God of Fishing Chapter 1601 – Passing the Black Blood City

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Chapter 1601: Pa.s.sing the Black Blood City

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Han Fei had already made arrangements to take the child named w.a.n.g Hai to

the Forbidden Island.

Han Fei believed that the golden boy might be interested in this child.

However, would Zhao Tong carry out his orders? Han Fei didn’t know.

Opportunities depended on luck.

After that, Han Fei stepped into the void and stopped watching the game.

Han Fei went straight to the Fire Stone Island. However, there were not many

people on the Fire Stone Island at this moment, and many of them were

injured. They were all Han Fei’s subordinates.

Perhaps they weren’t his subordinates. He just temporarily directed them.

Before Han Fei left, he asked them to hunt for more resources. Now, he

couldn’t fulfill his promise..

In his current state, since everyone thought he was dead, let it be!

This way, he would be remembered better.

The power of faith was what he needed. His spiritual energy could be

disa.s.sembled by 81%, which was all thanks to the tremendous power of faith!

Han Fei estimated that it would take him decades to deduce it even if Forge the

Universe existed.

Han Fei couldn’t accept the long wait. After all, he was not an ascetic but a

person who liked to explore the unknown.

Without any hesitation, Han Fei left the territory of the Immortal City.

Han Fei felt that smart people should know when to leave. There was no point

in staying in the Immortal City anymore..

At this moment, it couldn’t be said that he had completely resolved the crisis in

the Immortal City… However, he had at least reorganized the relationships in

the cage.

The Black Blood City had nearly 100 Venerables die. If they still came out to

attack other forces, there must be something wrong with their head!

Leaving the outer sea of the battle line of the Immortal City, Han Fei felt the

feeling of a dragon returning to the sea again. At least, this feeling was

comfortable than watching the lives of countless people.

About a million kilometers away from the Immortal City, Han Fei discovered

that someone was hunting sea creatures.

Yes, the battle strategy of the Immortal City seemed to have changed!

As the battle line of sea demons was abandoned, the s.p.a.ce that humans could

expand was getting bigger and bigger. This was certainly a good thing.

Han Fei killed several explorers.

When the Void Lines absorbed the souls of those creatures, Han Fei discovered

that with his strength as an intermediate peak-level Venerable, it was actually

possible to absorb their soul power. However.. the amount he absorbed was not

much. After all, these sea demons were too low-leveled!

An Explorer-level creature fed Han Fei about 10 to 30 points of soul power.

Therefore, it didn’t seem necessary to attack them again. After all, he had to

kill nearly a hundred of them to get a thousand points.

And reaching this thousand points meant that Han Fei would have to run

around the sea all day, which would alert the enemy..

Looking at Han Fei’s helpless look, the old turtle said, “Actually, it’s not that

the soul power they feed you is getting less and less… It’s just that the quality

of their soul is too poor compared to the quality of your soul. Therefore, the

soul power you can use is very little. If there are tens of thousands of explorers,

you can kill them however you want… In fact, even without going to the forest

of horrors, you can make up for your soul power.”

Han Fei curled his lips and said, “According to this soul feedback speed, how

many Explorer-level creatures do I have to kill? Even if there are so many

Explorer-level creatures that I can hunt.. their death will add too much

pressure to this cage. And if they live, they can constantly digest and devour

the energy and spiritual energy in the cage.”

Of course, Han Fei wanted to hunt. He just didn’t want to spoil the ship for a

halfpenny worth of tar.

Of course, as long as he was willing, as long as he hunted a few more times, he

might be able to attract a Venerable to quickly restore his soul power.

However, once too many strong masters died in the cage, the pressure on the

Heaven and Earth Array, and the consequences would be much more severe

than killing thousands of explorers or a few Venerables!

There were at least a million explorers trapped in the cage. If they were

outside, the Yin-Yang World and the Water-Wood World would definitely


On the contrary, if a big explosion occurred in the cage, everyone inside would

probably be annihilated.

Therefore, neither result was what Han Fei wanted.

Three days later.

Han Fei came to an abandoned sea demon city. This place was full of void

turbulence, with saber beams, sword marks, rod shadows, and fist auras


Broken walls were everywhere. It could be seen that this city had experienced a

devastating blow. All kinds of buildings had basically collapsed.

Even so, there were still many Dao Seekers and a few sea spirit creatures

exploring this city in groups.

The place where the strong fought became a haven for adventurers.

There might be opportunities everywhere here.

Many sea demon Venerables had died. Some Venerables lived in these cities, so

the resources they left behind couldn’t be too poor.

In fact, there was.

Han Fei saw that there was an array in a corner of the city.

