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Chapter 2771: You Are Long Dead!

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White steam was spurting out of the rotten meat. There was no telling whether it was anger or suspicion. Then, it withered like a bag that was riddled with holes.


Behind Li Yao, Summer Rain, dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, suddenly let out a high-pitched shriek. She took out more than ten glittering silver syringes and stabbed them into her carotid artery, her glabella, her temples, and her Baihui acupoint, injecting the drugs with suspicious const.i.tuents into her


For a moment, her eyes turned almost transparent.

It flowed out of her eyes in the form of magma and interweaved on her face.

Very soon, her entire face was like red-hot steel. At first, it turned orange, then milky white. Her facial features seemed to be melting in the terrifying ‘holy light’.

“Repent, you devil!”

She screamed, “In the light of the G.o.ds!”

Hundreds of pale electric arcs spurted out of her ‘eyes’, which were now two white holes, and covered Li Yao’s head instantly!

Li Yao’s brain was immediately cracking. Blood mist was popping up from all his orifices.


The ‘heretical children’ watching the battle were all anxious and clenching their fists.

Today was the first time that they had met ‘Zhou Xiuyun’, the manager of the ‘Devil’s Child Project’. They did not know much about Zhou Xiuyun, but they knew clearly how strong their dean ‘Xia Yu’ was.

In addition to being an outstanding brain researcher, Xia Yu was also a Meditation Healer with extremely powerful mental strength. In the past, as long as she was alone, without the help of any magical equipment or facilities, she would be able to spread the holy light into the brains of thousands upon

thousands of students, allowing the students to hear the voices of the “deities”, allowing them to see the myriad of forms and illusions presented by the holy light. She would even be able to make the students unconsciously speak the secrets at the bottom of their hearts, making them repent for their sins.

Her gaze seemed to be able to see through the hearts of every student. Her voice contained a power that could not be defied. Her every action was so harmonious, sacred, and perfect. In the hearts of the students, Dean Xia was the “closest person to G.o.d” besides the Supreme Master.

Over the past few years, no one had ever seen someone from the Summer Rain Tribe stimulate their mental power to such an extent.

Even though they were merely bystanders, they could feel that the mental power leaking out of Xia Yu’s body was their cerebral cortex like sharp scalpels, making their heads hurt so much that they felt that they had to repent immediately.

However, Li Yao, who was the first to bear the brunt of the attack, seemed to be unaware of the lightning-like brightness in his brain and continued marching toward Xia Yu.

“Is this your trick?

Wreathed in electric arcs and holy light, he said coldly, one word after another, “You are just a puppet. You don’t have your own soul and will at all. How can you talk about ‘mental power? The brainwaves you release are powerful, but they do not have the temperature that a normal intelligent creature

should have. They are just emotionless, meaningless, and powerless waves. Even if you stimulate your brain cells to burn crazily with all kinds of strengthening drugs, it will be useless because your brain has been dead for a long time. Right now, it is nothing but a frozen ocean and an empty grave!

“It’s impossible…”

Xia Yu’s face was almost melted together with her brain. “Holy light!”

“Let me show you what real mental power is!”

Li Yao roared, “The most important thing is not the intensity of the brainwaves, not the frequency of the braincells, not even the spiritual root, the level, or the Cultivation, but the courage, the emotions, and the hot blood that can make all the braincells burn. That is the most precious, the strongest, and

the mental power that can tear the universe apart!

Amid the roars, Li Yao’s eyes turned crimson, both like boiling magma and like a swirl of thousands of crimson lightning.

‘When he blurted out the last word, the crimson lightning rushed out of his eyes and shattered the pale electric arcs, the so-called ‘holy light’ that enveloped him, and pierced into the eyes of Xia Yu!

Xia Yu’s eyes immediately turned as red as Li Yao’s.

The zigzagging blood quickly spread to her entire face like a spider web.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!”

Xia Yu, dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, who had always been calm, elegant, and tranquil, finally held her head and screamed miserably.

Very soon, crimson flames were spurting out of her ears, nose, and mouth. The flames congregated and turned her head into a burning, melting candle. After only half a minute, her entire head was boiling, burning, and turning into ash.


The ‘heretical children’ were all dumbfounded. Even Chu Zhiyun, who was the calmest among them, could not help but put on a dumbfounded and shocked expression.

From the moment Li Yao blew up dozens of decks and cabin walls inside the floating fortress, they had known how strong Li Yao was.

However, no matter how hard he tried to imagine it, he never thought that Li Yao would be so strong.

How—how could he blow up their dean’s head while they were talking and laughing?

