Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1185 – Are You Surprised?

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Chapter 1185 Are You Surprised?


All of a sudden, the Twin Pearls around Felina’s neck broke out of her body.

On the opposite side, Gu Yi’s face turned pale and his eyes were full of disbelief.

He was still making an incantation gesture as he mumbled, “How could it fail? It’s Impossible! Impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Zhang Han was indifferent. He pinched out the Twin Pearls with his fingers and made a cracking sound.

Under everyone’s gaze, the Twin Pearls were broken.


Gu Yi stopped breathing in an instant. His eyes were still wide open and he didn’t understand what had happened till his death.


Gu Yi’s body fell straight to the ground.

Yuan Ying was still in his body but was dead now.

He was like a cultivator who died of old age and was unable to go against the law of nature.

“It’s your turn.”


Mu Xue drew her sword out in an instant.

A black light flashed by.

While Lida and the others were still stunned, Mu Xue took action. It seemed that before they could react, they had been killed by the black sword light.

The disturbance here caused the surrounding hundreds of people to stare in shock.

“What’s going on? Are they fighting?”

“Which powers are they from?”

“I haven’t seen them before. They should be from a minor power. It’s foolish of them to fight here. Didn’t they know the rules of the Seven Directions Sea Eye? Even the big shots like Prince Feng, who hold grudges, remain calm at this moment. Why are these small figures causing trouble here?”

“They don’t know the rules. They will die very soon here.”

“That’s right. Look over there. Protector Hong and Han Chuan from the Myriad Mountains Palace are coming.”

Some cultivators with good eyesight saw Protector Hong and others flying over quickly from another island at a low alt.i.tude.

“Thank… thank you.”

After saying that, Felina took a step back unconsciously to keep a distance from Zhang Han. She looked aloof.

“Have you lived here before?” Zhang Han asked.


“And you left from here back then?”


“What’s under the Sea Eye?”

“I don’t know.”

They both remained silent for a while.

Later, Zhang Han asked a few more questions.

A pondering expression appeared on his face.

Clearly, he wasn’t very sure about the Seven Directions Sea Eye, so he mainly asked about the details on how to leave.

As for that, Felina couldn’t give a specific answer.

Nina kept silent for a while and then said, “Who is your father?”

“I don’t know. You can ask for yourself,” Felina replied.

Her tone was as flat as ever as if she didn’t seem to have any special feelings for Nina, even if they had the same mother.

“Then let’s wait and see.”

Zhang Han looked around the sea and seemed to have sensed something from nowhere.

The Demon Clan would probably arrive soon.

Right at this moment…

The hundreds of people around were still glancing at them from time to time.

“Protector Hong and the others are here!”

“Every time there is a fight in Seven Directions Sea Eye, the three major forces, the Myriad Mountains Palace, the War Saint Abyss, and the Illusory Mansion, will be the managers of the Human Clan. If Protector Hong of the Myriad Mountains Palace comes to question them, I’m afraid that these people will suffer a lot.”

“It’s not wise for them to fight here. If they disturbed some big shots who were interested in watching the battle, they will all die in the blink of an eye.”

“That’s unlikely to happen. Although they did fight, it was just a small matter. It will be over as long as they give some benefits.”

Among the discussions, someone shouted, “It’s you!”

“Swish, swish, swis.h.!.+”

Everyone turned to look.

“It’s the City Lord of Hanchuan City.”

“There’s Protector Hong from the Myriad Mountains Palace too.”

Zhao Feng and the others all saw them coming.

At this time, Han Chuan’s expression changed. His eyes were fixed closely on Zi Yan, and he said with a fake smile, “It’s you. Hahaha, what a coincidence, the Ninth Princess.”

He placed emphasis on the last three words “the Ninth Princess”.

He seemed to be expressing his mood and att.i.tude.

It appeared that he would absolutely not let it end like that.

“I’m not the Ninth Princess. I’m her friend,” Zi Yan said calmly.

“Is that so? But in my eyes, you are the Ninth Princess now. I don’t care what your answer is. You will pay the price for this matter after all,” Han Chuan said slowly.

“Oh, what price?” Zhang Han frowned slightly and looked over.

“Yeah, what’s the price?”

Another voice came from afar.

The crowd was in an uproar. “It’s the Demon Killer Zhu Qingze.”

“The one next to him is the Ninth Princess of Heze City. You guys didn’t see that. I was in Hanchuan City at that time. Back then, Zhu Qingze would have killed Han Chuan if Protector Hong hadn’t shown up.”

Zhu Qingze and Zhu Li came over amidst the whispers.

“She’s my friend. Do you have any problem with that?” Zhu Li blinked her small eyes and said.

“I have no disagreement.” Han Chuan suddenly withdrew his sharp aura and even smiled with his hands unfolded.

On the surface, it seemed like Han Chuan didn’t want to fight against Zhu Qingze.

While in fact, Han Chuan really couldn’t win.

More and more people began to notice them, from a few hundred people in the beginning to thousands and even more people.

Without a doubt, the t.i.tle of the Myriad Mountains Palace was enough to attract a lot of attention.

“I was hoping you would have something to say,” Zhu Li said mockingly.

She had thought that Han Chuan was afraid.

Unexpectedly, Protector Hong said, “He has no disagreement, but I have.”

