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Chapter 1603: Forest of Terror

Han Fei was very happy to challenge a Half-King again, which would let him know his current strength.

However, Yu Tianai didn’t intend to fight Han Fei.

They were both in the Half-King realm. Although Han Fei had left the range of the Forest of Terror and blocked his way, this made Yu Tianai realize the att.i.tude of the Forest of Terror even more clearly.

Yu Tianai felt that it must be the fake king of the Forest of Terror who transferred the strong masters who were familiar with the Black Blood City away. He even specially arranged for a Half-King who never showed up in the Black Blood City.

However, now Yu Tianai was even more certain that something must have happened in the Forest of Terror. Also, it must be something so big that they even refused to meet the Black Blood City!

This was not a good sign.

Just as Han Fei said, the Black Blood City didn’t gain any benefits from either side of the Life-and-Death Gorge and the Immortal City. Hundreds of their Venerables had died! Under such circ.u.mstances, they couldn’t afford to offend the Forest of Terror.

Yu Tianai smiled faintly. “Since you’ve made it so clear… then I won’t ask anymore. However, I have to say that the Black Blood City is much more powerful than you think.”

Seeing that Yu Tianai didn’t want to fight him, Han Fei didn’t provoke him anymore.

Otherwise, it would seem strange.

He didn’t know what secrets were hidden in the Forest of Terror.

However, what Han Fei could be sure of was that he intensified the stalemate between them and the Black Blood City.

Seeing Yu Tianai leave quickly, Han Fei asked, “Is this guy really gone?”

Old turtle: “Yes.”

Han Fei curled his lips but didn’t leave in a hurry.

He took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and calculated. Then he got a “Flat” divination result.

This meant that there shouldn’t be any special surprises today.

For the time being, Han Fei didn’t intend to kill anyone. Therefore, this infiltration was just a simple infiltration. The purpose was to find the other Tai Chi Eye of the Heaven and Earth Array. Then, he would take the dragon head, swallow the dragon soul, and become an intermediate Venerable.

Half a day later.

When Han Fei saw a wall of algae, he narrowed his eyes.

The algae wall here was much bigger than the seaweed wall in the level-three fishery. The most obvious difference was that the one in the level-three fishery was a seaweed wall.

In the seaweed city wall, the main plants were various kinds of seaweed.

But the main plants in the wall of algae were algae, followed by seaweed. At a glance, Han Fei found that there were dozens of kinds of algae.

This algae wall was at least a million kilometers wide.

Above the algae wall was the Seaborne Prairie. Similarly, the Seaborne Prairie here was much more terrifying than the one in the level-three fishery. That one was full of poisonous barriers.

On this Seaborne Prairie, there were all kinds of mouths. Some looked like straws, some like man-eating flowers, and some like furry tentacles.

Above the Seaborne Prairie, small vortexes of spiritual energy were swirling.

Han Fei exclaimed, “Old Yuan, these algae are really big eaters! According to this eating speed, these algae will absorb much more energy than the so-called void storm in the Black Blood City.”

The old turtle asked in confusion, “It can’t be that simple. How many experts will be created in such a huge area? Try going in.”

In the past, Han Fei could pa.s.s the algae city wall by force. However, in this place, it was obviously impossible for low-level cultivators to enter like this. Here, even some ordinary seaweed were in high realms.

Poison Tooth Sea Algae

This is a mutant algae that has been contaminated by impure energy for a long time. The Poison Tooth Sea Algae have a consciousness and a brain, It can release poisons according to the flow of water and trigger a range of poisons, agitating and reminding other algae that there are



Rare (Mutated)

9,883 points


Poison Teeth

Han Fei glanced at the algae and found that there were dozens more kinds of algae that were almost at the same level as the Poison Tooth Sea Algae. Some released poison, some paralyzed nerves, some created illusions, some corroded souls, and some parasites

In short, there were all kinds of fatal algae here.

Among them, there was an explosive algae whose leaves were like small hammers. Once they found an enemy, they would explode, and their strength was not weak.

These were the demonic plant creatures that Han Fei observed with the naked eye at the periphery. Once he entered it, there would probably be countless creatures like Divine Seaweed Octopus. After all, it was easy to hide a few aquatic creatures in such a terrifying wall of algae.

Of course, nothing could stop Han Fei. After all, under the effect of the Twin G.o.d Techniques, Han Fei was like a mist or water and was a ma.s.s of pure darkness. As long as he didn’t make a sound, they wouldn’t be able to find him even if he pa.s.sed by the algae.

Han Fei discovered the reason why there were so many mouths on the sea. There were also void cracks in the algae wall. Once a void crack appeared, a large area of algae would be minced. To make new algae grow, a lot of spiritual energy was needed.

Three days later.

