Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 833: Kingdomized in Advance

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Chapter 833: Kingdomized in Advance

Rainbow Valley.

A white light appeared in Zola’s hands. It was the first time Chen Rui saw Zola activating light element treatment, which was naturally related to the light source power.

The water element treatment was obviously inferior to the light element. The treatment of the light element could not only heal wounds on the surface, but it also stimulated the body’s self-healing ability to speed up recovery and dispel some debuffs within a limited range.

Of course, in a sense, magic healing actually used the potential of the body to promote healing, so it had a considerable limit. If it was used repeatedly in a short time, the effect would not only be reduced, and it would also cause hidden diseases due to exhaustion of the body strength.

One’s own physique and self-healing ability were the real ‘treatment’. Magic was more of an aid or first aid. This principle was actually the relations.h.i.+p between physical exercise, injections and medicines.

With the [Body of Light Glory], self-healing physique and light element treatment, the scary wounds healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Okay, Zola.” Chen Rui felt that Zola’s strength was still unstable, “What happened?”

Zola withdrew her magic, looked down and bowed her head, “I’m sorry.”

“This is not like my Zola.” Chen Rui took her into his arms, “Don’t worry, no matter what it is, I face it with you.”

Ms. Fairy Dragon felt the warmth of the man’s embrace and nodded slightly.

It turned out that Zola began to close the Rainbow Valley training after Chen Rui went to the human world last time. At that time, she already had 4 element source powers, namely earth element, water element, fire element and dark element. In theory, for each additional element source power, the success rate of the [6 Elements Kingdom] would be higher. However, the element source power was far more powerful than expected, especially the mixed source powers. The previous earth element source power was fine. The character of the earth elements was originally mellow and stable. However, when mixed with water, fire and dark element power, it gradually became uncontrollable.

Objectively speaking, the speed at which Zola absorbed the 4 source powers was still too aggressive.

In fact, this had a lot to do with Chen Rui. When Chen Rui first met Zola, he was still at the weak middle-level strength. In just a few years, he had grown to the level on par with her, and there was even a faint momentum of surpa.s.sing her. Ms. Fairy Dragon might be a little compet.i.tive, but this was not the main reason. The real reason was that in the battle of the Warlock Fortress, Chen Rui said goodbye to her and almost died at the hands of Raizen. This scene made Zola greatly stimulated. She was determined to reach the kingdom level as soon as possible so as not to let this happen again. Not only that, but she also wanted to defeat Raizen in the fight 2 years from now.

After absorbing the 4 source powers, Zola instinctively sensed that something was wrong, but she was confident to resolve it with the fairy dragon’s magic body talent, so she didn’t say it.

With the pa.s.sage of time, the element power became more and more difficult to control, and the danger became higher and higher. Even the fairy dragon’s natural magic body could not reconcile it, so she was forced to frequent closed door training to try to find a solution.

In this closed door training, Zola intended to take the risk once and for all to condense the most important law rudiment for kingdomization. As long as this ‘structure’ was formed, element power would also be absorbed and controlled, fundamentally resolving the previous troubles.

However, the [6 Elements Kingdom] was too difficult. Although Zola was mentally prepared, the difficulties encountered in practice were far beyond imagination, especially the 4 elements with source power that were too strong to be balanced with the other 2. Zola lost consciousness for a while under the shock of the terrifying element recoil.

Fortunately, the fairy dragon’s magic body talent was very powerful, so this loss of consciousness was phased. She was sometimes awake and sometimes chaotic. While awake, Zola kept trying to control the elements, but unfortunately, she failed every time.

In times of chaos, Zola would unconsciously destroy everything, looking for a way to vent the power. The silver box was opened accidentally when she was unconscious.

Due to the strange power of the silver box, Zola’s spirit had climbed to the kingdom level. Not only the law rudiment, but also the entire law actually took shape, but this was not a good thing. On the contrary, it would become the deadliest threat.

As this powerful law was not comprehended by Zola himself, but was ‘forcefully extracted’ from the silver box, so the changes and mysteries inside were not comprehended at all. This meant that once the law was formed, Zola was very likely to be annihilated by the uncontrollable ma.s.sive recoil power.

The most terrible thing was that the law was about to be completed and couldn’t be canceled. That was to say, this step was irreversible; Zola must face it. With the danger of the [6 Elements Kingdom] and this unexpected factor, Zola was akin to receiving a death notice.

