From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 1129 – I’m Sorry Master Sheng

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Chapter 1129: I’m Sorry Master Sheng

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Originally, Master Sheng only ate half the bowl of porridge. However, after being fed like this, he finished the entire bowl of porridge and most of the vegetable dishes.

Then, Jian Yiling asked Yu Xi to bring Zhai Yunsheng a bunch of vitamins.

After that, Jian Yiling asked Yu Xi to bring over some hot water. She wanted to rub Zhai Yunsheng’s back and change his clothes.

“No need,” Zhai Yunsheng refused.

He did not want to let Jian Yiling have intimate contact with himself again.

He did not want her to see his skinny and ugly body.

“Brother Yu Xi, go and get the hot water,” Jian Yiling requested. She completely ignored Zhai Yunsheng’s words.

“Don’t go!” Zhai Yunsheng ordered.

“You guys…” Yu Xi stuttered. He did not know who to listen to.

“Go, Brother Yu Xi!” Jian Yiling repeated once again.

Yu Xi took a deep breath and said to Zhai Yunsheng: “Master Sheng, I’m sorry about this! You can bet me up after you get well! However, I must listen to G.o.d Ling today!”

He wasn’t doing this because Jian Yiling called him ‘Brother Yu Xi’. Rather, it was because he wanted Master Sheng to recover as soon as possible.

He was willing to make a few sacrifices.

Yu Xi turned around to follow Jian Yiling’s instructions.

And thus, the last person who took orders from Zhai Yunsheng turned against him to listen to Jian Yiling. Zhai Yunsheng was now utterly and completely isolated.

If he didn’t hurry to get well, he would continue to be at the mercy of Jian Yiling.


‘As Yu Xi walked out of the door, he couldn’t help but think G.o.d Ling not only grew in age but also courage!

‘When he reached the door, he ran into Jin Jin who just returned.

“h.e.l.lo, Miss Jin! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to properly thank you yet!” Yu Xi exclaimed. “You saved G.o.d Ling and also vacated your house for us!”

As they did not want Zhai Yunsheng to go through another b.u.mpy ride, they decided to choose Jin Jin’s house to live in.

Although Jin Jin’s house was simple, it was quite comfy.

“You’re welcome,” Jin Jin replied. She didn’t really mind. The two people in her house were in wheelchairs right now. She was just making it easier for the two patients. It wasn’t a big deal.

“Did you grow this vegetable garden all by yourself? Isn’t it hard work?”

“Nah, I don’t feel like it’s hard work. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. I feel a sense of accomplishment watching the vegetables and fruits I grow blossom and bear fruit.”

Then, Jin Jin and Yu Xi chatted for a while.

Jin Jin enjoyed talking about her garden.

“What did you do before this?” Yu Xi asked out of curiosity.

“Lwas a programmer who focused on software development,” Jin Jin replied.

“For real?” Yu Xi exclaimed. He took another look at Jin Jin before he commented: “You’re a female programmer?”

Originally, he a.s.sumed that female programmers would look particularly manly. And thus, he did not expect the girl in front of him to be a programmer.

“Mhmm, I studied computer science during university and worked at an IT company to write Java after I graduated.”

After Jin Jin graduated from university, she worked at an IT start-up. The company went public a few years ago and Jin Jin managed to get a lot of money from that. She managed to pay back the kind-hearted individuals who funded her studies and then decided to live in the countryside to grow her own

vegetables and plants.

“You’re amazing!” Yu Xi exclaimed. He had a lot of respect for the girl in front of him. “I will live with the others in the caravan. If you need anything from us, feel free to tell us.”

As there was limited s.p.a.ce inside of Jin Jin’s house, everyone decided to give the empty room to Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling. The rest of them lived in the caravan An Yang brought along.

“Mhmm, alright,” Jin Jin. She had quite a good impression of Jian Yiling’s friends. Although it was apparent that these people were born from a good family, they were very polite, poised, and low-key..

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