Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2775 – Soul Resonance, Burning Everything!

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Chapter 2775: Soul Resonance, Burning Everything!

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“Go away!”

The mental devil was shaking its leg hard, but Li Yao’s soul was clinging to it like a pool of sticky snot, making it scream in fury, “I don’t have such a shameless personality. Let go! Let go!”

“Twon’tt let it go. If I do, all my previous endeavors will be in vain. Chu Zhiyun, Tangka, and Little Tiantian will be doomed, and all hope will be gone. Do you understand?”

Li Yao arched his body and crawled toward the mental devil. “I’m going to touch your heart with my pa.s.sion and my charisma. Really. Stay with me and blow those wretched sc.u.mbags into pieces!

“Besides, aren’t you the Blood Demon who boasts that killing is the source of your energy? Didn’t you say that you were going to bring b.l.o.o.d.y destruction to the entire world? That’s what you said in the beginning! Isn’t this the best opportunity for you? No one can stop you from killing now. You can

release the most furious desire for killing in the deepest part of your heart now. Come on. Stop cowering like a turtle. Release yourself. Roar! Slaughter!”

“Kill you? ‘Slaughter’ and ‘suicide’ are vastly different, alright?”

The mental devil was not moved. It sniffed and said, “Look at your shameless face. You are still winking and tempting me to kill to my heart’s content. I really wonder which of us is the main personality, which is the subordinate personality, which is the real Li Yao, and which is the mental devil.

“Hehe. Maybe I was the real Li Yao, but I was gradually replaced by you, the sordid and sordid mental devil, without me knowing. As a result, the appearance that you presented to the world changed from the innocent and kind young man in the beginning to such an unbearable one today!

Li Yao was dazed for a long time.

“It’s… possible!”

He smiled casually. “The brightness of human beings and the darkness are essentially the same. Day after night, and night after day. So, maybe you are the real Li Yao, and I am just a minor mental devil. Nothing is certain.

“However, if you were Li Yao’s main personality, you wouldn’t abandon the innocent children and walk away in such a situation, would you?

“As long as you can stay and fight side by side with me, you will be the main personality and you will be the main personality. So what if I am the mental devil? At worst, I will acknowledge you as my big brother, and I will be your little brother forever. Since you are already my big brother, shouldn’t you

help your little brother?”


The mental devil was dumbfounded. “Are you serious? For such young men whom you barely know, you can stoop so low?”

“Not exactly strangers.”

Li Yao said, “Didn’t we see Tang Ka’s hands by accident?”

The mental devil replied, “So what? I didn’t know you had such a fetish.”

“No. What I meant was that, before I saw the scene, I might have considered Tongka and the other young men to be cold, emotionless machines and stepping stones for the mission.

Li Yao smiled bitterly. “However, when I discovered that they were human beings who had feelings and souls just like us, I could no longer walk away irresponsibly. They were not ‘heretical children’ but ‘child of human beings’. Do you understand what I mean? They are like our past and our children. I

have to protect them!

“If I walk away just like that, even if my soul returns to the sh.e.l.l at the bottom of the Gold Crystal Tower safely, my belief will collapse the moment my body awakens. You and I are one. If my belief collapses, how long can you persist on your own? Without my restraints and balance, you will only be a

slave to my l.u.s.t for killing and not the master of my will to fight, won’t you?

Li Yao’s words silenced the mental devil for a long time.

“What bullsh*t ‘belief’. It is truly the most troublesome thing in the world!

It mumbled to itself.

“Yes, but that is also why we are so strong and became the best experts of the Pangu Universe in only a hundred years!

Li Yao smiled.

“Can you please stop talking about the ‘best expert of the Pangu Universe’? This is the highest level of bragging, Do you not believe in yourself when you brag? Do you not realize that the more we brag, the more miserably we will die?”

The mental devil gave up the futile struggle and held its forehead.

“You must always dream. If you don’t even dare to think about the ‘best expert’, how can you become the real best expert?”

Li Yao smiled even more brilliantly. The bright gold color and the crimson color of his soul intertwined. “So, you agree, right?”


The mental devil glared at him and crawled into the mainframe crystal processor of the floating fortress silently.

Li Yao exclaimed in joy and followed him closely. The moment he crawled into the mainframe crystal processor, he felt that the mental devil was pulling him hard. “Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+” The world in front of his eyes suddenly changed. It was now an ocean of data and information!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Countless streams of information a.s.saulted Li Yao’s soul like interconnected torrents.

