Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2767 – I Will Decide Your Destim

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Chapter 2767: I Will Decide Your Destim

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“This is…”

Ina daze, Chu Zhiyun looked at the top of the giant hand, only to find that the wrist of the purifier, which was as thick as a boa, had been bitten by two slender, young fingers.

Although the two fingers were biting the crystal suit as casually as chopsticks, the arms of the purifier, as well as the bones inside the crystal suit, were emitting cracking noises as if they were under tremendous pressure. Very soon, sparks were spluttering and smoke was popping up. The crystal suit had

reached the limit of fatigue!


Chu Zhiyun’s eyes moved upwards along his fingers until he reached a face that was both familiar and strange. He could not believe his eyes.

Tonka’s facial features were still deeply etched in her memory, but the young man’s face was both furious and unpredictable, as if he were the dominator of the entire planet, no, the entire universe. None of the evil creatures in front of her could escape his fury!

Every time Tonka took a step forward, the purifier would take a step back. If Tonka took another step forward, the purifier would not be able to stand steadily, and the crystal suit on his body would crumble at any moment.

The nerves of the purifier next to him seemed to have been suppressed by the dominating aura bursting out of Tonka’s body. Even his so-called loyalty to the ‘G.o.ds’ was not enough to stop him.

‘There was nothing but silence in the preparation room. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling to the ground was deafening. Chu Zhiyun, all the students, the purifiers, and even Zhou Xiuyun, who had shown up in the form of a phantom, were all staring at Tang Ka, who had suddenly

attacked. n.o.body understood what was going on!

“Lused to wonder how evil it could be to make the Imperium of True Human Beings pale in comparison.

Tang Ka’s eyes were as deep and dark as the main gun of a super a.r.s.enal wars.h.i.+p. A cold, hard voice came out of his throat, with unconcealed killing intent lingering in his every word. “It was not until this moment that I had to admit that such evilness had far exceeded my imagination.

“The dignity and will that human beings are most proud of, and the feelings and thoughts that are most precious for human beings, have been stomped and castrated by you. You have denied your own value and the significance of human beings!

“You are deceiving yourself in such a way by lowering yourself to the level of pets and tools to avoid your fear of the unknown universe and your destiny… But how long can you keep deceiving yourself? What are you, who have been castrated for everything?

“No, it shouldn’t be like this. Real human beings shouldn’t be like this. The destiny of human beings is definitely not what you described!

“We are the strongest fighting species in the sea of stars. We are the ‘new G.o.ds’ destined to replace all the old G.o.ds! Nothing is worthy of our submission, be it the boundless sea of stars, the dark, cold universe, the powerful among us, or the primeval species that once bestowed upon us genes and legacies!

If we want to express our sincerest grat.i.tude and respect, defeating them once and for all is the best way!

“The primeval era is long gone. This is the era of mankind! Gather our courage, stimulate our soul, and push our hot blood and wisdom to the limit. Explore the unprecedented territory, break the borders of the three-dimensional universe, and fight to our heart’s content against the G.o.ds and devils of the

universe. Let the glory of our civilization blossom to its heart’s content. Let the raging flames of our civilization illuminate the entire universe. Even if we die and our civilization is destroyed, our once-extremely brilliant flames will forever change the future of this universe—this is our most sacred

mission. Do you understand or not?”

“Tt seems that we’ve caught a big fish.”

She was dazed for a long time. It was not until she received new instructions from somewhere that she put on an ugly smile again. “You are not a ‘devil child’. What are you exactly?”

“Big fish?”

“Tang Ka’ sneered, revealing his white and sharp teeth. “I’m afraid that the fish is so large that it will break your entire chopping block and chew you into pieces!

With each roar louder than the last, the veins on the young man’s face, body, and limbs bulged. The shackles that had been torn in half silently a moment ago exploded with a bang. His body quickly expanded like an inflatable ball, while the soul power from the depths of his brain expanded ten times

faster than his body. In the blink of an eye, a bright gold human figure that looked like a devil had arrived had been formed outside his body.

No, this was not the end.

While his skin was chapping and his muscles were expanding, the blood spluttering out of Tonka’s body was vaporized into a cl.u.s.ter of blood mist. The blood mist gradually rose up and turned into a giant swirl in midair. A pair of enormous wings grew out of the swirl, followed by a pair of horns that were

as sharp as sabers. In the end, a hideous, murderous Blood Demon crawled out and overlapped with the bright gold shadow, enveloping the young man’s body that had been deformed after he unlocked his genetic power.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, everybody.”

The two deities who respected each other laughed hideously at the same time. Li Yao rubbed his hands and grimaced at the mental devil, while he said at the same time, “According to my own understanding and definition, I feel that I am an angel who has truly inherited the legacy of the G.o.ds and come to

rescue you. Thank you!”

“Angel? Angel?”

Chu Zhiyun almost vomited blood on the ‘angel’.

The other students were also dumbfounded. They could not believe their ears. “Are you kidding me? Such an… angel?”

In the three-dimensional illusion, Zhou Xiuyun was dazed for a moment. “What?”

“Alright. By your definition, you can consider me a devil, too.

Li Yao grinned hideously. “It doesn’t matter whether I’m an extraterrestrial devil or an angel. What matters is that you’ve finally p.i.s.sed me off! Congratulations! What an amazing achievement! n.o.body in the entire universe has ever dared to p.i.s.s me off like this. Very good. Whatever is hiding behind you

and wherever it is hiding, I’m going to dig you out and cut you into pieces. I’m going to blow every sc.r.a.p of your body into molecules. I’m going to dismantle every molecule into atoms. I’m going to squeeze out the nucleus of every atom alive. I’m going to tear apart the nucleus and crush the neutrons and

protons that make up a sc.u.mbag like you!

“Do you hear me, sc.u.mbag? Don’t you believe in destiny? This is your destiny, brought to you by me, an ordinary human being! From the moment you infuriate me, destruction is your only ending!

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