Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 455 – Sixth Master, A Boy Needs to Protect Himself When He Goes Out

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Chapter 455: Sixth Master, A Boy Needs to Protect Himself When He Goes Out

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Fu Chen definitely gladly accepted the two elders changing his bed.

There were also benefits to having a smaller single bed. When the two of them lay down, they could only lean against each other. But this bed was older than his wife, and it should have been changed long ago.

If they made any slightly big movements, it would creak and dampen their spirits.

“Dad, the bed has already been changed. You might as well spruce up the house a little more.” Fu Chen had always been someone who pushed his luck.


Old Master Fu snorted coldly. This brat is really too much. I just spent a lot of my money. What does he want now?

Old Master Fu was used to being frugal all his life. His sons and daughter would also give him living expenses. He had never used his pension, but he had bought a bed for his youngest son.

Old Madam Fu had even specially chosen the most expensive brand name one. She said that since they wanted to buy a bed, they should buy the best one. In the future, the two of them would have to sleep together when they came back, and they couldn’t keep changing it.

She doesn’t know how to save money for me at all. What a prodigal wife.

“I think our house’s soundproofing isn’t good. We can renovate it.”

Fu Chen had always known that the house’s soundproofing wasn’t good. In the past, he didn’t mind. But now, he and Song Fengwan had made their relations.h.i.+p public on a small scale. If he wanted to do something at home, his parents were next door!

How awkward.

“Your injury is almost healed, so you can go home now.” Old Master Fu snorted coldly. His meaning was: Get lost quickly.

This shameless thing says the soundproofing isn’t good?

What do you want to do at home? Since you dislike it so much, get lost quickly.

“Third Son’s injury hasn’t healed yet. Where can he go?! How can he leave?!

“Why don’t you know how to feel sorry for your son at all?

“You were too heavy-handed. Look at his back. The mark is still so obvious even now. I’m afraid it’s going to leave a scar.” Every time Old Madam Fu saw Fu Chen’s back, she couldn’t help sniffing.

“Why should a man’s skin be so good? He’ll only look like a man with a scar.”

“Why are you chasing him away? How is he going to go back like this?” The two of them usually lived alone, so Old Madam Fu naturally hoped to spend more time with her son.

“In the past, those injured people were shot and had their legs broken. Sometimes, a wooden cart dragged them away. He only suffered for a bit. Is he that precious?” They usually didn’t live together, so he was happy to see Fu Chen come here occasionally.

But once they lived together for so long, Old Master Fu really couldn’t tolerate him.

They were not of the same generation, and many of their living habits were different. There would inevitably be some areas where they were not compatible.

He was young and had a lot of problems. He ate vegetarian food by himself, but he didn’t even let Old Master Fu eat his braised pork. He insisted on saying that it was high in fat and calories.

Fu Chen got people to make him lettuce and celery all the time. He liked things with thick soy sauce. Besides, why was he chewing celery with his teeth? It was simply torture.

He was already eighty years old, and he felt that he had lived enough. He only wanted to eat good food and live happily every day, but Fu Chen insisted that he nourish his health.

This was the first time he had seen a son nourish his father’s health.

But Old Madam Fu had always listened to Fu Chen in everything, and Old Master Fu could only listen to her and let her do whatever she wanted. These days were very uncomfortable.


Fortunately, the wound on Fu Chen’s back was better, so he wouldn’t stay in the old residence all day. He would also run to the company and pile up a lot of work for people to deal with, making everyone in the company feel as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

Fu Yuxiu had been an intern here for a long time, and he had just gotten some free time a few days ago. But now, Fu Chen was suddenly going to the company again. The senior executives and managers were all extremely busy, and low-level employees like them suffered even more.

Many people would ask him privately what Third Master was like in private. Was he as scary as he was in the company?

Fu Yuxiu only replied, “Even worse.”

He instantly gained the sympathy of many people. He had lived in Third Master’s shadow since he was young. This child’s living environment was really difficult.

The most terrifying thing was that Fu Chen seemed to be in a good mood recently, which caused him to be more efficient than before. The people below had to keep up with his pace. After he went to the company for a day, there was already chaos below.

Fu Chen stayed in the company until three in the afternoon. Song Fengwan had to go to the library to review, so she could only accompany him to eat dinner. While he had free time, he specially went to the Jing residence.

At this moment, the capital was already withered and cold. Jing Hanchuan was actually wrapped in a down jacket and fis.h.i.+ng outside in the cold. He was really free.

