Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2769 – Pray to Your God!

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Chapter 2769: Pray to Your G.o.d!

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The corpses and iron debris piled up in the pathway were finally blown over by the guards outside.

The defenders were led by more than ten super-heavy crystal suits, followed by two or three light crystal tanks. Who would have thought that a terrifying monster like Li Yao would sneak into their secret laboratory? Such a force was the best that the defense of the floating fortress could do for now.

Li Yao did not even bother to look at the weak toys. He simply spread his legs apart and raised his left arm. Every scale armor covering his arm stood up like an infuriated hedgehog. The Six Barrel Rotary Crystal Cannon around his left arm was revolving at a high speed, raising a ferocious tornado.

Murderous streaks of brightness were born in the tornadoes and condensed into a storm of destruction together with spluttering electric arcs.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Earsplitting noises of metal fatigue echoed below Li Yao’s feet.

The floor made of super alloys turned into a steaming orange after being savaged by the flames, before it turned as soft as mud and almost melted.

How high was the temperature below his feet?

“Close your eyes.”

Li Yao said to Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’, “You will be blinded.”

Half a second later, a volcano eruption took place on his left arm!

The torrent of destruction entangled the magma with electric arcs and rushed out in the form of a pillar of light. The diameter of the pillar of light immediately expanded to more than five meters, and the blast simply blew all the ‘heretical children’ away.

Even though they were not Li Yao’s targets, they still felt suffocated by the simultaneous firing of thousands of cannons. There was no need for Li Yao to remind them. No teenager could open their eyes under such terrifying attacks.

Even though they had closed their eyes and covered their faces with their hands, they could still feel that the scorching brightness was stinging their eyes. They felt that their eyeb.a.l.l.s were being stabbed by thousands of steel needles, and they were about to lose their sight.

He felt that the entire floating fortress, no, the entire planet, was going to collapse in the next second!

It was not until half a minute later when the waves gradually died down that the boldest teenager among them dared to open his sore eyes and observe the environment outside through the gaps between his fingers.

Gone. The guards who had filled the pathway and tried to break in were all gone. They seemed to have been blown into powder by Li Yao’s casual attack and perished in the electric arcs and magma.

Even the pathway, which was made of super alloys, could not withstand Li Yao’s fury. The ceiling and the walls were completely melted. Liquid metal flowed down and consolidated with the crystal suits and crystal tanks, blocking the pathway completely.

Looking at Li Yao again, his left arm was still soaked in the extremely high temperature and emitting a dark red color. White smoke was rising from his fingertips.

In the meantime, he was focusing all his attention on the crude cannon in the air, the ‘Super Crystal Destruction Cannon’, which was made of dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor. He extended his right arm into the operation hole behind the cannon.

It was like his right arm had deformed and expanded to ten times the size of his body!

The ‘heretical children’ immediately widened their eyes, their scalps tingling.

The casual strike of his left arm just now already boasted such appalling power.

Now that the energy of dozens of crystal reactors had been condensed in his right arm, how much damage could he deal?

‘Were they dreaming?

If it was a dream, it must be the most terrible nightmare!

No. They hardly ever dreamed. Even if they did, they could never imagine such a horrifying scene with their limited imagination!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

While the ‘heretical children’ were shuddering in fear, earsplitting noises were echoing inside the cabin walls. Li Yao had extended his soul and torn off hundreds of curved steel plates with his bright gold tentacles, blocking the teenagers and the operation bed.

“Lie down, close your eyes, and open your mouth, or your internal organs will be shattered into a pool of blood.

Li Yao said.

The ‘heretical children’ looked at each other in bewilderment. Was there a second option?

At this moment, all the adults in the preparation room had been terminated by Li Yao. Only Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D image had not dispersed yet. She was still gazing at him in a twisted posture.

“It’s you.”

She was dazed for a long time. She seemed to be sending a request to the leaders of a higher level for data retrieval, only to receive an effective response. Her lips curled into a vague smile as she said, “The lightning-like methods of refining and modification, the unparalleled damage, and… the reckless

behavior. We already know who you are. You are walking right into our trap!”

“Hehe. So what if you do?

Li Yao sneered, “A man never changes his name when he does something. That’s right. I am the greatest mortal enemy of the people of the Sanctuary Alliance. I have just turned the tide in the imperial capital and become a pillar of the Imperium of True Human Beings. I am the most popular man in front

of the emperor. My Cultivation is at the peak of perfection, and my personality is brilliant. I am Long Yangjun, president of the Demon Hunters’ a.s.sociation!

