From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 1132 – Sleeping Together

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Chapter 1132: Sleeping Together

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

They all saw Zhai Yunsheng’s feelings towards Jian Yiling.

He loved Jian Yiling as much as his own life.


If such a person was willing to protect his sister, what reason did he have to stop them from being with each other?

His sister had grown up. She found the person she wanted to protect.

He just had to pray that the two of them had a good ending.

‘When Jian Yiling returned to the room, Zhai Yunsheng was already lying in bed.

The bedsheets were brand new.

In the afternoon, An Yang had been very busy. He changed everything he could in Jin Jin’s house.

‘When Jian Yiling attempted to get onto the bed, she struggled to get up from her wheelchair.

Although Zhai Yunsheng’s eyes were closed, he wasn’t actually asleep.

When he heard movement, his eyes opened a little and peeked at Jian Yiling.

‘When he saw the injuries on her body, he instinctively wanted to reach out and give her a hand.

However, in the next second, he realized that his current condition was even worse than Jian Yiling’s.

He needed to be taken care of. He couldn’t help her even if he wanted to.

‘When he thought about this, Zhai Yunsheng closed his eyes and did not look at Jian Yiling again.

She could do whatever she wanted. After all, he couldn’t do anything about it.

After a while, Jian Yiling successfully climbed into bed. Zhai Yunsheng sensed her move beside him.

‘Then, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. She glued her entire body to him.

Upon realizing this, Zhai Yunsheng frowned. He did not want her to touch him. He didn’t want his disgusting body to be touched by her.

Even he was disgusted by himself.

He didn’t want to be close to her.

Jian Yiling did not appear to sense his resistance. In fact, she did not have the slightest intention of moving away. She continued to hug him and her breath began to even out.

“Go sleep in another room,” Zhai Yunsheng finally spoke up.


“We’re not married. We shouldn’t sleep in the same bed.”

“But we live in the same apartment. Furthermore, we slept in the same bed in the past.”

“That’s not the same.”

“Why isn’t it the same?”

Jian Yiling lifted her head to look at Zhai Yunsheng.

However, Zhai Yunsheng turned his eyes away. He did not dare to look into Jian Yiling’s eyes.

He turned his head to glance at the other side.

Jian Yiling reached out to touch Zhai Yunsheng’s chest: “A Sheng, you’re not ugly. You’re just unwell. After you get better, you will be handsome again. Furthermore, I’m not good-looking at the moment either. But I will also get better.”

“It’s not the same.”

He knew that she would get better. He knew that she would go back to her former self.

However, his condition was different from her.

“It’s the same,” Jian Yiling said with certainty. “A Sheng, I will help you get better.”

She was certain about this.

Then, Jian Yiling s.h.i.+fted closer to Zhai Yunsheng.

She was so close to him that she could hear his breathing and feel his heartbeat.

Not long after, Zhai Yunsheng heard the sound of even breathing coming from beside him.

She had fallen asleep.

Zhai Yunsheng opened his eyes and used the moonlight that shone into the room to look at the person beside him

She was actually back and she was right beside him, vivid and real.

Zhai Yunsheng did not know when he fell asleep.

As his body was very weak, he could fall asleep easily.

‘When he woke up, it was already morning. The person next to him was no longer in the room.

He did not know when she got up. His overly weak body made him lose his alertness.

As he looked into the empty room, he did not know what he was waiting for..

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