Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 832: Law Rudiment

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Chapter 832: Law Rudiment

The buildings around the Fountain of Resurrection had disappeared, and the originally calm springwater was rising into the sky, forming a water pillar that wrapped a flat square silver box.

The lock of the box was loosened, and a seam opened, revealing an indescribable fluctuation.

Silver box: The most mysterious thing in Chen Rui’s cognition.

Even in the eyes of the Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouse, the silver box was a hot object. Among the 2 Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouses of the Demon Realm known to Chen Rui, Satan let his apprentice Tiffany enter the 4th floor of the Book Collection Hall and turned her into a ‘key’ in order to unlock a mysterious place with a silver box. Meanwhile, Sariel also coveted the silver box. He did not hesitate to bestow Chen Rui the Evil Pupil and the badge of summoning avatar.

There was more than 1 silver box. It was 1/7 and half of a complete part, which was puzzling. There are currently 2 known silver boxes. From the half-sentence that Sariel unintentionally leaked, Chen Rui speculated that there might also be silver boxes in the temple of the Holy Light Mountain. However, the Light Elemental King once advised him to never set foot in the Light Divinity Temple without the strength of the Pseudo-G.o.d. This sentence was basically verified by the avatars of the 4-winged angel Ze Hongen and the supreme Angel Raphael.

Then, the silver box must be related to the road to G.o.d, or is it the key to becoming a G.o.d?

It had been a long time since Chen Rui got the silver box, dating back to when he was looking for the poison dragon treasure in Silent Night Wetland. At that time, he had not even reached the Demon Emperor level, so he did not research it. Zola even refused to tell him about the silver box. She just said that he had to at least step into the kingdom level before he could start researching the silver box. Chen Rui knew that the reason why Zola did this was not for her own sake, but for his own good. However, the change in the silver box might have caused Zola to lose control of the box. Therefore, in order to wake Zola up, he must close the silver box.

Chen Rui’s thoughts moved, and he sneaked toward the silver box. As soon as he got close, the originally weak fluctuations instantly became strong. Chen Rui felt dizzy, and there was only 1 thought left in his mind – Destruction.

This was not the first time Chen Rui had a similar feeling. When he first opened the silver box in Silent Night Wetland, he had experienced such an ‘illusion’. At that time, some kind of power also entered his body, fused with the inner demon, resulting in Shura, his mortal enemy.

Perhaps due to the Fountain of Resurrection, the strange force of the losing vitality did not appear at the beginning, but the ‘annihilation’ became clearer and clearer. In Chen Rui’s soul sensing, the ‘destruction’ was infinitely magnified as if to make his body and soul turn into nothingness.

This kind of destruction could no longer be replaced by simple law. It was a kind of feeling similar to origin. Under this origin, skill like [Sneak] was useless.

Chen Rui knew that he couldn’t resist it with a glance, so he activated the strongest power without hesitation, [Pole Star Transformation].

The dazzling starlight resisted the destruction power, but it only lasted for an instant before it collapsed. Chen Rui had just completed the transformation of [Pole Star Transformation], and he immediately felt the terrifying sense of crisis. The stars appeared around him as he activated the [Blue Star Kingdom]. At the same time, a pair of giant wings blocked in front of him.

However, the Star Wing Guardian that could block the peak stage kingdom-level attack could not stop the fluctuation of the destruction. Large cracks quickly appeared on the wings, and even the illusive [Blue Star Kingdom] image began to collapse. Chen Rui couldn’t help being astonished.

With a ‘bang’, the wings that had never been really damaged all shattered, and the planets of [Blue Star Kingdom] burst into disintegration. At this time, a large s.h.i.+eld blocked Chen Rui in time – the Demon s.h.i.+eld, 1 of the 7 artifacts. As soon as the Demon s.h.i.+eld came out, the atmosphere of destruction seemed to be attracted by something, and it quickly gathered over.

Chen Rui felt the pressure doubled, and he couldn’t move his whole body. He could only instinctively hold the Demon s.h.i.+eld for defense. He was like a bow pulled to its maximum that might break beyond the limit at any time.

[Blue Pole Star Transformation], [Blue Star Territory] and the strongest defensive s.h.i.+eld. Chen Rui had used his strongest trump cards, but it was still unstoppable!

The silver box actually has such a terrifying strength. This is just a seam!

Different from the loss of vitality when the silver box was opened back then, it should be that his own strength had reached a certain level now, which had triggered the real power of the silver box.

Maybe it’s just a trace of true power… but it’s already unbearable.

The essence of destruction… Chen Rui had a flash of inspiration, and a trace of blood suddenly appeared in his eyes. He had recalled Shura’s avatar from the human world.

As soon as Shura’s avatar merged with his original body, Chen Rui’s pupils suddenly magnified. He felt like he was in a scene where countless stars were annihilated. Strangely, he no longer felt the danger as if he was part of the destruction.

Chen Rui felt his soul shook violently. It was not fear or crisis, but in sync with the ‘rhythm’ of a certain destruction. This wonderful feeling also appeared in the coma illusion he had after his fight with Teris. However, it was not as clear and real as it is now.