“Are you scared now?

“It’s useless. Even if you have studied me thoroughly and dissected every cell of my body, even if you have a hundred ways to kill me, you cannot stop me. Under the soaring fury of me, you sc.u.mbags will all die!”

Zhou Xiuyun was dumbfounded again.

However, the dullness at this moment did not seem to be because he was confused and did not know Li Yao’s real ident.i.ty. Instead, it seemed to be because he was curious as to how the ‘big devil’, who ranked among the top in the dangerous database of the Sanctuary, could be so shameless as to utter such

nonsense that n.o.body would believe.

“Anyways, cut the c.r.a.p. Just wash your neck and wait for me!”

Li Yao grinned hideously. “By the way, you can pray to your ‘G.o.d’!”


‘When the word ‘prayer’ escaped his mouth, the dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor connected to his right arm exploded at the same time.

Centered at Li Yao’s right arm, a supernova-like light ball was born, expanded, and filled the entire preparation room.

Even though they were blocked by the steel plates, all the ‘heretical children’ still felt that they were being swallowed by the scorching sun and that their senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch had been deprived.

Surrounded by the terrifying light b.a.l.l.s, time and s.p.a.ce were both meaningless. They were not even sure whether or not they were still alive!

‘When the main gun of the super wars.h.i.+p roared at the highest output, the feeling when he was crouching inside the barrel was nothing special.

It was as if every inch of their skin had been burnt, their nerves and veins torn apart, and even their cells melded into the waves of destruction into furious ripples!

Maybe it was one second later, or maybe it was an entire day later, but their cells, veins, nerves, muscles, fats, skin, and internal organs gradually returned to normal, allowing them to sense their real self again.

Everything around him had changed beyond recognition.

Other than them, who were protected by the iron plates, the cabin walls nearby had been burnt to the ground. Spiderweb-like cracks and b.u.mps were appearing on them, too.

In the direction where Li Yao’s right arm was pointing, an immeasurable orange hole had been blown out. The hole was like a tunnel drilled by a drill of mystic rays and led to the control room at the center of the floating fortress, which was still emitting the smell of burning metal.

Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D phantom had vanished. Even the seemingly holy white light had been wiped out by Li Yao’s scorching flames.

Hu… Hu… Hu.

Li Yao controlled Tonka’s chest to rise and fall rapidly for ten seconds. It was the only anomaly after his earthshaking attack.

Then, Li Yao snapped his fingers.

The broken pieces of the cannon fell off from his right arm, but some of them flew out and hit the shackles of the ‘heretical children’ precisely, shattering all the shackles.

The ‘heretical children’ moved their sore limbs, not knowing what to do.

“Right now, you are clear about your ident.i.ty. There are only two paths in front of you.

Li Yao said, “You can either crawl into the pathway that was created by brute force together with me and fight for a freedom and hope that are even more uncertain than 1%, or you can stay here and wait for the arrival of the new purification troops. You will be tied up, modified, and subjected to decades

of experiments just like them.

Naturally, the ‘heretical children’ knew who Li Yao was referring to.

Not to mention the students who had been tortured, tortured, and even turned into a brain in a tank when they were just captured and brought to this place. The students in front of them, who had just undergone preliminary modification surgery and had their brains melded with metal helmets and thick

crystal cables, were definitely not something that they could endure.

“Who… who are you exactly?”

Chu Zhiyun took a deep breath and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you a G.o.d or a devil? How did you… land on Tangka’s body? What happened to Tangka? Are you going to be alright after using such tremendous strength?”

“Look around you.”

Li Yao said casually, “Do you see a floating fortress?”

“Of course.”

Chu Zhiyun did not understand what Li Yao meant. “Aren’t we inside a floating fortress?”

“That’s right. It means that I’m still controlling my strength carefully. Tonka will be fine.”

Li Yao said, “If I had been unscrupulous enough to exploit his body to the limits, the floating fortress would’ve been long gone!


Chu Zhiyun and all the ‘heretical children’ glared at him.

“As for whether I am a G.o.d or a devil, the question is meaningless.

Li Yao said, one word after another, “Remember, always remember that the so-called ‘G.o.d’ is just a definition created by human beings. In other words, human beings created the ‘G.o.d’, not the opposite.

“Whatever you think I am, I am. Whatever you think you are, you are. I can help you, but more importantly, you must save yourselves.. Who is a G.o.d, who is a devil, and what the future holds are all up to you!

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