His senses seemed to have turned into thousands of tentacles that extended to every corner of the floating fortress through crystal cables and tubes.

It was a similar feeling to when he was controlling the Giant G.o.d Soldier. He had melded his soul into the machine and become one with it.

However, the floating fortress felt colder and harder, making Li Yao feel that he had really become a city of steel several kilometers in diameter!


Watching the overwhelming information flooding down like a waterfall, Li Yao could not help but exclaim, “So, it’s true that we can manipulate the automatic toilet inside the floating fortress at our will. How marvelous!”

“What is your focus exactly?”

The mental devil replied snappily, “Do you see the scanned data of the spiritual energy reactions and the data of the metal reactions? Two cl.u.s.ters of dense high-energy reaction points are coming at us from the southwest and the northwest at a speed of more than three hundred kilometers per hour.

They will be in contact with us in ten minutes. They should be the main force of the soldiers of the Star Glory Federation on Black Castle, right?

“Hehe. Those guys are fast!

“I’m really exhausted. I can’t summon 100% of the combat ability of the floating fortress. Didn’t you want to give me a hand? Then why are you still playing the toilet? Come on!”


Li Yao withdrew his thoughts from the hundreds of toilets on the floating fortress.

His soul shrank to the minimum and turned into a tiny, but brilliant, golden spot of light. Then, it exploded brutally. The soaring blood flames that supported the mental devil expanded and spread out, burning furiously in every crystal cable and tube of the floating fortress.


The souls of Li Yao and the mental devil triggered shocking tides at the same time, stimulating and resonating with each other.

“Even the cold seawater of the entire sea of stars cannot extinguish our unyielding flames!

Li Yao burst into laughter in the excitement of his soul. His earsplitting roars almost tore apart the entire floating fortress. “No matter how high and thick the black wall that sealed us is, it will be shattered by our punch! We will gather all our life and will and march into an unprecedented limit. One day—”


‘The mental devil suddenly asked, “What are you doing?”

“Tm stimulating my soul and resonating with you, superimposing our strength!”

Li Yao said matter-of-factly, “Is there a problem?”

“No. I mean, what are you yelling about?”

The mental devil said, “What ‘all the seawater in the sea of stars’ and ‘unwavering flames’? What are such embarra.s.sing lines? Is it really necessary to stimulate the soul?”

“Well, I wrote the lines myself, because I think that in the current situation, we really need some very hot-blooded and impa.s.sioned lines to liven up the atmosphere, so that it can better help our souls resonate and force out the power that has been hidden in the depths of our souls!”

Li Yao said, “If the lines are invalid, I’m going to sing at the top of my voice and blow up thousands of stars.h.i.+ps and crystal suits. Isn’t it a splendid scene?”

“No need.”

The mental devil frowned. “Shut up. From now on, don’t talk or sing. Just stimulate your soul silently and resonate with it. If you say another word, I will run away and leave you here to play with the toilet!”

“” Li Yao.

” The mental devil.

“” Li Yao.

” The mental devil.

“” Li Yao.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean?”

Li Yao felt wronged. “You told me not to talk and to circulate my spiritual energy in silence, but I didn’t say anything for the entire three minutes. I was merely trying to stimulate my soul and burn my will. Was I wrong again?”

“alright, it’s my fault.”

The mental devil was rendered speechless for a long time, but it had to admit that, “Your sudden silence is indeed weirder than your usual noise. Besides, we are staring at each other in silence, and our souls are rubbing against each other at a high speed. The atmosphere is indeed weird. You’d better say


“See? I knew it. Behind your seemingly indifferent appearance, in the deepest part of your soul, there is also a hot blood that will never cool down, isn’t there?

Li Yao grinned. “After all, you are one of Li Yao’s personalities. How can you be cold and heartless? Don’t be embarra.s.sed. There are no outsiders here. What’s wrong with admitting that your blood is not cold yet?

“Then, come on. Burn everything we have. Let the light illuminate the entire universe. Let the walking dead and the sc.u.mbags who call themselves G.o.ds behind the backs of the walking dead open their dog eyes wide and see clearly that this is ‘Vulture Li Yao’. This is a cultivator. This is a real—human



In the earsplitting roars, Li Yao’s two souls, one red and the other gold, expanded to the maximum crazily. They even freed themselves from the shackles of the floating fortress and released tentacles of fire that were several kilometers long… At first glance, the entire floating fortress seemed to have been

burnt to thousands of degrees, turning into a rising, winged sun on the dark land!

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