God of Fishing Chapter 1607 – Mutant Dragon Head

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Chapter 1607: Mutant Dragon Head

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Han Fei didn’t care if these people wanted to seal the Forest of Terror.

Anyway, it didn’t matter to him whether to seal it or not.

At this moment, although he had exposed a cheat, Han Fei was not happy. In fact, the Blood King didn’t really leave, and his clone was still lurking here.

Therefore, all of this was just a self-directed trap. Now that the trap had exploded, the Blood King probably hadn’t achieved his goal. Otherwise, there was no need to leave a clone behind. He could just go out to transcend the tribulation and become a king.

In fact, regardless of whether Han Fei came or not, the Blood King was prepared to do this. However… Han Fei happened to arrive and ruined his plan.

From the mouths of these Venerables, Han Fei could clearly sense that they didn’t like the Blood King at all and didn’t care if this person existed or not.

The Blood King had just left, so they didn’t investigate this area carefully. After all, even the Blood King hadn’t found anything. What could they find?

The group of people hurried to the Holy Altar Devil Cave. Only the Void Vine stayed there for a long time. Its vines crawled out from here and there as if trying to find something.

Half a day later, Han Fei returned to the Holy Altar Devil Cave too.

In his heart, Han Fei cursed, “Old Yuan, is there any effective way to kill this Void Vine? This thing is too annoying.”

The old turtle said, “This Void Vine is not strong enough, much weaker than you. If there weren’t so many demonic plants here, you could’ve killed it at any time.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Of course. If it weren’t for these Demon Plant Venerables, I would have killed this guy long ago.”

Two days pa.s.sed.

The energy tide finally stopped erupting.

Half of the demon plant Venerables near the altar had dispersed. Those demon plants that were at the peak of the Venerable realm wouldn’t stay here to wait for the energy tide to descend again.

There were only a few demon plant Venerables below the advanced Venerable level left here.

‘When the energy tide disappeared, Han Fei dove into it.

Unlike the other side, the energy here poured out. The power produced in an instant was terrifying!

If it was during the eruption, Han Fei wouldn’t have been able to get through at all. Fortunately, the energy was no longer erupting, so Han Fei could find a way to get in.

This Holy Altar Devil Cave was originally a bottomless hole.

Han Fei entered the endless darkness and let his body fall. After only half an hour, Han Fei felt a suction force.

Huh? Is there also a suction force inside?

At this moment, it was dark in all directions, and the old turtle couldn’t find a way out. Han Fei felt as if trapped in the array eye again.

However, as soon as he entered this place, Han Fei felt that the energy here was too impure. It was much more impure than the energy on the other side. When all kinds of strange powers wanted to enter Han Fei’s body, Han Fei naturally rejected them.

He set up an array and took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler. The scale began to float and soon stopped on the “Greatly Ominous”.

Seeing this divination, Han Fei narrowed his eyes and said, “Old Yuan, it seems that the dragon head is much more powerful than the dragon tail!”

The old turtle asked, “Do you need to make some preparations?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No. No matter what I do now, my body will absorb energy. Even if I extract the Chaos Qi, there will be a steady stream of energy pouring into my body. If this goes on, my body will explode… Greatly Ominous, heh, as long as it’s not an ‘Impa.s.se’, everything is fine.”

At this moment, Han Fei had already fused his twin bodies and turned into his real body. His Indestructible Golden Body carried his flesh and blood on his back and controlled the Vast Ocean Navigator to find the array eye.

Sure enough, just like last time, the Vast Ocean Navigator began to spin crazily as if it had malfunctioned.

Based on the spinning ability, Han Fei controlled a puppet to walk in the opposite direction to calculate the perimeter, take the center point and find the array eye.

Since this move was applicable on the other side, it was also applicable here.

Sure enough, although the distance calculated was a little deviated, it only took Han Fei two days to find the array eye.

This time, what Han Fei saw was a white circular array eye.

On the bright white slices, Han Fei saw… an extremely strange monster but no dragon head.

Han Fei looked at the thing that was more than 2,000 meters long and looked like a pile of rotten wood roots. He was puzzled. Was the dragon head replaced?

“Wait a minute ~”

Han Fei found that the huge rotten wood was somewhat similar to a dragon head. However, there were too many long whiskers or vines on the dragon head. Also, it had eight dragon horns, which seemed to be made of strange red flowers.

Han Fei was silent for a moment. “Old Yuan, was the dragon head we saw possessed by a demon plant?”

