain of Resurrection.

Chen Rui was suddenly horrified, and he finally remembered what the fluctuation was. Silver box!

TL: Is the G.o.d in the silver box waking up?

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