“Why is this happening!” Chen Rui, who learned the truth, felt his heart tighten instantly and almost lost its ability to beat.

He worked hard and desperately to collect the 6 element source power just to reduce the risk of Zola’s advancement to kingdom, but he never thought it would turn into the current situation.

Zola shook her head, “The pursuit of strength has to pay a price. I have seen countless powerhouses fall along the way to this point. In fact, since I initially chose this path, I have already realized something. This is not necessarily a mortal death. Now that the 6 element source powers have been a.s.sembled, and the element powers have been balanced, as long as I can control the law, I can directly succeed in kingdomization.”

Chen Rui knew that this was a comforting word. It was easier said than done to control the law, and it was even such a powerful 6 element law.

“How sure are you?”

Zola held up 2 fingers, thought about it, and put away 1.

“10%?” Chen Rui’s heart sank. He never thought that his beloved Zola would suddenly be so close to death.

“Chen Rui, in your life, I’m…”

“You are an integral part of my life.” This was what Chen Rui said to her when he bade the final farewell at the Warlock Fortress. Chen Rui knew what she was going to say and shook his head, “We are far from giving up hope. “

“Oh.” Zola didn’t explain. In fact, the 1 finger meant 0.1%.

“For a super powerhouse, equipment and potion can’t play a big role, unless it’s an artifact.” Chen Rui pondered and said, “In any case, we can’t let go of any kind of supportive measures that increase the probability.”

Zola’s eyes were a little hazy as Chen Rui took out each piece of equipment, carefully selected and calculated it, then helped her put it on. She suddenly felt very content.

Some people live tens of thousands of years and are always alone.

Some people, even if they only live a few years, are not alone.

In the past tens of thousands of years, I can’t remember how I came here, but I remember every bit of the past few years, the unprecedented joy and happiness, even sadness and anger. In every scene, there is his figure.

All of a sudden, Zola felt a strange power. She fixed her eyes and saw a cl.u.s.ter of light. She lost her voice, “Symbiotic contract!”

Chen Rui gently stroked her purple hair, “Integral part of life is not just talking about it.”

Zola stared at him dazedly as if she didn’t see the light of the contract, but tears welled up in her eyes.

“You can’t hide it from me.” Chen Rui pinched her nose, “This time should be your life’s biggest test. I said, no matter what it is, we will face it together. “

Zola didn’t pretend to be dazed anymore. She just shook her head desperately. Tears fell as she shook.

At this moment, the power fluctuations on Zola’s body rippled involuntarily, and the surrounding element breath gradually became richer.

“Zola! Quickly accept the contract!” Chen Rui was shocked and grabbed her shoulder, “Your law has begun to form! Remember the ‘star conferring’ I told you? I can pa.s.s a certain power through the contract. Back then, you said that you don’t need to use strengths that don’t belong to you, but now it’s different. The more help you have, the more chance you have of success, even if it’s just 0.01%!”

“It’s the Star General, Star Servant, and Star Apprentice from the ‘faith buff’ in the great grand master inheritance you mentioned last time?” Zola bit her lip, “I want Star General, okay?”


Chen Rui suddenly remembered that when he mentioned star conferring last time, Zola, Athena, Isabella, Kia, and Shea were all present. The number of star conferrings was 1 Star General, 2 Star Servants, and 3 Star Apprentices.

In the Tower of Glory in the Dead Sea, Chen Rui once conferred the Star Servant to Dodo. After the Warlock Fortress, Chen Rui canceled all master-servant contracts. Dodo’s Star Servant t.i.tle in the link disappeared, so the star positions available were still 6.

Star General’s star buff was ‘Strength: S-’. Special attribute [Break Army]: Increases damage and doubles damage.

Star Servant’s star buff was ‘Spirit: A+’. Special attribute [Concentration]: Accelerates magic casting speed and spirit recovery.

Star Apprentice’s star buff was ‘Speed: ​​A’. Special attribute [Lightning Dash]: Accelerates movement and attack.

Chen Rui’s original intention was that Star General was the strength type star position which was the most suitable for Athena or Shea, the spirit buff was for Zola and Kia, the speed type was for Isabella, followed by Athena and Shea. He thought that with 6 slots, it should be more than enough for 5 girls. He shouldn’t have said ‘free choice’ because everyone chose Star General, and no one was willing to let it go.

