Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4306: Wang Zining

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Chapter 4306: w.a.n.g Zining

“No soup either.” The woman coldly uttered while glaring at the youth.

Sure, there might not be wontons but there should still be some soup left. Alas, the disciples didn’t understand why she disliked the youth so much.

“How about just tea? Or boiled water is fine too.” This didn’t kill the smile on the youth’s face.

One strange thing happened after another today in front of them. This youth was clearly part of the n.o.bility. Why did he insist on eating the wontons here? What could explain his polite att.i.tude despite being shown none? Couldn’t he just go to a different restaurant?

“No.” She flatly refused.

One disciple felt bad and told the aunt: “Just give him plain boiled water, don’t tell me that your shop doesn’t even have that.”

She gave him the side-eye before going to the back. She then came out with a kettle containing hot water and rudely placed it on the table, looking quite annoyed: “Drink.”

“Thank you.” The youth smiled then stood up and cupped his fist towards the disciple earlier: “Thank you, Sir. I appreciate it.”

The disciple thought that this level of grat.i.tude was undeserved since he only got annoyed enough to say something.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye watched silently, seemingly amused.

He poured himself a bowl before asking respectfully: “Sirs, where are you from?”

As the saying goes – one can’t slap a smiling face. Polite people were always welcomed and appreciated. In this case, he was smiling, cupping his fist, and lowering his head.

The young ones from Little Diamond exchanged glances. They couldn’t tell if he was a mortal or a cultivator, only that he was clearly from a wealthy clan – perhaps part of the n.o.bility in the mortal world.

“We are from Little Diamond Gate.” One of them responded.

Normally, they might not converse with a mortal. However, this youth was just too polite so they had a good impression of him.

“It must be an amazing immortal sect.” The youth became excited and sincerely said: “I’ve always been a fan of cultivation since childhood, today, it is a great honor to meet you all. It must be the blessing of three lifetimes…” He cupped his fist and lowered his head again.

The others became embarra.s.sed and only smiled wryly back. After all, Little Diamond was far from being an “amazing immortal sect”.

Nonetheless, it became clear that he was only a mortal from a rich clan, wanting to cultivate.

“My name is w.a.n.g Zining. It is my pleasure to meet you all.” He introduced himself.

They suddenly felt the urge to recruit him into Little Diamond if possible, wanting to have a polite junior.

“This, this must be fate.” After they got closer through small talk, Zining said: “When I was cleaning up old items from our ancestral hall, I noticed a particular item.”

“What is it?” They became interested.

“Well, I don’t know what it is yet, please take a look.” He gently placed the box on the table.

“It might just be a regular mortal treasure.” One of them said while taking a look at the box.

“Open the box, let’s see what it is.” Another suggested.

w.a.n.g Zining hesitated and looked around, looking awfully prudent before making a decision.

“It’s fine, there’s no one else here but our sect.” Those from Little Diamond were very curious about the box.

“We’ll a.s.sess it for you.” Someone hurriedly said.

“Very well.” Zining finally made up his mind: “Please keep it a secret, Sirs.” He then opened the box.

“Buzz.” A golden light erupted along with the faint roars of mythical beasts. They also saw flas.h.i.+ng runes as well.

“This is…” Though they couldn’t see the actual item, just this visual phenomenon alone told the tale. It was an amazing cultivation treasure.

w.a.n.g Zining immediately closed the box and the radiance dispersed. Meanwhile, the other youths couldn’t stay calm.

They eventually regained their wits and knew that a mortal like Zining didn’t have a full grasp of this treasure’s value.

“Sell it to us, we will pay a good price for it.” One of them suggested.

No one could escape the temptation of treasures, especially one for cheap.

“Mmm… I don’t think I can because this is something left behind by my ancestors. I’m the only one who knows about it but it doesn’t feel right…” Zining responded.

“Piece of c.r.a.p.” The shop owner said with disdain.

Of course, the youths didn’t hear her at all because they were preoccupied with the treasure.

“Something is off here, it’s too much of a coincidence.” w.a.n.g Weiqiao whispered to Li Qiye.

He remained calm and observant, not tempted by the treasure in the slightest.

“This treasure isn’t of use to you. If you sell it now for a good price, you’ll never have to worry about money again.” One disciple didn’t give up and persuaded.

“Yes, don’t you know the saying, treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime? If people find out about it, it might end with a disaster for you. You might as well sell it now.” Another added.

“Well, that does make sense…” Zining said: “How about this, Sirs, I want to keep the box as a memento and only sell whatever treasure is inside to you.”

“That’s fine.” They exchanged glances and agreed. After all, they only wanted the thing inside, not the old box.

“Name the price.” One disciple became eager to buy this precious treasure.

“I, I don’t know much about this thing but there are many auction houses in the city. The good treasures start at… umm… several hundred million Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades.” Zining responded.

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