“May I know what Protector Hong has in mind? Please let me know,” Zhu Qingze cupped his hands and asked.

Hearing that, Protector Hong smiled and said nothing.

It seemed that Han Chuan was transmitting some words to him with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

After waiting for ten seconds, Protector Hong said, “These people just killed a nominal disciple of mine. They are very bold, haha.”


Everyone there was shocked, including Zhang Mu and Deep Flame.


Dong Chen was so angry that his eyes widened. “Since when did those people become your nominal disciples?”

“How shameless!” Jiang Yanlan and the others were annoyed.

Yue Wuwei’s expression was indifferent. He didn’t react to it at all.

Zhang Han looked at them calmly and found it somewhat interesting. He was watching their act.

Zhu Li frowned and wanted to say something. However, considering Protector Hong’s status, she didn’t say anything.

Only Zhu Qingze seemed to be qualified to converse with Protector Hong on the spot.

He thought for a moment and said, “May I know who the disciple of Protector Hong is? I think there must be some misunderstanding.”

“I’m very clear about whether he is my disciple or not. Do I have to report the names of my disciples to you, Zhu Qingze?” Protector Hong’s face slightly darkened as waves of monstrous aura surged forward.

As soon as he said that, the uproar around them grew even louder.

“Zhu Qingze is going to argue with Protector Hong?”

“Although he is very powerful, he is still a member of the young generation. There is a large gap between his status and Protector Hong’s. How dare he question Protector Hong’s words?”

“Infighting within the Myriad Mountains Palace? I’m afraid that it will become a public joke. Zhu Qingze should retreat. He shouldn’t be interfering in this matter.”

“Look, look at that woman. She is the one whose face we saw back then, the one who pretended to be the Ninth Princess.”

“She’s really a stunner. No wonder the City Lord of Hanchuan City was that anxious to marry her.”

“It’s doomed. The City Lord of Hanchuan City won’t let her go.”

It was very noisy around.

However, the center of the field fell silent.

Zhu Qingze pondered for a long time before speaking. “Protector Hong is right, but they are the friends of my sister, the Ninth Princess. There has just been a little accident here, and it’s unnecessary to bother Protector Hong with it.”

“It’s fine. Since I am here, I won’t leave it to the younger generation to handle. What do you think?” Protector Hong said indifferently.

“Hahaha, alright. Then let’s see how Protector Hong is going to deal with it.” A cold glint flashed through Zhu Qingze’s eyes.

It seemed that he wanted to challenge Protector Hong.

“Firstly, they have just stirred up trouble. There is a rule regarding the Seven Directions Sea Eye that everyone knows very well. At this specific time, the Human Clan will not engage in internal strife. Thus, they have violated the rules and I saw it. Thus, it’s natural for me to teach them a lesson. Secondly, the person they killed was my nominal disciple. I will get more details about the situation before making a decision on this matter. Thirdly, it seems that there are people among them that have disrespected me. As such, I will tell them how to properly treat a protector in the Myriad Mountains Palace. Someone, come and take these people away.”

Protector Hong spread his hands.

These three points made the people around nod in agreement. It was true that Protector Hong should take action, but in fact, what Protector Hong valued was their world full of treasures. As for Han Chuan, what he valued was not only the treasures but also Zi Yan.

It looked as if Protector Hong and Han Chuan had already won.

There came some sighs from around.

“You are so shameless.”

Mu Xue finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She pointed at Protector Hong and said, “We didn’t kill anyone here. What nominal disciple are you talking about? What a lame excuse!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

The people around Protector Hong quickly flew over and wanted to take them down.


Zhu Qingze’s aura flowed and seemed to be on the verge of flaring up.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and wasn’t about to fight.

In his opinion, he should leave it to Yue Wuwei.


Yue Wuwei smiled faintly.

Just as Yue Wuwei was about to make a move, his expression suddenly froze.


He turned his gaze to the back of Protector Hong and the others.

“Who are those three figures?”

Yue Wuwei’s pupils shrank rapidly.

He held his breath.

At this moment, even his heartbeat stopped.


“How is this possible!”

Yue Wuwei exclaimed.

The trembling voice was sufficient to display the monstrous rage in his heart.

He was seriously shocked.

Yue Wuwei was in a daze, and his expression gradually became unsightly.


Zhang Han frowned and looked over with his sharp eyes.

When he saw the three people clearly, he was also stunned. “This…”

The expressions of Zhang Mu and others changed slightly. Although they didn’t know what was going on, they all felt that something serious might have happened.

Zi Yan and Lisa, in particular, knew very well that it must be something extraordinary since both Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei had been startled.

But Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei didn’t seem to understand what was going on until the three people approached.

“We’re here! We’re here!”

Nan Qinghai was very weird. He had a smiling face, but the words coming out of his mouth made people feel cold. “Surprised? Are you all surprised? Hehe… Die! All of you must die!”

“Nan Qinghai?”

“The three of them are here?”

“They’re not dead!”

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and the others had seen Zi Yan suppress Nan Qinghai, Grand Master Zong, and Grand Master An in the Kunlun Immortal World and throw them into the whirlpool of the Northernmost Sea with the powerful Sea Moon Fan. Once they entered the Boundless Sea, they would basically be lost, not to mention the Northernmost Sea, where there were many fierce monsters.

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