Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2776 – : Army Obliteration

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Chapter 2776: Army Obliteration

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Li Yao felt that he was an iron giant reborn in the raging flames.

‘The more he combined his soul with the crystal processor, the more the strength hidden in the deepest part of his soul spurted out and adjusted the balance between him and the crystal processor so that his senses and thoughts could reach every tube and every corner of the floating fortress smoothly.

Right now, he was the floating fortress.

The sh.e.l.l of the crystal suit and the fully- automatic turrets was his solid body.

The complicated tubes and crystal cables were his veins and nerves.

The crystal reactor that was thousands of degrees hot when it was fully functioning was his abdomen.

‘The crystal processor group made of dozens of super crystal processors was his brain.

And all the crystal cannonb.a.l.l.s engraved with offensive array glyphs and emitting roars of tigers and dragons were his angry fists!


Li Yao’s field of vision was expanded by ten times instantly. He scanned and locked onto more than five hundred targets, large and small, a hundred kilometers away. They were the reinforcements who had discovered that something had gone wrong with the ‘Devil’s Child Project’.

‘They formed two lines and gradually opened like pincers. One team came to hara.s.s Li Yao, while the other team was ready to bypa.s.s the floating fortress and chase after the ‘heretical children’ such as Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka, and Little Tian Tian.

Naturally, Li Yao would not let them have their way.

A distance of a hundred kilometers was still far beyond the effective shooting range for most of the weapon systems on the floating fortress. Even though the firepower could cover the distance, the precision was not guaranteed.

However, that was before, under the ‘general state’.

“Try this, you resurrected corpses!”

Li Yao burst into laughter. In his crazy laughter, dense data and aiming lines appeared in his vision, which tied up 572 targets, all of which were high-speed scout vehicles and low-alt.i.tude attack boats that were the greatest threats to the ‘heretical children’. Then, more than a thousand light b.a.l.l.s were

popping up from the floating fortress in the enemy’s direction. The crystal cannons, railguns, and heat cannons were all triggered by his spiritual energy to the point that they exceeded 200% of their maximum output, not to mention the heavy crystal cannonb.a.l.l.s more than one meter in diameter. They

were all tied up by his spiritual energy and revolving at a high speed while they were still on the rails, significantly improving their speed, shooting range, accuracy, and damage!


Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

With the enhancement of Li Yao’s soul, a mere floating fortress boasted the aura of thousands of cannons firing at the same time. Thousands of straight pillars of light tangled with the crooked exhaust flames and turned into a destructive net of fire that enshrouded the sky within a hundred square

kilometers. It was already late at night, but he had illuminated the sky as if it were daylight!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The crystal suits, armed shuttles, crystal tanks, battle puppets, and the low-alt.i.tude attack stars.h.i.+ps in the atmosphere that could send warnings all issued the most earsplitting warnings. The sharp crests were about to break through the limits of the light beam, indicating the unprecedented high-energy


Most of the reinforcements who came in a hurry only knew that the floating fortress where the ‘Devil’s Child Project was carried out had been invaded by the enemy. They did not know that the enemy was a tricky guy such as ‘Black Wind King’ Li Yao. Even if they had guessed it, they did not know that Li

Yao could deal such devastating damage by himself!

Almost a hundred armed shuttles and battle puppets were the first to bear the brunt of the attack. They were crushed mercilessly by Li Yao’s web of fire and exploded in the blink of an eye, turning into ash and powder in the colorful blast.

The crystal suits and crystal tanks behind them raised their spiritual s.h.i.+elds in time, but they were inevitably riddled with holes, too. Black smoke was popping up nonstop, and they all fell to the ground.

The low-alt.i.tude a.s.sault stars.h.i.+p at the rear managed to resist Li Yao’s bombardment, but its spiritual s.h.i.+eld had been damaged, too. The mystic rays and waves that were scanning the no man’s land had been seriously jammed, and the ‘heretical children’ were nowhere to be found.

Their attention and firepower were deeply attracted by Li Yao—with a big fish like the Black Wind King, who would be interested in small fries like Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka, and Little Tian Tian?

Three hundred kilometers away, deep inside the uninhabited area.

The ‘heretical children’ heard the earsplitting noises behind them and sensed the blast that tured into a strong wind five hundred kilometers away. They slapped the sh.e.l.l of their carriers and opened the cover of the carriers one after another. After putting on their goggles, they craned their heads out to

take a look.

Then, their eyes were deeply attracted by the splendid view on the horizon again and were almost blinded.

Right now, the dim sun had already set. The entire continent was enshrouded in darkness. Because of the smoke and the venomous fog, they should not have been able to see the moon and the stars no matter how hard they tried.

But not only did they see the red ‘moon’ and the gold ‘star’, they also saw a burning, raging sun that was releasing the most brilliant vitality. It was rising higher and higher and larger, almost dying half of the sky gold and tearing apart all the darkness covering the earth!