Creation of life is the process of pursuing completion. Completion means new creation.

That is to say, destruction is also a part of creation, an innate part.

Life and death; death and life.

Destruction, creation: life, death.

Chen Rui seemed to realize something, and he suddenly made an astonis.h.i.+ng decision. He put away the Demon s.h.i.+eld and let the terrifying destruction wave wrap around him.

The star armor on his body shattered and collapsed as it couldn’t resist the terrifying destructive power. Before it fell onto the ground, it turned into particles and dissipated. Even the Mystic Jade Armor and the rest of the equipment on Chen Rui were broken down and annihilated.

Chen Rui’s body was full of terrifying wounds, and his real body became blurred. As he was about to become nothingness and be annihilated, he suddenly flickered and became clear again. It was not only his body that became clear, but also the nearby star phantasms.

By right, after the [Pole Star Transformation] collapsed, he should not be able to activate the [Blue Star Kingdom] containing the mystery of the kingdom or be reduced to the ordinary [Galaxy Territory]. However, instead of disappearing, the [Blue Star Kingdom] had become unprecedentedly s.h.i.+ning and bright.

Chen Rui clearly sensed that the vast faith power surged out uncontrollably and merged into the [Blue Star Kingdom]. Gradually, there was a new charm in the trajectory of the planet. Chen Rui’s soul and that kind of ‘charm’ merged into 1, entering into the mysterious feeling.

This is law!

It is not the original star law of [Blue Star Kingdom], but a law that contains a trace of destruction origin power!

Chen Rui clearly felt the great power of this kind of law, but the current law was only the initial rudiment and needed a lot of ‘nutrients’ to grow and stabilize. Thanks to his comprehension and harvest in the Star Tower, it had laid a solid foundation for the generation of this law. As long as the basic strength was strengthened step by step and the demand for ‘quant.i.ty’ was met, it would have ‘qualitative’ changes without any obstacles. The real law could then be nurtured, breaking through the existing realm.

At that time, it would be the easiest advancement.

The scene of the star destruction gradually dimmed, and they were finally absorbed into the deep black pupils. The [Blue Star Kingdom] also disappeared.

Chen Rui exited that mysterious realm and found himself in front of the Fountain of Resurrection. The water of the Fountain of Resurrection, which had become a water pillar, had returned to its normal state while the strange silver box was closed, lying quietly in the springwater as if nothing had happened.

Chen Rui slowly breathed a sigh of relief. It was definitely not an illusion. Although it was only a fleeting moment in reality, he could clearly sense the existence of the law’s rudiment in his body. This time he was very lucky, using Shura to comprehend the precious law. It was indeed a huge gain.

Compared with this gain, the pain all over his body was nothing, but Chen Rui was not most concerned about these, but Zola’s condition.

There was a sudden wave of powerful magic power from the back. Chen Rui looked back and saw that the fairy dragon had been attracted by the change here and appeared not far behind.

The closing of the silver box did not seem to make Zola immediately sober, and she still exuded a strong hostility. After the baptism of the silver box, Chen Rui’s soul power had increased significantly. Combined with the strength of the Evil Pupil and [Deep a.n.a.lysis], he saw some abnormalities beside Zola.

Brilliant colors.

There were 6 colors in total: black, white, blue, green, red, and yellow.

It should correspond to the 6 elements. The 6 colors intertwined and mottled which looked chaotic.

Among them, white and blue colors appear very faint while the other 4 colors were much thicker. Perhaps this imbalance was the source of chaos.

Chen Rui’s mind moved. Before Zola could make a move, 2 rays of light appeared in his hands – 1 white and 1 blue.

As soon as the 2-color light appeared, it immediately attracted Zola’s attention. She didn’t seem to make any move, but the white light and blue light flew over automatically.

These 2 kinds of light were the wind source power and the light source power. After flying close to Zola and the surrounding elements, the blue and white colors representing wind elements and light elements begin to light up.

By the time the wind source power and the light source power disappeared from Zola’s body, the colors of blue and white were completely consistent with the rest of the 4 colors.

The 6 mixed up and entangled colors finally stagnated. The fairy dragon’s originally absent-minded purple pupils became more crystal clear while the manic and chaotic element breath in the air gradually returned to gentleness.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s strength reverts to S++.

In the midst of the bright light, the fairy dragon with flas.h.i.+ng b.u.t.terfly wings disappeared as she changed back into a human form.

Zola looked haggard with messy hair, ragged clothes, and shattered, leaving only the frame.

Ms. Fairy Dragon appeared in front of Chen Rui in a flash and looked at the scars all over his body. While recalling the scenes of losing control in her memory, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Her lips moved again and again as if she had a lot to say, but she could only say 3 words in the end.

“Does it hurt?”

Chen Rui smiled and shook his head, “It doesn’t.”

When the 2 words were spoken, Ms. Fairy Dragon had already plunged into his arms and hugged him tightly.

TL: Shura better not lose control again after ‘showering’ in that ‘destruction’.

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