Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4311: I Want You

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Chapter 4311: I Want You

The disciples looked rather awkward and confused after hearing this. Some stole a glance at the aunt and couldn’t help shaking their head.

She was on the verge of being called a grandma instead of an aunt. This was her hour of twilight yet she never had any exceptional qualities in the first place. Even the lowliest cultivator would refuse her advances.

Now, their sect master claimed to be interested in her. His heavy taste left them speechless.

If he were lecherous and preferred pretty girls, even mortals, that’s still acceptable. But liking this old and ugly aunt? They could bear to watch no longer.

“Young n.o.ble, please stop joking.” The aunt shook her head, looking a bit awkward.

“I’m not joking in the slightest, I am indeed interested in you.” Li Qiye flatly responded.

“Sect Master…” A few students winked at Li Qiye, hoping that he would think about the sect’s reputation.

Elder Hu smiled wryly, wondering why the sect master was acting so strange. He surely had his reason for doing this.

“You’re being serious, Young n.o.ble?” The aunt appeared a bit bashful.

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled: “Follow me if you wish.”

“Sect Master, I don’t think this is necessary…” An older disciple quietly said.

“I’ll really believe you if you keep this up, Young n.o.ble.” Meanwhile, the bashful aunt lowered her head while touching her braids, looking like a little girl. This scene was naturally not a sight for sore eyes.

“Yes, follow me. I need a maid anyway.” Li Qiye smiled.

The group suddenly realized something – their sect master didn’t have a servant.

“Sect Master, if you need one, we’ll take care of it when we get back.” Elder Hu whispered.

It was normal for a sect master to have a maid taking care of his daily essentials. However, it should be a female disciple, not this aunt.

In fact, given his young age, numerous girls would be willing to take this position.

“Who would want to be your maid?!” The aunt became angry and slammed the teapot against Li Qiye’s table.

“Don’t tell me you were talking about marriage?” Li Qiye teased.

“Pah! So shameless, how dare you tease me? My son is older than you!” The aunt snorted.

“Are you sure? Plus, I don’t think you have a son.” Li Qiye smiled implicatively at her.

The aunt didn’t bother responding this time.

“Being my maid is an honor.” He added.

She stared back at him for a while before sighing and shaking her head: “I’m old and faded now, running this shop for the rest of my life is satisfactory.”

Her tone completely changed this time. The others found her voice to be rhythmic and interesting.

w.a.n.g Weiqiao and Elder Hu exchanged glances, thinking that there was more to this woman than meet the eyes.

“Everyone has trauma and problems as they cross the endless dao. Those who stop either do it for personal reasons or because of emotional ties. Which one are you?” He asked.

The aunt became frozen; her eyes pierced back to the past – a better day than now.

Li Qiye took a sip of tea and patiently waited. As for Weiqiao, he felt something special after seeing the flash in her eyes. It was as if this body of hers couldn’t contain her soul.

On one hand, her bag of skin was at the bottom of any scale but as for her soul, it appeared to be extraordinarily beautiful and moving.

This was such a strange feeling. How could an old lady possess this quality? Nonetheless, Weiqiao truly felt it.

Once he calmed down and looked again, her eyes lost their l.u.s.ter, akin to two pearls being covered in dust.

“I’ve forgotten.” She finally answered.

“If one can forget everything in the world, that would be a great thing. Ignorance is bliss, but this does not apply to your case. There is no happiness here, only guarding.” Li stared at her and said.

“I’m not guarding anything. I have no ambition or fantasy beyond what I’m doing right now.” She disagreed.

“Not guarding the world means guarding the heart and mind. That’s the thing keeping you alive and sane.” Li Qiye said.

“…” She didn’t say anything.

“No? Do you believe that your fate is preordained or does it belong to you alone, not the heaven?” He continued.

“Well…” She couldn’t come up with a response right away.

He took another sip of tea and gave her time to digest.

Elder Hu has been paying attention but still felt completely lost. Weiqiao did the same, appreciating every word in this dialogue. He seemed to be grasping something but it was mere feelings. He couldn’t describe it with words.

“Not letting go means ending here, the result is death. Letting go means potentially moving forward, s.h.i.+ning for one last time.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What did you let go of?” She took a deep breath and asked.

“Everything outside of that faraway place.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound for a split moment before returning to normal.

“Is it worth it?” She asked.

“Live free while moving forward, that’s the best memory. Otherwise, you might live until the sea becomes land but that’s only a life filled with resentment.” He answered.

“Holding on like this isn’t beautiful. Remembering that you never gave up after billions of years is far more worthwhile.” He went on to say.

“I see.” She murmured.

Meanwhile, the audience was completely lost. At first, their sect master seemed to be teasing the old woman but the conversation became philosophical all of a sudden. This naturally caught them off guard.

Only w.a.n.g Weiqiao seemed to be benefiting from this confusing exchange.

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