Han Fei summoned Little Black and Little White. Little White’s perception

indicated that there was nothing good.

Yes, Little Black and Little White were already intermediate explorers, so they

were very picky.

After walking for another half a day, Han Fei saw three cities like the one he

had just seen.

It could be seen that during the battle in the Immortal City last year, the Black

Blood City must have been attacked by the Venerable experts of the Demon

Beast Union. Many cities had been abandoned.

Pa.s.sing by a few abandoned cities, Han Fei also found some new sea demon

cities. Many low-level sea demons were coming and going, looking very busy!

The old turtle asked, “Shall we go to these cities? Maybe we can get some good


Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Am I so easily satisfied now? What good stuff

can there be in these newly-built cities? The real good stuff is in the Black

Blood City.”

The old turtle was lost for words. “You want to go to the Black Blood City in

your current situation? Do you think your bones are not shining enough, or do

you think you don’t have enough death energy?”

Han Fei was lost for words. Although his golden body was shining, he had the

Twin G.o.d Technique! If he launched a sneak attack with his black-mist body,

even the Black Conch King might not be able to find him!

However, whether or not he entered the Black Blood City, Han Fei had to at

least take a look and see where the Black Blood City was.

Black Blood City.

Different from the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City that Han Fei had seen.

There was also a large array surrounding the Black Blood City, which couldn’t

be entered easily.

However, this couldn’t stop Han Fei. Han Fei stuck to the back of a great demon

in the Half-Venerable realm and floated in.

As soon as he entered the Black Blood City, Han Fei found that screw-shaped

buildings were everywhere.

Here, there were Dao Seeking Conchs everywhere.

Han Fei was lost for words. How much did the Black Evil Conch King like his

own kind? Why were conchs everywhere here?

Because conchs might like to eat algae, there were two kinds of algae in the

Black Blood City.

The first was luminous algae, which was for viewing and lighting. After al,

bright s.p.a.ce was better than darkness. The fish had their own pursuits!

Apart from that, it was the kind of algae with thick leaves that could be eaten

by sea conches.

The area of this entire Black Blood City was actually not much larger than the

White Sh.e.l.l City. It was only a thousand kilometers in radius. In this

thousand-mile area, there were only real towns in the radius of more than 300


Other places were like the outskirts of the city. Some Explorers lived here.

The sea demons, as well as some explorer-realm marine creatures, were also

here. Occasionally, they could see the two sides fighting, but they weren’t

fighting fiercely

Here, Han Fei didn’t use his perception anymore but let the old turtle inform


The old turtle said, “There are 92 Venerables in the city. It seems that they have

completely let go of the battle line on the Immortal City.”

Han Fei sneered. “It’s just for the time being. This is the characteristic of sea

demons. They just want to recuperate for a while. Once they recover, they will

press on the battle line again. However, I hope that by then, they won’t be

killed by me.”

Han Fei quietly swam into the Black Blood City. Because it didn’t affect the

water currents or cause any spatial fluctuations, no one would find him for the

time being

Even if it was the Black Evil Conch King, he wouldn’t sweep his house every


A moment later, Han Fei came to a building that looked like an ancient castle,

standing at the peak of the Black Blood City.

There were buildings halfway up the mountain and at the foot of the mountain.

The people living inside were all Venerables.

The whole mountain was filled with demonic Qi. It must be a demonic mine.

Seeing the demonic mine, Han Fei’s first thought was, Can I blow it up?

However, this crazy thought was soon ruled out by Han Fei. He had more

important things to do! Even if others could ignore this in the cage, he


As if he were used to being bold, Han Fei quietly crept over.

Suddenly, Han Fei sensed that a figure was rushing crazily behind him.

Without using his perception, he saw that it was a big conch. Witha bang, it

knocked away Han Fei’s shadow.

Fortunately, he was in the mist form, which was pure black, and the big conch

was black too. Got b.u.mped by it, Han Fei attached himself to the big conch.

The old turtle reminded Han Fei, “You’re really lucky. This is a Half-King”

Because the speed was too fast, Han Fei heard someone say, “Conch Soul, don’t

rush over so rashly every time. Those who don’t know might think that

someone is attacking our Black Blood City.”

The speed of Conch Soul slowed down, and he said with a hum, “Yu Tianai,

don’t cause trouble! I need to talk to the king”

Yu Tianai sneered. “Don’t you know that the king is recuperating? Why do you

have to ask him for help? Because of the matter in the Forest of Terror?

At this moment, in the castle at the top, a voice said, “Shut up, what’s the fuss?

You two, come here.”

Han Fei didn’t expect that he would meet an old acquaintance the moment he

came to the Black Blood City.

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