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Chapter 1126: Can’t Look After Her

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At first, he would ask about Jian Yiling every single day. A while later, he would ask every few days. And then in the final half a year, he barely asked for news about Jian Yiling.

His hope gradually turned to despair.

And now that they finally met, Zhai Yunsheng no longer knew what to say to Jian Yiling.

After a while, Yu Xi entered the room with food.

Yu Xi said to Jian Yiling: “Master Sheng hasn’t eaten much food in the past two years. He has been relying on infusions to replenish nutrition in his body.”

As Yu Xi said this, he handed a bowl to Jian Yiling. There was savory steamed egg custard in the soup.

It was soft and easy to swallow.

Jian Yiling picked up a spoon to feed Zhai Yunsheng.

She lifted the spoon to Zhai Yunsheng’s mouth.

However, Zhai Yunsheng did not open his lips.

“Eat a little, okay?”

However, Zhai Yunsheng did not open his lips to eat the food. Instead, he said: “You leave the room.”

Although he finally spoke up, he was ordering Jian Yiling to leave the room.

Yu Xi was stunned to hear this: “Master Sheng, what are you doing? She’s G.o.d Ling. She’s the person you’ve been waiting for! You waited for her for two entire years!”

Yu Xi rushed forward and said: “Is it because her face is scratched? Do you not recognize her? It doesn’t matter though. It’s only scratches and minor injuries. It will get better. There won’t be any scars! Do you remember the scratch on your arm? That scratch was much deeper than these cuts and yet, it didn’t leave a scar, no?”

“Leave,” Zhai Yunsheng repeated.

Even though there was little strength in his voice, it was evident that Zhai Yunsheng’s att.i.tude was very firm.

“Master Sheng… You…”

Yu Xi did not understand what was happening. Jian Yiling was finally back. She was the person Zhai Yunsheng had been waiting for all this time. So why was he insisting on getting Jian Yiling to leave the room?

What had happened?

Jian Yiling handed the bowl to Yu Xi. Then, she struggled to get onto her wheelchair before she pushed herself out of the room.

After Jian Yiling left, Yu Xi asked Zhai Yunsheng: “Master Sheng, what’s wrong? She’s Yiling! She’s the girl you’ve been waiting for!”

“I can’t look after her anymore,” Zhai Yunsheng replied quietly.

He lowered his head to look at himself.

He knew what kind of condition he was in.

He knew how ugly he looked. He knew how useless he was. He knew these things very well.

He couldn’t even look after himself. She had to look after him. She had to feed him.

“Master Sheng, don’t say that. You will get better. As long as you eat well, your body will recover,” Yu Xi hurriedly said.

“There’s no use. This will happen again and again,” Zhai Yunsheng said expressionlessly in a sullen


“What do you mean by that? This was an accident. Who would have known that such a thing would have happened to G.o.d Ling’s plane? You can’t blame yourself for such a thing happening.”

“If something happens to her, I won’t be able to do anything.”

Perhaps the accident was inevitable.

However, after the accident, normal people could do something for her. They could attempt to protect her.

And yet, he couldn’t.

To make matters worse, he became a burden and liability to everyone.

“Master Sheng, don’t think about it that way. We didn’t manage to achieve anything either,” Yu Xi comforted.

“I can’t… I can’t give her the happiness she deserves.”

Yu Xi looked at Zhai Yunsheng’s face. He could not see a slither of life in his eyes.

Even though Jian Yiling returned, Zhai Yunsheng was still stuck in the past two years. He was still focused on how useless his body was.

He hated his body. He hated how useless he was. And most of all, he hated being a burden to her.

“Master Sheng, you shouldn’t think of it that way. It’s been two years. You’ve finally got a chance to see her again. Don’t think about those things.”

“I’m going back to Beijing,” Zhai Yunsheng replied. Yu Xi’s words were unable to change Zhai Yunsheng’s mind.

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