God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 639 – Despicable Means

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Chapter 639: Despicable Means

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When the man heard Lin Xiu’s mocking words, he was about to go crazy.

“Game begins!”

At the same time, the host has announced that the game has officially started!

As his words just fell, at this moment, the man who looked relatively short, held the slender saber in his hand, and attacked Lin Xiu directly!

“T’m going to kill you!” He roared loudly.

“Mark, don’t be impulsive!”

‘The members of the Interstellar Academy shouted loudly when they saw the short warrior rus.h.i.+ng out.

But at this time, Mark had already been carried away by his anger. He just wanted to kill Lin Xiu, who dared to laugh at him.

Lin Xiu saw that he was attacking with the saber in his hand, without the slightest nervousness, he waved his Dark Edge Spear then blocked his attack.

Dang dang-

At this moment, Mark frantically waved the saber in his hand, and it collided with Lin Xiu’s Dark Edge spear, making a loud metal collision sound.

“Hey, we meet again, Sacred Region Academy.” At the same time, Huang Zhen and Qian Yao faced a student from the Interstellar Academy who looked very strong.

“Last time, the student you said was the most talented seemed to be killed by us eh.” The man from the Interstellar Academy said aloud while laughing.

Holding a huge axe in his hand, he swung it and both Huang Zhen and Qian Yao couldn’t resist it.

“T’m going to kill you!” When Huang Zhen and Qian Yao heard their words, the expressions in their eyes changed greatly.

‘The man’s use of such words now aroused the anger of Huang Zhen and Qian Yao.

Because in the last intercontinental compet.i.tion, one of their seniors, who was considered the most talented, was killed by these people!

But the man holding a huge axe was too strong.

Huang Zhen and Qian Yao both struggled to resist.

As for Ouyang Hang and one of the men from the Interstellar Academy, they seemed to be on par.

‘The remaining two men attacked Baili Haoling at this time.

“Oh? Two people against me?” Seeing these two people attacking her, Baili Haolin raised her brows and said indifferently.

The eyes of the two were serious, because the strength that Baili Haoling showed just now was so powerful that she could even suppress the power of a rank 9 warrior. They had to deal with Baili Haoling before they could deal with Lin Xiu.

For them, Huang Zhen and the others are relatively weak, so there was no need.

“Just this little strength?” The Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand shook and stabbed straight out. The terrifying power burst out from the spear and made the short man fly out.

He flew out for a distance, and then his feet stomped on the ground.

Stopping himself from retreating further.

“d.a.m.n it!” Mark looked at Lin Xiu, holding a sword in both hands, he shouted at the next moment, and attacked Lin Xiu again!

“Mount Hua Strike’!!!”

‘The moment he rushed towards Lin Xiu, he jumped, and the saber he held in both hands attacked Lin Xiu directly from the top!

‘The moment the saber slashed down, it transformed into an even larger and terrifying phantom of the saber, and slashed directly at Lin Xiu’s body!

Lin Xiu did not dodge at this moment, but continued to stand in place.

Just when the terrifying and huge phantom of the saber was about to hit Lin Xiu’s body, with Lin Xiu’s thoughts, at this moment, a dark red ‘Sphere’ burst out from Lin Xiu’s body, surrounding it. Lin Xiu’s body.


At this moment, the surrounding ground shook.

‘Those in the audience all exclaimed at this moment.

He’s fine!?

Mark looked at Lin Xiu’s “Sphere”, and he completely resisted his attack. The expression in his eyes changed greatly.

Just when his body was about to fall, Lin Xiu rushed over and stabbed his spear out!

Mark who was falling in the air, directly dodged the shot that Lin Xiu stabbed with an incredible movement.


But as soon as he dodged, he felt his neck being strangled!

Taking a closer look, Lin Xiu had already approached him, grabbed his neck with his left hand, and lifted him directly into the air.

“Goodbye.” Lin Xiu didn’t give him any nonsense at all. With a sudden force with his left hand, he would crush his neck.

But at this moment, Mark waved his right hand to Lin Xiu’s side and Lin Xiu’s pupils constricted in both eyes.

What happened!?


Just when Lin Xiu was stunned, Mark kicked him directly and he flew out!

Lin Xiu flew out a distance but did not fall down.

Lin Xiu’s eyes were still full of disbelief at this time, because now, he felt that the power of his body seemed to be rapidly disappearing.

Why is this suddenly happening?

Thinking back, it seemed like when the man waved his right hand, his body became like this.

“pi… Found an unknown substance, do you want to activate the ‘Engulf’ skill?” Just when Lin Xiu was in disbelief, a system prompt sounded!


Without any hesitation, Lin Xiu directly activated the system’s ‘Engulf skill.

With the use of Lin Xiu’s system skills, the feeling that the power in his body was being eaten away seemed to begin to disappear.

“Kid, go to h.e.l.l!” Mark looked at Lin Xiu, roared loudly, holding the saber in his hand, he attacked Lin Xiu!

He would use his own saber to cut Lin Xiu’s body in half to wash away the shame just now!

He actually dared to grab his neck!

But just when Mark approached Lin Xiu and was about to cut Lin Xiu’s body in half, the Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand burst out with white light.

With a wave of the spear, after it collided with his saber, the powerful impact actually knocked the saber in his hand into the air!

How can it be!

“How can you still have strength…” He opened his eyes wide and said incredulously.

Because he just used that kind of ‘thing’, it was something that cannot be easily resisted except for rank 9 warriors…


But Lin Xiu didn’t give him any chance, the spear pierced through his head.

Blood spurted out.

“Using this despicable method, do you think you can kill me?” Lin Xiu looked at Mark, who was pierced by his spear, and said with a sneer..

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