From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 1124 – Master Sheng Is Coming

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Chapter 1124 – Master Sheng Is Coming

Then, Jian Yiling pointed at Brother Bao and his lackeys: “And they stole the phone of the person who saved me. That resulted in me being unable to call my family.”

Upon hearing this, An Yang immediately became furious: “Boss, please go and rest. I will handle everything else.”

After An Yang helped Jian Yiling inside, he returned back to everyone else.

Jin Feng cautiously asked: “Brother Yang… Do you know that ugly… Know that person?”

An Yang snorted before replying: “Tch, you call me Brother Yang so from the looks of it, you know who I am. Then how dare you touch my Boss?”

“Brother Yang! Please forgive us! We didn’t know that she’s your boss!” Jin Feng hurriedly apologized.

Never in a million years would he have imagined An Yang’s boss to be such an ugly monster.

After all, who could have imagined that?

“Brother Yang, we really did not know about this. Please show mercy and spare our lives.”

An Yang ignored these people. Instead, he said to Jin Jin: “Go and accompany my Boss. What’s going to happen next isn’t that appropriate for you to see.”

Upon hearing these words, Jin Jin obediently entered her house.

After she closed the doors, a bunch of wailing came from outside.

Jin Feng and Brother Bao continuously screamed in misery.

It sounded quite cruel.

And yet, it was very satisfying to hear.


After dealing with the eyesores, An Yang came inside the house and said to Jian Yiling: “Boss, where have you been in the past two years? Why didn’t you visit us? If I hadn’t been contacted by the Jian family, I would have never known that you were in this part of the southwest.”

“I will tell you when I get the chance,” Jian Yiling replied. She could not clearly explain where she had been for the past two years. “Why are you here though?”

“Ahh, I didn’t end up graduating from university. Instead, I took a break from my studies to take over my grandpa’s business. Then, I’ve been staying around here for the rest of the time. I was the closest one to you. Hence, the Jian family notified me after they got the news. Everyone else is on the way.”

“They’re all… coming?”

“Including Master Sheng,” An Yang replied. “However, Master Sheng isn’t doing very well. His appearance is quite different from before. Try not to freak out when you see him.”

“If he’s not in good health, why is he coming over here? I could go over there. An Yang, take me over there,” Jian Yiling said as she hurriedly got off the bed.

An Yang tried to stop Jian Yiling: “Boss, don’t move around. It’s too late. When I received the news in the afternoon, he had already left. The Zhai family moved the medical equipment onto the helicopter in order for him to come over.”

“But Brother Yunmo told me not to tell him the news…”

“Yeah, your brother didn’t want to tell him. However, he told the Jian family. In the past two years, Grandpa Jian and Master Zhai have been very close to each other. They tell each other everything. And thus, once the Jian family learned about this, the Zhai family quickly did as well.”

“Let me go and find him! An Yang, take me there!”

“Boss, Master Sheng is already on his way here. Three hours ago, Master Sheng already got onto the helicopter. He will be here in half an hour. So where do you plan to go? There’s open s.p.a.ce around here for the helicopter to land. And thus, just wait for him here.”

“He’s doing stupid things again,” Jian Yiling said quietly as her eyes turned red.

“Boss, you’re Master Sheng’s life. When you disappeared, Master Sheng literally lost half of his life.”

Then, An Yang glanced at his watch: “It’s about time. I will get my lackeys to meet them at the helicopter’s landing site.”

“I will head over too!”

She didn’t want him rus.h.i.+ng over.

An Yang stared at Jian Yiling for a while before he finally decided to compromise: “Ahh, between the two of you, I can’t tell who is worse off right now.”

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