Chen Rui was a little dumbfounded at the time, but later he realized that there was only 1 Star General, and it was an S buff, which was obviously the lead of the stars. So, the girls naturally linked it to the status of the crystal harem and did not give in to each other.

In order to avoid conflicts in the harem, the matter of star positions was ‘temporarily put on hold’ and left for the next crystal harem meeting.

Up to now, at this moment, Zola has not forgotten to occupy this lead. Chen Rui couldn’t help but wipe a sweat, “Don’t be headstrong. Star Servant has the spirit buff, and it can also increase spirit recovery which is necessary for you now.”

“Alright, you change the symbiotic contract to a normal equality contract.”

It turned out that this sentence was the true intent of Ms. Fairy Dragon.

Chen Rui looked at Zola deeply. At this moment, he could clearly see the determination and stubbornness in those beautiful purple eyes. If he didn’t change the contract, she would never want this star position, even if it was now the life and death moment of the law outbreak.

“Zola, I was wrong, we don’t need this kind of contract.” Chen Rui kissed her forehead, “From the time we promised to be together forever, we have established a life-and-death contract.”

Zola said nothing, kissed his face, and accepted the power of the normal equality contract.

At this time, the concentration of elements had reached an extremely astonis.h.i.+ng level. Chen Rui felt the terrifying pressure. Knowing that the time was running out, he immediately entered the Star Conferring Platform with his mind.

The Star Conferring Platform was a large open s.p.a.ce with a high platform in front of it. Behind which there were faith plants such as the Snow Dallet Tree, phantom flower, and prayer gra.s.s, which could generate additional buffs to the star position.

Chen Rui turned on star conferring, and he got a prompt: After star conferment, 1 faith crystal will be consumed every day. It takes 3 days to cancel the original star conferment, and it can only be re-conferred after 1 month.

Spend 1,500 faith crystals to confer the star position of Star Servant to Zola in the equality link?

Chen Rui confirmed the conferment and felt a strange connection in his spirit. In the spiritual link, there was a blue Star Servant t.i.tle in front of Zola’s name. Remarks: Spirit buff: A+, Attribute: [Concentration]. (The Snow Dallet extra spirit buff: 30, phantom flower extra speed buff: 20) Consume 1 faith crystal per day.

Not only Zola, Chen Rui’s own spirit seemed to have grown a lot. It seemed that this star buff was 2-sided.

When Chen Rui exited the Super System, Zola’s figure had moved far away. Her breath had soared to an astonis.h.i.+ng height, and the element power lingering all over her body materialized again to turn into 6 colors.

This time, the originally dull white and blue had been consistent with the rest of the 4 colors, and the 6 element source power had reached a balanced height. This also meant an increase in danger.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s spirit had climbed to SS- again. The star conferring buff was not enough to reach this level – the law was starting to form!

Zola shook her body, revealing the original body of the fairy dragon. This time she was awake. It was completely different from the previous chaos state. When flapping the 2 b.u.t.terfly wings, the 6-color light turned into a faint rainbow, wrapping the body.

In the rainbow, rune-like symbols of various colors were vaguely visible, constantly interlacing and disappearing. A large number of cracks began to appear on the nearby solid enchantment ground which quickly spread around Zola.

Chen Rui quickly activated the strongest ancient runes protection to stabilize the enchantment.

When each cycle of those symbols flashed, the depth of the rainbow color deepened. Half an hour later, the light of the rainbow illuminated the entire Crystal Valley, and the feeling of coldness, thickness, slowness, heat, and so on appeared alternately.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s spirit had reached SS, and the rest of the qualities had also reached SS- which was completely kingdom-level strength, but Chen Rui’s expression was getting more and more nervous because he could clearly sense Zola’s vitality rapidly decreasing at this point. The body of the fairy dragon in the rainbow became blurred. Once the maximum load was exceeded, the body and soul would be annihilated by the force of this terrifying element law.

“You must hold on!” Chen Rui clenched his fists tightly; his fingernails had been deeply embedded into his flesh. However, he didn’t realize it. He just stared at the increasingly dimmer figure in the dazzling rainbow.

At this time, he suddenly sensed a strange power transmitted from his body to the rainbow. This strength was very familiar. It is faith power!

Faith power was continuously transmitted into the rainbow, and there was a golden light in the rainbow. The fairy dragon’s body exploded and turned into particles that scattered.

Chen Rui was shocked, then he reacted again – Wait! The [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] data is still there! And the spiritual link with Zola hasn’t gone away either!

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