Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2770 – Splitting the Road with One Slash!

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Chapter 2770: Splitting the Road with One Slas.h.!.+

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“The G.o.ds and the future… are all up to us?”

All the ‘heretical children’, including Chu Zhiyun, were deeply shocked by Li Yao’s words.

It was human beings who invented the concept of ‘demons’ and not the other way around. They had never considered problems from such an angle before.

There was no time to hesitate, nor was there any other choice. The dangerous genes inside the bodies of the ‘heretical children’ blossomed. They all straightened up and grasped the chainswords and storm bolters that Li Yao tossed over.

“We will come back and rescue these students later, or… give them a quick death.”

Li Yao said, “Now, follow me to the control room and take over the floating fortress!”

At this moment, the channel that Li Yao had just blown up with the energy of dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor was lowered to a temperature that the teenagers could enter.

Leading dozens of ‘heretical children’, Li Yao marched forward along the straight pathway.

With the feeble combat ability of the young men, of course, he did not need their help. He was merely trying to protect them and let them realize the significance of ‘saving oneself.

The battle was similar to the battle of ‘City in the Sky’ and ‘Red Spider Lily’. He had snuck into the large-scale experimental centers where the enemy was barely prepared. He was like a deadly virus that had snuck into the internal organs of enormous beasts and wreaked havoc. No matter how ferocious,

strong, or hideous the beasts were, they were all useless.

‘What was different from the battle of ‘City in the Sky’ and ‘Red Spider Lily’ was that Li Yao’s capability had soared to a whole new level, which was one of the best in the entire Pangu Universe.

The defense ability of the floating fortress was far from that of the City in the Sky or the Red Spider Lily.

The ‘City in the Sky’ and the ‘Red Spider Lily’ were both trying to suppress the entire planet of Wu Ying and the so-called ‘Naughty Land’. Thousands of brutal criminals had been locked up in the place, and the most dangerous weapon tests had to be conducted, too. Naturally, a lot of experts had gathered.

‘Wu Yinglan, its master, was one of the top experts of the Imperium of True Human Beings, not to mention the elites of the imperium such as Li Lingfeng, who had brought a lot of his family members for the test.

The captives in the floating fortress were merely teenagers or even children. When the children grew up in the cage full of thorns after decades of suffering, they had become zombies or brains soaked in medication drugs.

‘What the people of the Star Glory Federation valued most was the research on their brains. They would not give them the opportunity to train their combat ability at all. Was it necessary to set up too many defenses in this place?

For example, Xia Yu, the dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, and Zhou Xiuyun, the supervisor of the ‘Devil’s Child Project, were all feeble researchers. Even the Meditation Healers who boasted tremendous mental power were far from the super experts such as Li Yao in the arts of combat.

Qiu Yuanjia, commander of the ninth cleaning troop, was an expert of the Fire Clan, but the so-called ‘cleaning troop’ was not a frontline combat troop in the first place. They would enter the debris to clean up the battlefield after the frontline troop finished the battle.

The warriors of the purification troop boasted a highly-enclosed brain that could resist the a.s.sault of all the so-called extraterrestrial devils. But it did not mean that they could resist Li Yao’s furious fists!

After all, the people of the Star Glory Federation thought that they had occupied the entire Black Castle. Even if a few guerrillas of the Star Glory Federation were still resisting below the ground, it was impossible for them to dig their way out and seek their own doom. Therefore, they sent out a large batch

of second-tier troops and civil servants to conduct evil research, only to run into Li Yao, the b.l.o.o.d.y murderer!

The outcome of the battle was as Li Yao had said. It had been decided the moment he burst into fury!


Li Yao punched again, smas.h.i.+ng the three purifiers into the wall.

In the long and narrow tunnel behind them, there were traces of blood and broken debris. The melted, deformed, and still burning pieces were a silent reminder of Li Yao’s brutality and toughness.

In the meantime, there was nothing in front of them that could stop Li Yao.

“My lord

Chu Zhiyun bit his lips for a long time and finally thought of a suitable t.i.tle. “How did you know that the control room was here?”

“Just a guess.”

Li Yao smiled. “I’ve seen a lot of such floating fortresses in the enemy database of the Imperium of True Human Beings. Although their internal structure cannot be exactly the same, such important locations as the control center and the c.o.c.kpit are rarely changed.

“Besides, there is Little Tian Tian!”

“Little Tiantian?”

Chu Zhiyun’s eyes bulged.

“It’s true that I was not as sordid as her mother, who injected highly-radiating tracing agents into her blood and hid a tiny chip in her hair.

Li Yao said, “My original plan was to locate Little Tian Tian and rescue her after we got you out of here. But as it turns out, by accident, we have locked onto the control center and Zhou Xiuyun.

