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Chapter 2436: Unt.i.tled

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Even when facing the elders, the crown prince remained seated in the host seat. He nodded at the two old men.

That was the most polite greeting he could offer.

Elder Jing didn’t think much of it, but Elder Grain was surprised.

Wasn’t Jun Linyuan the crown prince who had been seduced by that Zuo girl?

Elder Grain stared at Jun Linyuan and wanted to give him a speech, but when he saw the look in his eyes, he backed off.

Feng Wu glanced at Feng Xun. “You lost.”

Feng Xun felt like he had just slapped himself.

Elder Jing turned to look at Feng Wu. “Can’t you be a little more generous? You only gave us a mouthful of each dish, and we barely tasted everything before the plates were empty. Elder Grain was so grumpy.”

Elder Grain grumbled, “No, I wasn’

Elder Jing said, “Fine. You weren’t. Someone else was too embarra.s.sed to come here alone and forced me to come with him.”

“Feng Lanjing!” Elder Jing stomped his foot in frustration.

Elder Jing chuckled. “Whatever you say. Xiao Wu, where’s our food?”

Seeing that Elder Breeze wasn’t here, Feng Wu knew that the chief elder must have stayed behind to guard the restricted area.

She was speechless when she saw the empty plates on the table.

Since when did Feng Xun lick the plates clean?

“Tl cook something right now. Just wait here. Feng Xun, you chat with the elders. Qiuling, come and help me in the kitchen.” Feng Wu gave them a nod before going into the kitchen.

Elder Jing looked amazed when he saw Qiuling.

“That’s a very talented girl.”

Elder Grain nodded, “Yes, she’s much better than some of the kids of our clan. I don’t know what’s happened to this clan, but the younger generation is such rubbish.”

Feng Xun patted Elder Grain on the shoulder. “What should I call you?”

Elder Grain glared at him. How rude!

Elder Jing looked Feng Xun up and down. “You’re Feng Beiting’s son, aren’t you? How’s your dad doing?”

Feng Xun asked, “Do you know my dad?”

Elder Grain said, “I even know your grandpa. We had an epic fight here in the imperial capital once. Didn’t your grandpa tell you anything?”

Feng Xun stuttered, “Are – are you Feng Chengu? That makes him Feng Lanjin;

“You’ve finally figured it out.” Elder Grain put a few peanuts into his mouth.

“Iremember that many excellent cultivators died in that battle, and the rumor was that the two of you also…”

Elder Grain said, “Do people still know us?”

Feng Xun said, “Of course! You’re two of the most famous cultivators ever! I didn’t expect to see you alive!”

He was glad that the two old men liked Feng Wu.

‘They could help her greatly in battle.

Less than an hour later, Feng Wu started serving new dishes.

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