Jing Hanchuan looked at him and sized him up. He was holding a thermos flask, wearing a long black down jacket, and had the agarwood prayer bead bracelet on his wrist, looking no different from before.

“Has your wound healed?”

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened as he sat beside him. At this moment, the winter sun had yet to set, and the sunlight felt a little warm as it landed on his body. There were tall trees beside the Jing residence, blocking the wind. Sitting here, it was warm and comfortable.

“How do you know?”

“Your complexion wasn’t right that day, and your movements were very small. You also said that you weren’t sick. Coupled with the exposure of your relations.h.i.+p with Miss Song, you were probably beaten up. Were you discovered by the Qiao family and beaten up by your old man?”

The two elders of the Fu family doted on Fu Chen a lot. They would definitely not lay their hands on him unless it was a last resort.

Fu Chen opened the thermos flask and took a sip of hot tea. “You guessed it?”

“If the Qiao family had made a move, you most likely wouldn’t be a complete human now. Even if you didn’t lose a piece of flesh, you’d lose a layer of skin. How can you appear in my house now?”

Fu Chen’s hand stiffened. Not a complete human?

Why does this sound so frightening?

“What’s the situation with your family now? Are you hiding it from your second brother’s family first?”

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows and pointed at his fis.h.i.+ng rod, indicating that a fish had taken the bait. “Anyway, my parents are my accomplices now. What’s there to worry about?”

Jing Hanchuan was speechless.

He had clearly dragged the two Fu elders in by force. His hole was really getting bigger and bigger.

“But at the very least, Wanwan and I don’t have to hide it at home. This is pretty good too. Besides…” Fu Chen chuckled. “My parents even considerately changed my bed. The old bed wasn’t big enough, so it wasn’t convenient. ”

Jing Hanchuan turned the reel of the fis.h.i.+ng pole and pulled the fis.h.i.+ng line up. He really wanted to throw the fish in his face.

He specially went to my house to show off their affection.

“Do you know that Sinian and Miss Yu are getting engaged soon and are preparing to get married at the end of the year?”

“Yes.” The two Fu elders often talked about this matter. The two of them didn’t seem to care about getting engaged and married, but the family still felt that they needed to do them properly.

The engagement could be kept simple, but the marriage definitely couldn’t be sloppy.

“You and Miss Song definitely aren’t as fast as them, so…” Jing Hanchuan paused for a moment before stabbing him. “You’ll still have to become a grandfather before you become a father.”

The Jing family members stood at the side and almost couldn’t hold back their laughter. Is it interesting to stab each other?

Jing Hanchuan picked up the fish line, only to find that he had only caught a palm-sized fish. “By the way, have you thought about how to deal with Miss Yu’s kidnapping? The He family hasn’t been doing anything recently.”

In fact, the kidnapping by the crazy fan with mental illness had nothing to do with the He family, let alone them having any contact with him.

But He s.h.i.+qing never made a move directly. She had used him as a tool and wanted to ruin Yu Manxi. She even stabbed the Fu family in the back. Her viciousness left people speechless.

“She hasn’t been hara.s.sing you recently?” Fu Chen chuckled.

When Jing Hanchuan heard this, his face darkened.

“Perhaps because Sinian caused a scene at the He residence last time, their family has been very quiet recently.

“Once winter arrives, there won’t be many days until Lunar New Year. There will be many activities in the capital, and the He family still has two young ladies who haven’t gotten married yet. They’ll most likely be very active during this period of time. There will be a charity banquet soon, and they’ll probably show up.

“He s.h.i.+qing is already twenty-four, so the He family should be busy finding in-laws for her.”

Fu Chen rubbed his thermos flask. Actually, the He family had been helping He s.h.i.+qing find a partner a few years ago.

Their family wasn’t as good as before, but they hadn’t lowered their standards for choosing a son-in-law, and they looked down on most people. But if they wanted to find someone good, most of these people definitely knew that the He family had abandoned their child and were unwilling to marry them.

They could even abandon their biological daughter, so how could they treat their in-laws much better? Naturally, they avoided this family.

Thus, up until now, He s.h.i.+qing had never been engaged. When she found out that Yu Manxi was in a relations.h.i.+p, she decided to take the initiative to get close to the Jing family.

But Jing Hanchuan wasn’t interested in her at all.

“What does it have to do with me?” No one would invite him to any banquets in the capital, and he didn’t like to attend these events either.

“Are you not planning to go out all winter?”

“It depends on the situation.”

“Hanchuan, as a boy, you have to protect yourself when you go out.”

Jing Hanchuan choked. What the h.e.l.l?!

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