“Hehe. This venomous, no, heartless woman considers Little Tian Tian to be the best ‘tool’. Naturally, she won’t let it go to waste after using it once. Instead, she wants to recycle it. That would be the best!”

While talking, Li Yao stopped.

“There’s no way forward!”

Chu Zhiyun exclaimed in shock.

The power of Li Yao’s previous shot had been maximized. After melting through dozens of decks and cabin walls, it had run out of steam and blocked them in a dead end.

“Since there is no road ahead—”

Li Yao smiled and raised his right arm high. The chainsword and the vibration saber on his back flapped like a peac.o.c.k and flew into the sky before they were wreathed in his spiritual flames and to a color that was almost transparent. “Then, we will open a path with our own hands!”

Holding the invisible saber in his right hand, he slashed down brutally. More than ten chainswords and vibration sabers tumed into glittering brightness and slashed at the wall of the cabin that had been sealed. After an earsplitting explosion and an earthquake, the wall in front of him was tom apart by

Li Yao, leaving an immeasurable crevice almost ten meters long and two meters wide, which looked like a dark canyon!

“Come on.”

Li Yao turned around and looked at the dumbfounded teenagers hopefully. “This is our path!”

After travelling in the darkness for half a minute, they saw vague brightness and noises ahead of them.

Countless crystal cannons and storm bolters seemed to be shooting at the gaps, only to be blocked and deflected by Li Yao’s force field.

With a weird whistle, a streak of redness rushed out of the top of Tangka’s head and turned into an unpredictable, unpredictable red arrow that darted out of the gap.

The ‘heretical children’ could only hear screams, the sound of crystal cannons and storm bolters firing randomly, and the sounds of crystal suits being torn apart, bones broken, and blood spurting out. After almost twenty seconds, all the noises gradually died down, except for the sound of breathing.

‘When they followed Li Yao and stepped out of the ‘road’ that had been slashed open, they discovered that the control center of the floating fortress was right in front of them.

Surrounding them was an array of crystal processors more than ten meters in diameter. Dense consoles and dazzling light beams were displaying thousands of scenes inside and outside of the floating fortress. Right now, many of the pictures had turned black.

Almost a hundred purifiers were lying on the ground.

Judging from the badges on their chests and the armbands on their arms, they were all battle elites of the No. 9 sanitation unit and one of the few warriors of the ‘Fire Clan’ who boasted amazing combat ability.

However, such an ident.i.ty did not stop them from being pierced through the forehead, the carotid artery, or the heart and the abdomen by the mental devil, which killed them instantly.

After blowing up almost a hundred walking dead, the mental devil dived into the crystal processor.

Hundreds of b.l.o.o.d.y electric arcs were eroding and devouring the data inside the mainframe crystal processor like the tentacles that were baring their fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng their claws, while they attacked the enemy’s perilous defense line unscrupulously.

The crystal processor system that the people of the Sanctuary used was of the same origin as the crystal processor system of the Gold Crystal Tower. Even the ‘star-level magical equipment’ such as the Gold Crystal Tower boasted a more complicated structure and higher permissions.

The mental devil had even cracked and grasped the control system of the Gold Crystal Tower. It would be as easy as pie to invade a floating fortress, except that it would take some time.

While the mental devil was invading, Li Yao glanced at the three members of the Sanctuary Alliance who were still standing in the control center coldly—Zhou Xiuyun, Xia Yu, and Qiu Yuanjia.

Their souls had been refined into a lump of rigid steel by the venom that their master had injected into them. They could not feel any fear.

However, their bodies had yet to be rid of the primitive animal instincts, and they were already s.h.i.+vering in fear under Li Yao’s intimidating aura.

“The G.o.ds have arrived to slay the devils!”

Qiu Yuanjia, commander of the No. 9 purification troop, shrieked and expanded his body size. The crystal suit on his body was almost bursting out. He roared thunderously as if he had borrowed the strength of the deities in the universe and lunged at Li Yao, his footprints still burning.

“Cut the c.r.a.p!”

Li Yao suddenly vanished and reappeared behind Qiu Yuanjia in less than 0.1 seconds. He kicked Qiu Yuanjia’s crystal suit, spine, and kidney into pieces with a force as heavy as a battle-axe. Then, he folded Qiu Yuanjia’s back with his lumbar spine as the center before he launched a roundhouse attack and

kicked the guy who was trying to protect his body into a corner.

“It’s a pity that your ‘G.o.d’ is not here.

Looking at the rotten meat in the corner of the room, Li Yao said coldly, “Otherwise, I will let you see with your own eyes the scene where I beat the sh*t out of it and feed it to it. I believe that you will look very happy then.”

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