Right now, other than them, only Zhou Xiuyun, the manager of the Devil’s Child Project, was still standing next to them.

But Zhou Xiuyun’s reaction was very strange.

She did not resist stubbornly like Qiu Yuanjia and Xia Yu did, but she did not intend to run away, either. She simply stood aside and observed Li Yao’s combat with her eyes wide open, as if she were trying to collect every detail of Li Yao’s habits and patterns.

“You are the only one left.”

Li Yao warmed up his wrist slowly and tured to Zhou Xiuyun. “Why didn’t you attack or run away?”

“can’t beat you, nor can I run away. I’m no match for you.”

Zhou Xiuyun’s face was calm, and there was even a hint of curiosity in it. However, the ‘curiosity’ did not seem to be her own. It seemed to be the emotion of someone who was manipulating her in the darkness. “You are one of the top experts of the Imperium of True Human Beings. You are best at

individual combat and decapitation tactics. In terms of ‘individual threat level’, you are among the top three in our database. I, on the other hand, am just a Meditation Healer who is to brain research and barely has the strength to truss a chicken. It is meaningless to resist or run away from an

expert such as yourself.

“This is outrageous and unforgivable!”

Li Yao raised his eyebrow and said hideously, “Is my personal threat ability only in the top three? Are you kidding me? How do you do your intelligence work? Who are the other two?”

Zhou Xiuyun was dazed for a moment, as if she was not used to Li Yao’s rambling. It was not until three seconds later that she returned to herself and said, “Kill me, or even destroy the floating fortress and the entire ‘Devil Child Project’. We both know that it is useless.

“Lam just a tiny cell on the body of the G.o.ds, a tiny ripple raised by the will of the G.o.ds, a projection left by the brilliance of the G.o.ds on everything in the world. You have killed one of me. Naturally, thousands of me will be reborn in the favor of the G.o.ds and continue the mission of the G.o.ds, the sacred


“The ‘Devil’s Child Project’ is just one of the countless brain and human nature research projects of the Star Glory Federation. All the experimental data has been uploaded to the G.o.ds by our master and can be recovered at any time.

“Therefore, what’s the point of killing me and destroying this place?

“But you—

“I don’t know what kind of delicate method you used to send your soul directly to this place across billions of stars, but whatever the technology is, such a long-distance projection of your soul must consume a lot of your soul power, spiritual energy, and mental power. It must be very risky, too.

“Maybe, you were planning to use the technology to spy on us, but I don’t know why you are so stupid as to go on a killing spree. The more people you kill, the more your soul and spiritual energy will be consumed. Your body and your mind will run dry, and the long-distance connection will be more


“You’ve killed so many people, but many purifiers are still coming from the floating fortress. Even if you can control the entire floating fortress and destroy them, so what? There are still a lot of our legions and fleets in the thousands of square kilometers nearby. They will surround and annihilate you at

any moment, or at least lock you down. They will never allow an extremely evil devil such as yourself to invade our sacred body.

“Hehe. So, just kill me. I will trade my life and half of the ‘Devil Child Project’ for the soul of an important subject of the imperium. It is a very good deal. What do you think, Black Wind King Li Yao?”

There was not the slightest fear of death on Zhou Xiuyun’s face. Instead, it was filled with enlightenment and the joy of returning to the embrace of the G.o.ds.

Li Yao, on the other hand, sighed.

“There is one thing that you haven’t figured out yet. I’m not trying to kill you, including Qiu Yuanjia and Xia Yu.

Li Yao replied, “Because the real you are already dead. Right now, somebody is manipulating your bodies and turning you into a bunch of crazy zombies.”

“I’s impossible for a human to die twice. Therefore, I don’t want to kill you. I just want you to rest in peace.

“You were already dead. The real you was already dead the moment you became the first Devil’s Child in the embryo state before you were born.

“It must’ve been very painful. After he became the first generation of demonic children, he was savaged brutally when he was still a baby. Other than physical torment, his spirit was twisted and castrated, too. He never had the chance to grow and blossom to his heart’s content.

“In the end, not only were you refined into what they thought you to be, even your daughter could not escape such a sad destiny. She was reduced to a tool that was manipulated, refined, and tortured. She was an experiment subject.

“Tell me, have you really forgotten such unforgettable pain?

“Did you lose the ability to feel pain, or did you kill it every time you felt pain so that you could fool yourself and pretend that the pain did not exist?

“Swear to your G.o.d that you have never thought of ending all the pain and giving your daughter, who carries all your genes and hope, a completely different future?

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