In order not to make any noise, Han Fei quietly pa.s.sed by the wall of algae for three days and three nights. Fortunately, Han Fei could enter Forge the Universe to rest. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Han Fei to perfectly pa.s.s the dense algae obstacles even in the Twin Divine Technique state.

In the algae city wall, although the old turtle sensed powerful creatures, they were not on Han Fei’s way, so Han Fei simply ignored them.

However, when Han Fei was about to leave the area of the algae wall, he encountered a Venerable-level creature guarding it.

Han Fei took a deep breath. The area of the algae city wall was so large. Why did he encounter a Venerable-level creature?

Perhaps, for plants, nothing was impossible. After all, Han Fei had been with the Water Immortal for so long and knew that most demon plants were different and of distinct characteristics.

At this moment, the weird demon plant that Han Fei saw was called the Void Vine.

Only part of this demon plant was exposed to the algae wall, and most of it was in the void. It looked extremely weird with the naked eye, like a vine that had been cut off from somewhere. At least, ordinary cultivators who didn’t know the concept of the void would think that this thing was broken in

half… Maybe, they would think that it was dying and could be their chance!

Fortunately, Han Fei could read its information.

Void Vine

A vine born in a void rift. It can grow freely in reality and the void. It’s good at void exchange techniques, Void Lost Dao, and other means. Due to mutation, its vines contain poison.

« 84.

Legendary (Mutated)



Void Fluid

As soon as Han Fei read the information, he heard the old turtle say, “This is a Void Vine, a rare demon plant that can use part of the Great Dao of s.p.a.ce. This kind of creature doesn’t have a body shape. Maybe one of its tentacles grows here, and the other one grows thousands of kilometers away. That’s

why it’s difficult to hunt Void Vines. If you can kill this thing, you’d better kill it as soon as possible. Once it grows up, it will be a headache.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “How can I kill them? As you said, their body parts can be tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other… No matter how fast I am, I can’t cross tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant!”

The old turtle sneered. “There is a way to kill them!”


The old turtle said, “I’ll teach you later. Anyway, you can’t kill them now, so it’s useless to learn it. Go there slowly. The Void Vine is extremely sensitive to spatial changes. This thing might sense your dark body…”

Han Fei secretly chuckled. “Fine! Keep it to yourself. Anyway, I want this technique. If I can’t cross tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant after I learn it, I’m gonna…”

His black-mist body quietly pa.s.sed the Void Vine.

Just as Han Fei was about to cross over, a large part of the Void Vine’s tentacles suddenly drilled out. Han Fei immediately dispersed, turning into tiny particles.

Han Fei’s speed changed from fast to slow like a mayfly.He floated with the seawater and moved extremely slowly. Han Fei wondered if this thing had detected him.

After a full hour, the Void Vine finally retracted its vines, and Han Fei was hundreds of kilometers away.

Han Fei couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. “Phew! An intermediate Venerable-level demonic plant almost discovered my existence?”

‘The old turtle said, “The way demonic plants observe the world is different from other creatures. The so-called five senses of you humans and some feelings that you humans can’t sense are all owned by demonic plants.”

Han Fei said, “I think you’d better pray that I’m lucky…”

Crossing the algae wall, Han Fei saw a creepy, dark green world.

Han Fei saw a strange demon plant that resembled the Twisted Jungle on the Scattered Stars Island. These demon plants spread out in all directions, forming a forest.

The dense palm-sized dark green leaves fell occasionally and then split into dozens.

Han Fei felt that it would be more beautiful if they turned into peach petals.

It seemed that there weren’t many moving demon plants in this forest.

After all, unlike humans, demonic plants were plants. Just like the dark green trees Han Fei saw, each of them was at the Explorer level, and each of them was actually a treasure.

Han Fei was swimming in the middle of the forest.

Suddenly, the seawater trembled. Han Fei asked the old turtle, “Old Yuan, what’s wrong?”



In the next moment, an energy tide sent Han Fei flying.

“F*ck! There’s so much energy, but it’s extremely chaotic. I can even feel death energy. What is this?”

‘The old turtle: “Someone is coming.”

Han Fei stopped asking.

However, after a minute, Han Fei saw a giant tree above his head.

However, what shocked Han Fei was that it didn’t look like a tree but more like a big octopus with bark. Han Fei could even see the suckers clearly.

This giant tree was no more than 500 meters tall, and its vines… or rather, its tentacles were 30,000 meters long.

“Wow, what a big guy.”

Han Fei took a closer look, and information popped up in his eyes.

« Dragon Octopus

This is a mutated Dragon Octopus Tree. It has a trace of dragon bloodline. Because it absorbs impure energy all year round, it’s half alive and half dead. This state can allow them to live long. The Dragon Octopus Trees are good at dragon stings and their suckers have sharp teeth, so they

can kill strong masters several times stronger than them.


Legendary (Mutated)



Dragon Octopus Wood

Han Fei said in surprise, “Another Venerables… Huh? He seems to be on his way..”

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