Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 2438 – Mistaken

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Chapter 2438: Mistaken

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“My lady, I have good news!” Granny Tao grabbed Mrs. Zuo’s hand and was trembling in excitement.

Mrs. Zuo took a deep breath. “Is His Royal Highness here? Is he?”

Granny Tao shook her head. “It’s better than that! I heard that Young Lord Feng has been preparing for a very big celebration, and it’s happening tonight! All the common people of the imperial capital will take part!”

Mrs. Zuo shook with excitement as well. She took another deep breath and said, “Keep going!”

Granny Tao said, “Yes. The steward of the Northern Feng Mansion is instructing people to carry things to the central square. I saw some silver, gold, and spiritual stones. According to the steward, they’re all going to be prizes!”

Mrs. Zuo asked, “What prizes?”

Granny Tao said, “I was confused at first as well, so I asked him. He said that Young Lord Feng was asked to hold a birthday celebration tonight, and is even giving out gift envelopes. The vouches can be cashed in on the spot, and the total value is 100 million coins!”

“100 million coins?!” Mrs. Zuo was so excited that she almost fainted.

‘The imperial vault might not have that much cash.

The total value of Zuo Qingluan’s gifts was less than a million, but Feng Xun was giving out 100 million!

“The common folk have gone insane, and they’re all heading for the central square!” said Granny Tao.

Mrs. Zuo said, “Did you say a birthday party? Is Young Lord Feng celebrating someone’s birthday?”

Granny Tao said, “That’s right!”

Mrs. Zuo took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. “And today is…”

Granny Tao said, “It’s Miss Qingluan’s birthday today!”

Mrs. Zuo said, “But why would Young Lord Feng…”

Mrs. Dugu chimed in. “Don’t you get it? Northern Feng Mansion can’t be that rich!”

Mrs. Zuo nodded, still perplexed.

Mrs. Dugu said, “It means that Young Lord Feng is doing it on someone else’s behalf! Who else can come up with so much money?”

Mrs. Zuo still couldn’t believe it. “What do you mean?”

Mrs. Dugu nudged her. “Stop making us envy you! Of course, it has to be His Royal Highness!”

“Congratulations, Mrs. Zuo and Miss Qingluan.” Mrs. Tao heard the conversation because Mrs. Dugu didn’t try to keep her voice down.

Mrs. Tao and Tao Qingqing stepped out to congratulate Mrs. Zuo and Zuo Qingluan.

Zuo Qingluan’s face remained indifferent, but one could tell that she was in a good mood.

The other ladies followed suit and offered their congratulations.

Mrs. Zuo was over the moon, but she feigned a modest tone and said, “It can’t be.. We must be mistaken.

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