Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2768 – Absolutely Strong!

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Chapter 2768: Absolutely Strong!

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‘With the help of Tonka’s body, Li Yao squeezed his right hand that had just been raised to the sky, as if he were really crus.h.i.+ng the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons.

In every direction, the spiritual energy bullets that had been consolidated by his force field exploded at the same time, turning into almost a hundred rapidly-revolving s.h.i.+ning b.a.l.l.s that bounced back to their owners in the same trajectory.

Li Yao seemed to be the center of an earthshaking storm!

Dozens of purifiers were blown away like kite whose string had been cut off.

‘The muscular demons, together with their crystal suits, weighed several tons or even more than ten tons. But after being savaged by the blast, they were like dry leaves in a blowing wind and could not do anything about it.

But Li Yao’s attack would not end so easily.

Light that could pierce through the entire planet beamed out of his eyes. He sniffed and appeared in front of the dozens of purifiers in the thousands of phantoms.


Li Yao covered Tangka’s right arm with his own spiritual flames, as if he were putting on a glamorous armor of b.l.o.o.d.y flames. Then, the b.l.o.o.d.y flames pierced through the air like a whip and slapped the cleaner’s chest brutally.

Something absolutely impossible had happened!

Every time the b.l.o.o.d.y flames. .h.i.t one of the purifiers, they would turn into thousands of venomous snakes that tied up every joint on his body and twisted, tore, and tore the crystal suit on his body into pieces. The crystal suit collapsed and splashed!

‘When the purifier’s chest collapsed and he fell to the ground heavily with blood spurting out, there was no armor covering his body anymore. Even the last metal piece was blown into the air!

It was as if Li Yao had shattered all their crystal suits with a single strike!

Dozens of purifiers suffered such heavy blows at the same time. Dozens of crystal suits turned into the most fundamental components and danced in the sky. Together with the blood that rose up like a fountain, it was an unforgettable scene for the Children of Heresy.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Earsplitting alarms finally echoed inside the preparation room. The doors on both sides of the room were opened, and countless purifiers and battle puppets crowded in.

“It’s my turn!”

The mental devil roared impatiently. It turned into, no, a hundred streaks of redness and darted at the intruder.

From the moment the mental devil accepted Professor Mo Xuan’s legacy, it had become a ‘Heavenly Devil of the Spiritual Nexus’ in a certain sense. After it arrived in the imperium, it had been in touch with the information creatures such as Xiao Ming and Wen Wen for a long time. It had also controlled

the mainframe crystal processor of the Gold Crystal Tower and trained its hacking and control ability through the most powerful crystal processor system in the primeval era. It was safe to say that it was now an ‘intruder of the Spiritual Nexus’ that was even more powerful and tricky than Professor Mo

Xuan and Lu Qingchen.

For it, attacking the brains of the purifiers while attacking the Spiritual Nexus system that controlled the puppets was a piece of cake.

It was also trying to pry into the mysteries of the control system of the floating fortress through the control system of the battle puppets so that it could destroy and control it!

Zi! Zi! Zi Zi! Zi! Zi!

Unusual electric arcs were echoing inside the bodies of all the battle puppets. Even the crystal suits of the purifiers seemed to have been hijacked by devils and did not listen to their masters’ commands. After an earsplitting shriek, they somehow maneuvered their masters’ arms and aimed their guns at

each other before they pulled the triggers brutally!

Dozens of purifiers and almost a hundred battle puppets collapsed on the spot. The dead bodies and the debris blocked the pathway on both sides. The defenders at the back were not able to rush close for the time being. There were no heavy weapons such as crystal cannons or crystal tanks inside the

floating fortress, either. They could only watch Li Yao and the mental devil wreaking havoc inside. There was nothing they could do in their hurry.

While the mental devil was showing its skills, Li Yao was not idling around, either.

He controlled Tonka’s right hand again and raised it high. Gold flames spurted out of his index finger and wreathed the units and components of the dozens of crystal suits floating in midair.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

‘The specific performance of the units and the broken components immediately flooded into Li Yao’s soul like a waterfall of information. In the middle of the splashes, thousands of modification pictures were formed.

Under the horrified gaze of Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’, the hundreds of thousands of units and the broken components started revolving rapidly. Many of the components collided and rubbed against each other, producing colorful, brilliant fireworks. Hot streams of various colors

surrounded the components like glamorous rainbows and tied them up.

In fact, Li Yao’s polis.h.i.+ng and adjustment only lasted twenty seconds.

But for the ‘heretical children’ whose eyes had been opened wide, it felt as long as a year.

