God of Fishing Chapter 1604 – Holy Altar Dvil Cave

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Chapter 1604: Holy Altar Dvil Cave

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‘The Dragon Octopus Tree caused a lot of noise, rolling in all directions and rising tides.

Han Fei took advantage of the opportunity and got a ride.

In this energy tide, the Dragon Octopus Tree suddenly appeared, and it seemed to be walking rather anxiously. If Han Fei had been slower, he would have almost missed the ride.


Although this Dragon Octopus Tree was huge and seemed stupid, its speed was extremely fast. Its octopus head was like a missile, breaking through the water and emerging from the void in the next moment.

After a minute, someone said, “Dragon Octopus, keep a low profile. Those who don’t know better might think that the Demon Beast League is coming.”

It was a weird python.

However, this python body was a vine, only in the shape of a python. On its head, there was a curved horn that extended to its back. This python was a thousand feet long and appeared beside the Dragon Octopus.

‘The Dragon Octopus quickly shrank until it was about three hundred meters long. Then he said, “Oh! Big Snake Vine, long time no see.”

Han Fei was lost for words. F*ck, you’re in the same forest, “Long time no see”? Why do you sound you are so distant from each other… Besides, the name “Big Snake” sounds a bit lame?

The big snake vine hissed and laughed. “Dragon Tree! Your memory is really bad. We have seen each other six times this year. Such a powerful energy tide has erupted six times this year. Regular energy tides can’t wake me up at all. Only your loud noise woke me up!”

Dragon Octopus Tree: “Oh? Really? I feel boundless energy.”

The big snake vine smiled and said, “There are six gatherings in a year. The sacred altar should be crowded. Shall we turn into human beings?”

The Dragon Octopus Tree said slowly, “Don’t change. We’ll eat slowly if we take human form.”

Hearing their conversation, Han Fei was puzzled. It was just an energy tide. What was wrong with six times a year?


The old turtle said, “It comes again.”

The next moment, the energy tide came again.

At that moment, the nine tentacles of the Dragon Octopus Tree spread out like a big net. The countless suckers on the tentacles opened and exposed the sharp teeth inside. A tremendous amount of energy was sucked into the tree by these suckers.

This was the first time Han Fei had seen such a way of swallowing energy. With such a big mouthful, wouldn’t the energy eaten be beyond the tolerance limit of this thing?

The old turtle said, “They are spiritual plants that can absorb a lot of energy. If they have excess energy, they can use it to grow. Therefore, they grow quite fast. By the way, these demon plants consume a lot of energy when cultivating.”

Han Fei said leisurely, “Yes. The mouth of the python is like a black hole.”

Along the way, Han Fei discovered that all the plants he saw when he pa.s.sed through the dark green forest spread out as much as possible to absorb energy. The energy ripples would probably be eaten up after pa.s.sing through the wall of algae.

Along the way, Han Fei saw sea bamboo people, poisonous dragon sea urchins, seven-colored sponges… These strange mutated Venerables were all rushing along.

Han Fei was surprised to find that the plants here were all mutant creatures. This mutation made them completely monsters. They became… weirdos that didn’t look like plants or animals… However, the strength of these creatures couldn’t be underestimated. In short, Han Fei had already encountered

more than ten Venerable-level demon plants along the way.

At this moment, Han Fei, who had been attached to the Dragon Octopus Tree, was listening to a group of demonic plants chatting.

The big snake vine said, “Everyone, since the frequency of the outbreak in the Holy Altar Dvil Cave is so high… This time, we might as well stay here and cultivate.”

A seven-colored sponge that had no eyes or mouth replied, “Many people have done that a long time ago.”

A humanoid old man carrying bamboo and wearing a straw hat said, “Cultivating outside the altar is not necessarily a good thing. The initial violent energy is too impure, which can easily stimulate the mutation and make you lose yourself.”

A.woman with a purple flower ring on her head sat on the Dragon Octopus Tree and smiled. “It’s not far away anyway. Besides, most of the time, the Blood King is cultivating there. Who wants to see him every day?”

Listening to these people’s conversation, Han Fei immediately understood that this Holy Altar Devil Cave was where the energy tide erupted.

However, Han Fei still felt that the energy tide was too chaotic. It was like garbage that was thrown out after extracting pure energy. It would be strange if these demonic plants didn’t mutate if they cultivated under this energy every day!

A moment later.

