Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2773 – Walk Forward Boldly!

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Chapter 2773: Walk Forward Boldly!

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Chu Zhiyun thought for a long time and said hurriedly, “If we leave just like that, won’t you be left to fight against an entire army by yourself? Your situation right now is very—very bad, isn’t it? How can we?”

“Don’t be silly, little girl. I, ‘Vulture Li Yao’, have dominated the sea of stars and roamed the universe for more than a hundred years. I’ve slain demons, slain G.o.ds, and annihilated devils. I’ve been through all kinds of storms. This little scene in front of me… Tsk tsk tsk tsk. It’s really smaller than a sesame

seed. It’s so small that I’m simply not interested. I’ve condensed 100% of my strength. Cough cough cough cough. I can do it again. Cough cough. What can you do to me?”

Li Yao coughed and smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s just that I was fighting too hard just now. As long as I rest for three to five minutes and overcome my fatigue, I will be able to blow up a planet, not to mention those shrimps, pests, and rats!”

“Is that so?”

Chu Zhiyun was suspicious. He bit his lips and said, “But I can see that you are sweating hard and look extremely haggard. Are you sure you are not bluffing?”

She carefully extended her finger and poked Li Yao—Tanka’s chest.


Li Yao narrowed his eyes and grimaced. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What the h.e.l.l are you, this audacious junior, doing!? I’ve just recovered 99%! I’m about to completely recover! I’m coming back to life! With this jab of yours, all my previous efforts will be wasted! I’ll have to start all over again!

Tl have to lie down for at least seventy to eighty minutes! Half an hour to two hours, alright!?”

“In short, let’s cut the nonsense. Even if I can control the entire floating fortress, it’s impossible for me to stop those soldiers for too long. You must seize every second to save yourselves and as many people as possible.

“Hurry up and take action. Pick up the portable crystal processor in the backup control panel and keep in touch. I’ll clear the way for you!”

At Li Yao’s urging, Chu Zhiyun and the ‘heretical children’ gathered themselves together and opened a green gate on the right side of the control center. As they expected, Little Tian Tian was lying in a med bay and being monitored by a body.

Her biological mother was already dead. n.o.body would be able to locate them through her anymore. Without any hesitation, Chu Zhiyun broke open the med bay and picked up the sleeping Little Tian Tian.

Then, under Li Yao’s guidance, they lunged at the prison cell of the ‘devil child’.

As Li Yao expected, without the command of Zhou Xiuyun, Qiu Yuanjia, and the three leaders of Summer Rain City, the remaining purifiers and the professors of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute were in a mess, not to mention the soldiers of the lowest level.

They were like worker bees and soldier bees that had lost their queen insects. Their eyes were confused, and their heads were spinning. They were mumbling meaningless words in their throats, or sitting in their chairs obediently with their hands on their knees and their backs straight, waiting for further


Of course, there were also some professors or commanders who possessed the basic logical thinking ability and realized that something abnormal had happened inside the floating fortress.

However, Li Yao had hijacked the control center through the mental devil and locked the pathways leading to the control center and the cells of the ‘devil children’. Considering the rigidness of the people of the Star Glory Federation and the lack of active behavior, it would be a long time before some of

them dared to break the closed cabin door.

Therefore, in less than an hour, Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ rescued a lot of ‘devil children’ who could act on their own.

Most of the ‘devil children’ had been locked in this place for years. The prolonged suffering almost broke their minds.

Fortunately, they still retained their original memories. The students who vaguely recognized them shed tears of pain and excitement.

Li Yao picked a few tank-type carriers with simple driving methods for them. With the elite education that the ‘heretical children’ received, it should not be a problem to drive hundreds of kilometers.

In the meantime, Li Yao had moved the floating fortress to the edge of the no-man’s-land. Looking into the distance, he saw endless scorched earth and mountains that looked like black shadows.

The shelter was among the mountains.

Even with the technology of the Sanctuary Alliance, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to search for several well-hidden shelters on such a large planet.

‘When Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ gathered in front of Li Yao again, he had already caught his breath and was able to stand straight by holding the edge of the control panel.

“We—we cannot rescue everyone…”

There were traces of blood on Chu Zhiyun’s face, which had been accidentally splashed when she rescued the ‘devil child’. In a trance, she was still dwelling in the shocking scenes and said in a trembling voice, “So many b.l.o.o.d.y ‘devil children’. It’s terrible. I—I can’t save everyone. I should’ve rescued them.


“Don’t blame yourself. You will have a clear conscience as long as you try your best.

Li Yao smiled. “By the standards of a thirteen-year-old girl, you’ve done well enough. If you really can’t forget the blood of today, just engrave it in your heart and train yourself hard in the days to come so that you can better control your strength. Try to save more people one day!”

“Now, it’s your turn to run away.

While talking, Li Yao grunted and slowly closed his eyes while controlling Tonka’s body.

Then, bright gold mist that looked like chimneys and running water flowed out of Tang Ka’s seven orifices and condensed into Li Yao’s true self in midair.