They felt that their eyeb.a.l.l.s had been attracted by Li Yao’s marvelous modification skills. They were trembling along with the rapidly-revolving components and were almost going blind.

Their skin could also feel the heat that was as hot as magma near a volcano—it was the high-speed friction of tens of thousands of components, which almost ignited the air!

“How is it possible?”

“How can there be such an unbelievable modification technology in the world? Is it still in the category of refining?”

“He did not even move his hands. He only extended one finger. One finger!


It was like a spring that had been compressed to the extreme. Once it rebounded, its strength would be the strongest.

‘The young man who had been fostered and suppressed his feelings for more than ten years, when he realized his true ident.i.ty and his last line of defense collapsed, did not hide his feelings at all.

They looked at Li Yao with complicated feelings. There was no telling whether the ‘angels’ who came to rescue them or the ‘devils’ who dragged them into the abyss of destruction.

Li Yao, on the other hand, had no time to care about the shock and admiration of the teenagers. His soul was focused on the fingertip of Tang Ka.

This was the first time that he had performed his remote manipulation and refining skills to the maximum when he was above the Divinity Transformation Stage.

It was indeed seamless and natural!

Very soon, after hundreds of thousands of components were sc.r.a.pped, a hot crystal suit that was still emitting orange colors was ready!

If there were two words to describe the crystal suit, they would be ‘magnificent’ and ‘ferocious’!

The standard crystal suits of the Star Glory Federation used to be the same as the calm, emotionless people of the Star Glory Federation. There were not many changes in them. They were just gray, cold coffins.

However, after Li Yao’s modification, he had installed the weapon system of more than ten crystal suits on one crystal suit. Not only were there more than ten chainswords and vibration sabers on the back of the crystal suit open like a fan, there were also thick and long Six Barrel Rotary Crystal Railguns

on the arms and the waist of the crystal suit. The crazy lunatic had a.s.sembled six crystal railguns that used to have only one barrel and significantly modified the fire control system and the spiritual energy transmission system, increasing the output of the crystal railguns by more than 300%!

Such a hideous crystal suit was like a hybrid of a porcupine hundreds of times larger and an iron armored dragon.

Li Yao was still in the mood to carve a raging star on the chest of the heavy crystal suit. In the middle of the star was a grinning face.

However, the people of the Sanctuary who saw the smiling face were not likely to smile.


‘The spiritual energy bullets that Li Yao collected from the Cleaners exploded around the brand-new crystal suit one by one, releasing freezing frost that cooled the crystal suit down instantly.

When the temperature dropped to 200-300 degrees, Li Yao could not wait to step inside.

The heavy crystal suit, which seemed heavy and clumsy, had been polished by Li Yao’s hands. In fact, it was so close to Tang Ka’s body that there was not the slightest gap. It was like the second skin of a young man.

The modification above their heads was not over yet.

After all, it was impossible for a crystal suit to carry all the weapon systems of dozens of crystal suits. However crazy Li Yao was, he could only insert three super-compressed crystal reactors into the waist and the back of the crystal suit. It would be a waste if he simply gave up the other crystal reactors.

Therefore, the remaining crystal reactors, magical equipment units, and broken components were gradually a.s.sembled into an ugly cannon.

When the barrels of almost a hundred storm bolters were a.s.sembled together, they looked like a square metal box, with dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor connected to the back to ensure that the destructive spiritual energy could be output to the maximum instantly. The key was how to control

the surging destructive force to be pointed forward. But then again, this was the depths of the enemy’s floating fortress. Even if the energy was flowing in all directions, it wouldn’t matter, would it?


Li Yao suddenly said.

“What’s going on?”

The mental devil shrieked, “I’m trying my best to hack the enemy’s control system through the battle puppets. What’s wrong with you? Don’t interrupt me if there’s nothing wrong!”

“A very important question.”

Li Yao said casually, “I suddenly remember that I haven’t named the brand-new crystal suit yet. This is the first time that I’ve shown up in front of the Holy Accord Alliance, not to mention that there are so many ‘heretical children’ who love and wors.h.i.+p me. I should give the crystal suit a cool name no

matter what. It will be a great test point for the history courses of the students of the federation, the imperium, and the Sanctuary!”

The mental devil was dazed for a moment, before it replied, “Alright. Why don’t I help you think of a name? Let’s call it ‘Go to h.e.l.l’, shall we?”

“Don’t be so grumpy. I was just joking to liven up the atmosphere and relax my nerves!”

Li Yao’s lips curled into a cruel smile. “If I don’t calm myself down, I’m afraid that I might kill the entire planet in my excitement!

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