Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2765 – Venomous Like a Scorpion!

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Chapter 2765: Venomous Like a Scorpion!

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Zhou Xiuyun opened her arms and embraced all the young men warmly.

If one ignored the content of her words and only looked at her kind expression and the milky white ‘holy light’ behind her back, it really seemed as if she was giving the teenagers a great ‘blessing’.

However, the ‘gospel’ made all the teenagers shudder in anger.

“It’s—it’s—it’s hilarious!”

Chu Zhiyun finally couldn’t hold it back any longer. He was so angry that two streams of tears were rolling down his face. He shouted, “What kind of ‘gift’ is this? Even the demon kings in the deepest level of h.e.l.l would not be so sordid and evil! And you are calling us ‘heretics’? No. We just want to know the

true face of the Great Master and hear the truth of the G.o.ds in person. We didn’t expect that your true face would be like this!

“In my opinion, you are the heretics, the devils, and the devils who betrayed the G.o.ds and did the dirty work in the name of the G.o.ds. You will never get my cooperation. I—”

The girl struggled with all her might. The shackles on her hands and feet were rattling. The streaks of lightning were s.h.i.+ning in the blink of an eye. The electric arcs flowed all over her body again and whipped her delicate skin brutally, turning her tears into sticky blood. Her next words turned into sobs,


“If you are not a heretic, why don’t you take a small test?”

Faced with Chu Zhiyun’s curses, Zhou Xiuyun’s fake smile did not change at all. She continued calmly, “It’s a simple logic. If you truly believe in the G.o.ds and believe that everything is the arrangement of the G.o.ds, you should believe that what is happening right now is a test of the G.o.ds for you. You should

welcome the test peacefully or even cheerily and test your devotion to the G.o.ds with the most extreme pain.

“You must believe that the more rigorous, painful, and protracted the tests of the G.o.ds are for you, the more important, sacred, and crucial the mission that the G.o.ds are going to hand over to you is.

“However, look at yourself. Look at yourself jumping up and down and roaring like thunder. You dare not face the test of the G.o.ds at all! What are you if not a heretic?


Chu Zhiyun was so angry that he was almost laughing. “I will not believe your bullsh*t anymore. If it were a normal test, I would be fearless even if I was faced with the iron torrent of the imperium! But right now, you are trying to erase my emotions, memories, and thoughts, and even dissect my brain

for research. Who would agree to such an absurd, crazy test? If it were you, would you still be absolutely calm and devoted to the G.o.ds under such circ.u.mstances?”

“Yes. I know you don’t believe me, but you don’t need to say ‘if it were me’. I have indeed gone through the same test as you.

“Yes. Judging from the meaningless blood relations.h.i.+p, we share the same mother.

Zhou Xiuyun said casually, “Our mother was the most evil ‘heresy’ of the Star Glory Federation more than a hundred years ago. She was even the most dangerous, evil, and bewildering ‘heresy’ in the history of the Star Glory Federation. Although she was annihilated by the divine punishment more than a

hundred years ago, her poison is still corroding the body of the Star Glory Federation to this day. The heretic organization that she established is showing signs of revival.

“The ‘Devil’s Child Project’ was originally created to study her mind and behavior. For a hundred years, we tried to combine her genes with various normal or dangerous genes and raised new ‘devil’s children’ generation after generation. I was the first generation, and you are already the 29th generation,

very close to her generation.

“In the process of creating you, we have tried our best to eliminate the influence of the patrilineal genes and only kept the genetic features of the mother, which made you more than 97% similar to her. From a certain perspective, you are not only her daughter but also her daughter.

“Therefore, we’ve been observing you since a long time ago and were surprised by your unbelievable ability. We know that you have the ability to control the brainwaves and the secretion of hormones freely and that you can simulate extremely indifferent brainwave models with your extraordinary

computational ability to create a vivid ‘disguise’. On the surface, you appear to be indifferent and emotionless, no different from other people of the Sanctuary, but in fact, you are a pa.s.sionate and self-righteous man. You don’t believe in authority or anything that other people tell you. You have your own

world, and you are… your own G.o.d!

“This is a genetic defect, or rather, an ‘awakening bomb’ that was implanted into the body of a human being by extraterrestrial devils in the primeval era. It was with such an evil gene that the Nuwa Clan and the human beings betrayed the Pangu Alliance. However, the ‘genetic bomb’ inside your body did

not explode until hundreds of thousands of years later.

“Look, we know everything, Right now, we’ve located the genetic defect precisely. As long as we find a cure for the genetic defect or eliminate all the people who carry the genetic defect, it will be impossible for the heretics to rise again. This is the sacred mission that you’ve been entrusted with. It is also a

way for the two of us to redeem our mother, who has been corrupted by the extraterrestrial devils and fallen into the deepest level of h.e.l.l forever.

“Is there anything else, my sister?”


Chu Zhiyun’s mind was in a mess. The two rows of teeth that had just been frozen finally collided with each other with cracking sounds.

Her pale lips trembled for a long time before she opened her mouth to ask, “I want to know, what is the relations.h.i.+p between you and Little Tiantian? Is she really your daughter? Also, we clearly hit a roadside bomb, fell into the sewer, and were washed all the way to the south of the city. Even we don’t

know where we are. How did you lock onto us so quickly?”

“Little Tiantian is indeed my ‘daughter, but such an ident.i.ty is meaningless.

Zhou Xiuyun said coldly, “The so-called ‘mother-daughter relations.h.i.+p’ is just the residue of animal instincts in our bodies. In order to devote ourselves to the sacred mission, they should be cut off without any hesitation. For me, Little Tian Tian is just a test subject for the ‘Devil Child Project’, or even a

tool to test whether or not I am ‘recovered’.

“As for the problem of locking onto you, it’s very simple. I didn’t do anything to your body, but I have injected a special tracing drug into Little Tian Tian’s veins. For 24 hours, it can release extremely special aura and waves with the consumption of her heat. Only I—her biological mother—can sense it.. As

long as you are not five hundred kilometers away, no matter how many skysc.r.a.pers are in between, I will lock onto you precisely!”

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