The old turtle said, “I don’t know if it’s possessed or not. However, it seems that it’s mutated by impure energy.”

Han Fei wanted to go closer and see if the Demon Purification Pot would show any message. However, once he approached it, it would mean the beginning of a battle.

Han Fei said, “Old Yuan, let me try it first.”


Han Fei activated the Twin G.o.d Technique and descended with his white-mist body.


‘The moment Han Fei approached the white platform, a dragon roar sounded, and tens of thousands of Void Spikes appeared.

Han Fei’s reaction was quite fast. He stomped on the Soul Controlling Array, launched the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring, and activated the Heavenly G.o.d Stab.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Soul Controlling Array was broken too fast. Although many Soul Spikes around Han Fei were shattered by Han Fei, many still fell on him.

The Heavenly G.o.d Stab bought Han Fei some time to rebuild the Soul Controlling Array.

Ina head-on clash, Han Fei didn’t gain anything or suffer any losses.

But in the next moment, weird shadow vines began to grow on this platform. Han Fei kept flashing in the void for a short distance. Infinity Water gathered around him and fought a large number of shadow vines.


Another dragon roar.

This time, accompanied by the stink of dragon breath, there was poison in the wind.

Han Fei protected his body with spiritual energy, which was corroded in an instant. Before he could fight back, a giant vine slapped him away.

The force of that blow almost split Han Fei into two. At the moment he flew through the air, countless Void Soul Spikes pierced through him.

However, at this moment, not far away, Han Fei’s Indestructible Golden Body appeared. And on the field, what was pierced was only Han Fei’s afterimage.

His white-mist body had already fused his black-mist body.


Han Fei said, “He’s very strong. He’s in the Half-King realm. With the Twin Divine Technique, I’m no match for him.”

The old turtle said, “The combat power of a Half-King… This is not good news. At least, from the battle just now, the soul in this body might not be a new soul body, but a mutated one.”

Han Fei added, “Besides, this dragon head has already turned into a demon plant. Will one turn into a demon plant if he stays in this array eye for too long?”


At this moment, Han Fei saw that a lot of energy was flowing towards the dragon head from all directions. That guy had just fought Han Fei and was absorbing energy.

The old turtle: “It seems that you guessed wrong.”

Blue soul fire danced in Han Fei’s eyes.

Yes, he guessed wrong.

This dragon head could absorb energy from all directions. It seemed that other demon plants in the Venerable realm had entered but were swallowed by it.

Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “I see. The array eye under the Forbidden Island absorbs energy, and the place where the energy gathers is the purest. On the contrary, the array eye of this place is constantly emitting energy. Just now, when we came in, there was a suction force because its tide storm had

just pa.s.sed, producing a suction force. Usually, the energy released in this array eye is relatively slow. Therefore, when the energy gathers to a certain extent, an energy tide will erupt.”

The old turtle nodded. “Yes, this dragon head must have swallowed more than one Demon Plant Venerable that entered this place, causing it to mutate.”

Han Fei said, “I’m afraid that their souls have been fused. Just now, in addition to the dragon roar, it had other soul attack means. Um, I have to try again.”

In the second experiment, Han Fei used the Twin Divine Technique. However, this time, he attacked with his black-mist body.

After sneaking past, Han Fei suddenly launched a Heavenly G.o.d Stab and the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring.

‘The dragon head had never encountered an opponent like Han Fei. It was attacked before it even noticed Han Fei.


The Heavenly G.o.d Stab pierced his soul.

With a dragon roar, the dragon head was not attacking Han Fei, but roaring in pain.

‘The effect of the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring shouldn’t be too great, because the dragon head didn’t stop long because of the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring, only about half a second.

Immediately afterward, a semi-curved light shield made of soul power enveloped the entire platform.

“Not good! It’s a Great Dao domain! In this Great Dao domain, he’s the absolute master.”

Inan instant, Han Fei saw countless tentacles extending out of the void and grabbing at him.

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t let him do that. He launched a storm of golden fist marks. Infinity Water turned into Blade Inferno, intending to kill the dragon head from the periphery.

A large number of void cracks appeared, and those fist marks were absorbed by the s.p.a.ce cracks in the end, disappearing without a trace.


Then, another new skill appeared. The billowing sound waves of different frequencies stunned Han Fei.


The twin bodies fused again. Han Fei stood on the periphery, quietly looking at the dragon head, soul fire dancing in his eyes. “Interesting. It did swallow more than one Demon Plant Venerable!”

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