Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4307: A Deal

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Chapter 4307: A Deal

“It won’t go anywhere that high but just name a price.” One disciple tried to steer the direction of the price, thinking that a mortal n.o.ble wouldn’t understand the economy of the cultivation world.

w.a.n.g Zining seemed indecisive at first but eventually gritted his teeth and responded: “Sirs, though this might be an heirloom of sorts, but since you all seem to like it so much, I will begrudgingly sell it for one million sovereign jades, how about it?”

“One million sovereign jades?” The disciples from Little Diamond were astonished to hear the sky-high price.

Not to mention one million, their sect couldn’t muster a single one since it has been tough recently. This level of jade was too expensive and precious.

“You’re being unreasonable here.” One disciple said: “No one will buy it for one million sovereign jades.”

Only a few disciples could produce this sum, and they were definitely from the behemoths.

“Then, then how much? How about just five, five hundred thousand sovereign jades?” Zining said.

“That’s still a ridiculous price.” The disciple shook his head: “Do you know what a sovereign jade is? One is enough to let a mortal like you live lavishly for the rest of your life. One million is enough for a cultivator to do the same.

The disciple was right about the value of sovereign jade. They were all valuable regardless of the secondary level.

If a mortal were to somehow able to exchange a sovereign jade for usable resources, they would be set for generations to come. In this case, Zining could ask for a hundred million taels instead and Little Diamond would be happy to oblige. It was far easier for them to obtain mortal currency compared to a single sovereign jade.

“Then I just want one hundred thousand. After all, the treasures in the auction house sell for millions, even tens of millions.” Zining became impatient.

“You’ve only heard rumors. Keep in mind that those treasures have heaven-defying origins and are peerless. Yours is only an heirloom, I’m sure your ancestors aren’t big shots or anything. The thing in there should have limited power, it’s not the same at all.” The disciple elaborated.

Though they were definitely trying to take advantage of Zining, they were right about the a.s.sessed value of this heirloom.

“Well…” Zining became worried about not being able to make the sale. He asked: “Sirs, then what is your offer? Give me a fair price because otherwise, I won’t sell this heirloom.”

The disciples exchanged glances. In reality, they didn’t have an exact valuation for this treasure. Nonetheless, this thing was obviously amazing.

“Let us discuss it for a bit.” A senior brother told Zining.

The latter thought about it for a moment then agreed: “Very well, Sirs. I will trust that you all will give me a fair price.”

The group got together and the oldest senior asked Elder Hu: “Elder, how much do you think we should pay?”

“Pay what you can.” Elder Hu pondered and didn’t have a strong opinion.

In fact, he didn’t recognize this treasure either so he couldn’t give a definite price.

The disciples started counting their money and wanted to pay the highest price possible. Though they tried their best, they still thought that they were still getting an amazing deal.

That heirloom should exceed all expectations, meaning that it was outside of their price range.

Eventually, they came over and the senior took charge: “We have a total of three thousand, two hundred and sixty-one Violet Marquis Refined Jades. This is our best price so if you are willing, let’s do it.”

They were sincere in spending every coin possible. This was their highest possible offer. It was a large sum for those from a tiny sect.

Sure, they wanted to obtain this treasure but at the very least, they were honest enough in their offer. Others might not have done the same because Zining was nothing more than a mortal young n.o.ble. Any of them could crush him like an ant.

They would just wait until he was alone then dealt with him. Such things happened every day in the cultivation world.

Alas, they never thought about resorting to such a cruel and despicable method.

“Only this much?” Zining was disappointed to hear the offer.

“This is the most we can do.” The senior shook his head: “We can’t get you more even if you want more. Others might not be willing to pay at all.”

“…” Zining hesitated in silence.

“Honestly, it is hard for you to sell this treasure on top of being potentially dangerous.” Another disciple said.

“Impossible, don’t scare me.” Zining blurted out.

“I’m simply telling you the truth, plenty of people with treasures have been robbed and killed.” The guy shrugged.

“I see… Fine, then this price. We can consider this transaction as a sign of friends.h.i.+p, a karmic bond. How about it, Sirs?” Zining was successfully persuaded.

“Absolutely!” The young ones cheered and heaved a sigh of relief.

Though they spent every single coin, this was definitely worth it.

“This is my heirloom.” Zining stroked the box and became sentimental, not wanting to let go: “The money isn’t important here. What matters is the bond we have forged today, okay?”

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