When Han Fei followed the Dragon Octopus Tree and other demon plants to the so-called Holy Altar Devil Cave, he was dumbfounded.

Han Fei and the old turtle exclaimed in their hearts, “Another array eye?”

Han Fei was stunned for a long time.

He had searched high and low only to find it here.

Han Fei had planned to search with the Vast Ocean Navigator! Who could’ve known that he would reach the other eye of the Heaven and Earth Array the moment he entered the Forest of Terror?

This huge array eye was exposed in the Forest of Terror, about ten thousand kilometers in diameter.

Han Fei knew that the real array eye was definitely much bigger than this one. What he saw was just the outer part of the array eye.

The old turtle said, “You have to be careful. There are 58 Venerables near the array eye, and four of them are in the Half-Venerable realm. This doesn’t include the other demon plant experts…”


As soon as the old turtle finished speaking, Han Fei saw that a tremendous amount of impurities energy was spewing out of this so-called Holy Altar Devil Cvae.

Han Fei could even see aurora-like clouds.

Han Fei immediately frowned and said, “Old Yuan, it seems that our previous judgment has a problem! The place that absorbs energy should be the eye of the Forbidden Island. And this eye of the array seems to be used to expel impurities. Look what strange things these demon plants are?”

The old turtle said, “No matter how impure the energy is, it’s still energy. Although energy seems to be spat out here, why is it the most violent this year? Besides, according to them, this is the sixth time.”

Han Fei said, “It means that the one on the Forbidden Island ate too much energy, so the array has to p.o.o.p and some impurities have to be discharged…”

The old turtle was lost for words. “You’re disgusting,”

Han Fei:

Han Fei was speechless. What is this old turtle thinking?

Han Fei snorted. “What I want to say is, why did Zhao Xianglong put the dragon head here? If he wants to punish the dragon head, he should have put the dragon head and tail both on the Forbidden Island. What’s the use of putting the dragon head here besides being impacted by impurities?”

The old turtle said, “We have to go down and take a look…”

“Phew ~”

Han Fei calculated in his heart. Since he could come out from under the Forbidden Island, he could definitely come out from here too.

However, when he came out of the Forbidden Island, he met Zhao Xianglong, who was his old acquaintance and looked after him.

However, it might not be the case to come out of here!

Han Fei said, “At this moment, energy is erupting. I can’t go in with my strength. I have to wait for the energy tide to stop. Old Yuan, I’m going into Forge the Universe.”

“Wait a minute.”

Suddenly, the old turtle’s action puzzled Han Fei. What did Old Yuan find?

The old turtle said, “I seem to sense… an acquaintance.”

“Huh? An acquaintance?”

Han Fei burst into laughter. “Cut the c.r.a.p! What era are you from? The Age of G.o.ds… You have an acquaintance here? If you do, we’ll all be doomed.”

However, the old turtle shook his head and said, “No, he’s someone you know.”


This time, Han Fei couldn’t laugh anymore.

Someone he knew? Someone he knew was in this Forest of Terror? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out who it was.

At this moment, a large number of red roots, intertwined like blood threads, blocked the sky.

The surrounding temperature suddenly rose at this moment, not once or twice, but several thousand degrees.

However, Han Fei had forgotten the temperature.

‘When he saw the roots, Han Fei was shocked. Are these… the roots of the Big Red Trunk? I once dug up the Big Red Trunk.

However… although these roots looked similar to those of the Big Red Trunk… In terms of quality, they were obviously much stronger.

At this moment, they saw a young man wearing a black robe. The lower half of his body was roots, and the upper half was a human. At this moment, he was standing on the roots.

“Blood King!”

Many Venerables bowed respectfully to the young man.

If Han Fei guessed right, this must be the fake king of the Forest of Terror.

‘The young man nodded slightly and chuckled. “Everyone, the energy tides in the Holy Altar Devil Cave are getting more and more frequent. It seems that my efforts have finally paid off. My efforts have finally shaken the cage. Now, I’ve confirmed that the cage is connected to the outside world. It can be

opened within a hundred years, or even sooner.”


Around the array eye, many Venerables exclaimed.

“What? The energy tide was caused by the Blood Kin;

At this moment, with the fake king around, only this sound could be heard.

However, Han Fei could clearly tell that the others didn’t seem to believe him.

The Blood King didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he said casually, “Today, I can send some of the Venerables away from the cage. Of course, they’ll have to share the risk of the void channel, which is necessary. Does anyone want to come?”

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