Although they were three hundred kilometers away from each other, the broken waves of Li Yao’s spiritual flames still fell upon the heads of the ‘heretical children’ like burning snowflakes.

It was like a brilliant golden drizzle that was soaking their wounded souls.

“So spectacular, so… beautiful!”

This was the first time the youths had seen such a magnificent and inconceivable battle scene.

For them, this was perhaps an out-and-out ‘miracle’.

Some of them could not help but reach out to catch the burning snowflakes, but the snowflakes were always extinguished and dispersed before they were caught, leaving only a vague warmth that crawled into their hearts through their palms.

“The Black Wind King, Li Yao?”

Wearing the goggles, Chu Zhiyun gazed at Li Yao’s direction and the burning horizon. The horizon seemed to be the last defense line that Li Yao had built for them. No matter how many enemies there were, Li Yao would not let the sc.u.mbags come close at all.

While Chu Zhiyun was reading, hot and wet liquid flowed out of his eyes again and shook inside the goggles like flowing crystals.


While they were watching, one of the ‘heretical children’ asked, “I don’t understand. Why is he doing this and helping us without a good reason? No matter how strong he is, it is barely possible for him to do this. It is very dangerous, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

Chu Zhiyun was silent for a moment. Then he shook his head and said, “Maybe, it will take us a long time, if not a lifetime, to find the answer. I have a vague feeling that the moment we find the answer is the moment we become real human beings like him!

His words put all the teenagers in deep thought.

Flames that looked like volcanic eruptions hundreds of kilometers away were etched in their eyes and would never be extinguished.

Li Yao seemed to be dominating and dominating, but his soul was declining at a visible speed and soon became an arrow at the end of its flight.

The floating fortress that he invaded and controlled was not a super firepower model after all but a large mobile experiment base.

A lot of fuel and ammunition chambers on the standard models had been modified into cells and laboratories. The ammunition and fuel that he carried were seriously insufficient. After the wanton bombardment just now, all the a.r.s.enals had run dry.

Besides, the floating fortress was not so automated that it did not require anybody to operate it. The soldiers who were still inside the floating fortress were apparently not going to obey Li Yao’s command. Instead, they would respond to their companions’ call and destroy the fortress from the inside, like

the bugs in Li Yao’s stomach.

There were too many troops stationed on Black Castle. When they were marching close, their spiritual s.h.i.+elds were all maximized, as if they were wearing a turtle sh.e.l.l. Li Yao was no match for them in a head-on battle of attrition.

Very soon, the hundreds of cannons on the attack level of the floating fortress were all overloaded and sc.r.a.pped due to lack of replacement components and cooling liquids.

A lot of important internal facilities had been occupied by soldiers and cut off from the control center. Li Yao’s ‘nerves’ had been cut off, too. His brain had lost connection with his eyes, ears, and skin.

Not to mention that the attacks of the army of the Sanctuary Alliance hit the floating fortress ten times more heavily like a storm. The floating fortress, whose spiritual s.h.i.+eld had collapsed, was riddled with holes. Explosions were everywhere, and flames were soaring to the sky. Even the anti-gravity

system could not be maintained. It exploded, lowering the alt.i.tude and spinning like a gyro.

Li Yao’s soul was as empty as the a.r.s.enal and fuel tanks of the floating fortress.

In the meantime, he had bought enough time for the ‘heretical children’ to disappear among the black hills.

It was time for him to leave with a smile and conceal his achievements.

“Let’s go!”

Li Yao called out to the mental devil affectionately. “Mission accomplished. Let’s call it a day. If we don’t leave now, we are going to be surrounded by the thousands of stars.h.i.+ps of the enemy and beaten to the point that even our parents will not recognize us!”

“I know.”

“But we can’t,” the mental devil said coldly.

If his soul could sweat, Li Yao would be soaked in cold sweat right now. “What do you mean by ‘can’t walk’?”

“You think I don’t want to go?”

The mental devil said calmly, “Since three minutes ago, when we loaded the last round of on all the turrets, I’ve been trying to get away from the chaotic battlefield, but I couldn’t. The interference was too severe. The fierce bombardment from both sides seriously disrupted the spiritual magnetic

field in all directions and put us in a ‘full-frequency blockage’ state. No matter what form the waves were in, they could not be transmitted out intact.

Li Yao was dazed for a long time. He tried to send out a telepathic thought.

As it tumed out, the previously un.o.bstructed air had turned into a thick swamp in which thorns were everywhere.

His soul was too weak right now. Without the protection of his body, it was barely possible for him to move forward. He would be tom to pieces within fifty kilometers.

d.a.m.n. I’ve run into such c.r.a.p again!

Li Yao cursed in a low voice, “Why didn’t you say anything just now? Also, why are you so calm when the situation is so serious?”


The mental devil was silent for a moment before it replied casually, “I’m used to it.”

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