This was the first time that Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ had seen Li Yao’s soul. Seeing that his real self was such an ordinary person, they could not help but exclaim.

Without the enhancement of Li Yao’s soul, Tangka’s body twisted and collapsed.


Reflexively, Chu Zhiyun hugged Tang Ka.

“Rest a.s.sured. His soul is merely in a coma because of the blast.

Li Yao vibrated the air and explained, “It’s also a protective mechanism in case his soul is torn to pieces by my soul waves. Therefore, I sent him to the depths of his brain for a good sleep. I estimate that he will wake up at night. After that, he should be fine after ten to fifteen days of rest.

“Besides, his limbs and veins have been broadened by my spiritual energy, and his brain has been expanded by more than ten times by my soul. He has been reborn, which will be very beneficial for his future training. He will be able to develop into a battle-type Cultivator.

“Here. Now, I’m returning him to you. Also, input the coordinates of the few shelters nearby into this mini crystal processor. Destroy the portable crystal processor after you’ve memorized them. Otherwise, if the coordinates fall into the enemy’s hands, you will still end up as ‘experiments’.

“Go now. I’ve lowered the alt.i.tude of the floating fortress to less than fifty meters. I wish you a safe journey… Children.”


Translucent liquid was rolling in the commer of Chu Zhiyun’s eyes. His lips trembled for a long time, before he mumbled, “If we take Tangka’s body away, won’t your soul lose its support?”

“Don’t be silly. Didn’t I tell you just now that, as the best warrior of the Pangu Universe, I don’t need the enhancement of my body in such a shabby situation?

Li Yao smiled. The bright gold flames were raging, as if he were putting on an intimidating, dominating armor for his soul. “Tang Ka’s body is more like a shackle than a reliance. It has sealed 90% of my strength. Without your interference, I can wield 300% of my combat ability.

“It’s true. After you got off the floating fortress, you rushed to the north without looking back. Remember, you must run at the highest speed for three to five hundred kilometers, no, seven to eight hundred kilometers before you stop to rest. Otherwise, you might still be accidentally injured by the blast of

my attack. It is not a joke.”

“L.. got it.”

Chu Zhiyun lowered his head and said sadly, “We are too weak right now and will only be a burden for you. We cannot help you at all. We—we are not fit to fight with you!”

“What are you talking about?”

Li Yao couldn’t help but laugh. He extended his tentacles and patted the girl’s head, while he said softly, “Believe me. You are definitely not my burden, but the significance of my fight. One day, we will fight side by side and face the cold, dark universe together with all the tricks in it.

“But right now, we have to go our separate ways and carry out different missions. Your mission is to bring the most precious things out.

Li Yao pointed at Little Tian Tian.

“Little Tiantian?”

Chu Zhiyun asked.

No. It’s hope.

Li Yao’s soul was beaming with joy. “Promise me that you will bring hope out. However much darkness you encounter, don’t let the feeble light of hope die down. This is your mission. It might be even more difficult than mine. Can you do it?”

Chu Zhiyun sniffed hard.


‘The girl straightened her back resolutely.

“Excellent. Let’s go!”

Li Yao paused for a moment and said, “Wait. There’s something else. I don’t know whether or not I should tell you about Tonka. Just don’t be angry when you hear it.”


Chu Zhiyun blinked quickly. “It has to do with Tangka. How can I be angry? Please tell me, Master!”

“In fact, Tangka… has always liked you very much. He liked you so much that he could barely sleep at night.

Li Yao looked at Chu Zhiyun sincerely and said, “Believe me, it is definitely not the ‘like’ that kids play house with. It is the pure and innocent love of the first awakening of love.”

Chu Zhiyun was dumbfounded. “Well…”

“He has been deeply in love with you for a long time. It was only because of the harsh environment and his shy personality that he could not confess to you. He could only hide his true love deep inside his chest.

Li Yao said solemnly, “It was only in the dead of night, when there was nothing but silence, that he dared to take out his sincerity and sigh for a long time. He was so troubled that it only added to his pain. Even I was in so much pain because of him. I thought of my painful and happy first love. My first



Two red clouds were burning on Chu Zhiyun’s cheeks. In front of so many ‘heretical children’, he did not know whether to continue hugging Tangka or to put him down. Embarra.s.sed, he stomped his foot and exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

“What else could it be?”

Li Yao narrowed his eyes. “Are you suggesting that I, the best expert of the Pangu Universe, the pillar of the Imperium of True Human Beings, and the top devil in the library of the most dangerous people in the Holy Accord Alliance, would be so bored as to make up such a sordid lie to fool an immature

girl like you?”

“Tdon’t mean anything by telling you this. I just think that Tangka is a good kid with a lot of good points. For example, he is, uh, quite… lively and has a nose and eyes. Anyway, you have nothing to do in the shelter. If you are bored, you might as well consider it.

“Alright, kids. This is all I can do for you. Protect your hope carefully. I believe that we will fight side by side someday.”

“Go ahead. I’m here to block you. You can—go ahead boldly!”

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