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Chapter 457: Banquet

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The charity banquet was scheduled for Sat.u.r.day night. Song Fengwan thought that Fu Chen wouldn’t go, so she directly contacted Yu Manxi.

She had her own motive for attending this banquet. It was said that some people would donate their collections for auction today. Other than jewelry, there were also vases and ancient paintings. Many people’s collections had never been seen before, so she wanted to take a look.

When she arrived at the Software Garden condominium, Yu Manxi happened to be changing her clothes.

“Wanwan, help me zip it up.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan nodded. Ever since Fu Sinian moved in, there had been a lot of fireworks in the condo, and couple items were everywhere. She sized up the condo. “Are you home alone?”

“Sinian is having a meeting with his studio’s staff next door.”

The day after Yu Manxi was discharged from the hospital, the two of them had treated Fu Sinian’s colleagues and good friends to a meal. They were all men, and they had exposed a lot of Fu Sinian’s secrets, such as Fu Sinian’s blind dates…

After the group finished eating at his condo, Fu Sinian kicked them out.

Song Fengwan reached out to help her fasten the zipper. The evening gown was a fishtail design that accentuated her curvaceous figure to be even more exquisite. The gown was a backless design, revealing her smooth and beautiful back. She was extremely beautiful.

The injuries on Yu Manxi’s back had already healed. Coupled with the fact that she had been using collagen supplements and lotion, her back looked even more tender than before.

Song Fengwan really envied her figure.

She reached out to tuck her loose hair up. “I was hospitalized some time ago. I think I gained some weight.”

“You’re not fat.”

Song Fengwan saw a few bite marks on the back of her neck. Just by looking at this, she could tell how intense the two of them were usually when they were having s.e.x. Her ears were red. But the zipper really seemed difficult to fasten.

Yu Manxi took a deep breath, and Song Fengwan pulled the zipper up.

“My G.o.d, I’ve really gained a lot of weight recently.” Yu Manxi felt a little suffocated and reached out to touch her waist and abdomen.

She usually didn’t eat much. During her stay in the hospital, Dai Yunqing had cooked a lot of delicious food for her, so her appet.i.te had improved. Now, she couldn’t even control her food intake every day, and her weight was rising.

“I think you’re quite thin.”

“I must be over a hundred and ten.”

“Aren’t you usually around a hundred and ten?” Yu Manxi was taller than her, so she was very thin even though she weighed a hundred and ten pounds.

Why are some people so thin but have b.r.e.a.s.t.s and b.u.t.ts? Song Fengwan was depressed again.

“No.” Yu Manxi specially took out the electronic scale at home and weighed herself. “I’m actually fifty-four kilograms. I’ve actually gained almost ten pounds recently. No wonder the cameramen at the station keep saying that I don’t look photogenic recently.”

“Are you pregnant?” Song Fengwan picked up the cat teaser at the side and walked the kitten.

Yu Manxi was so frightened that her lips twitched. “Impossible.”

She definitely wasn’t when she was hospitalized because she had undergone a full-body examination. After she was discharged from the hospital, her frequency with Fu Sinian wasn’t high.

“You two have been living together for so long. It’s normal for something to happen.” Song Fengwan had often heard Old Madam Fu talk about wanting a great-granddaughter in the old Fu residence.

“We’ve always taken precautions. How could I be pregnant?”

Actually, the first time the two of them went home after Yu Manxi was discharged from the hospital, they had done it a total of three times that night. There was one time when they didn’t…

But how could it be so coincidental?

“If you two have a daughter, she’ll definitely be very cute.”

“I heard that your mother is also pregnant?” Yu Manxi had heard a lot about Song Fengwan’s family later. But her biological father was really unbearable. Many children were unwilling to accept their mother remarrying and getting pregnant, so she had never dared to ask.

It was because she saw that Song Fengwan had a good relations.h.i.+p with her stepfather that she asked this.

“Yes, the baby is starting to show, and we also know the due date. She should be having a C-section.” After all, Qiao Aiyun’s age was there.

“You don’t mind having a younger sibling?”

“At first, it was a little difficult to accept. I’m already so old, and I keep feeling that it’s strange to have a younger brother or sister. But now that I’m far away in the capital, the child can also accompany my mom in the future. She and Uncle Yan will get older, and when I’m far away in the future, I won’t be able to go over in time if they get sick or injured. So it’s also good to have a younger sibling.”

“Do you want a little brother or sister?”

“Sister!” Song Fengwan said firmly.

When Fu Sinian returned, he saw two unmarried women discussing having children.

“You want a child?” He looked at Yu Manxi seriously.

“Huh? I…” The topics of women’s conversations were especially random. They didn’t talk about having children because they wanted children.

“If you want one, come back tonight. We’ll work harder.”

“Wanwan is still here!” Yu Manxi was furious. What nonsense are you spouting in front of your little aunt?

Song Fengwan lowered her head and sent Fu Chen a message, telling him that she was about to leave for the hotel. She tried her best to ignore the two of them and pretended not to hear what they were saying.

“She didn’t hear it.” Fu Sinian lowered his voice. “Do you want a child?”

“We’re not married yet. How can we have a child?” Getting married and then having children was the correct step. What is this person’s brain thinking?

Fu Sinian pursed his lips tightly, seemingly thinking about something.

After the three of them got into the car, Song Fengwan was still texting Fu Chen. [I think I’m a third wheel. It’s so awkward.] She even sent an emoji of b.u.mping into a wall.

Fu Chen smiled. [Did they feed you dog food?]

[No, but these two are discussing creating a small person tonight. Sigh, I’m still a child.]

[Want to change from a girl to a woman?]

Song Fengwan’s face instantly flushed red. Shameless. What nonsense is he spouting?


When the three of them arrived at the entrance of the hotel, because there were celebrities entering the venue and reporters swarming in, the road was a little crowded.

“There are celebrities?” Song Fengwan leaned against the window. From her angle, she could only see a dense crowd and many fans holding signs.

“Yeah.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“So high-profile?” Song Fengwan thought it was just an ordinary banquet.

“You have to see who the organizer is.” Fu Sinian’s fingers tapped the steering wheel. “Linbai is in the media industry. How can he let go of any publicity opportunities?”

He naturally invited some celebrities over to better promote the banquet.

“What you’re saying seems like wherever he is…” Before Yu Manxi could finish speaking, Fu Sinian suddenly raised his hand and pointed not far away.

Song Fengwan also looked in the direction he was pointing.

Duan Linbai happened to get out of his car and walk on the red carpet.

He was wearing a white suit and s.h.i.+ny leather shoes. He was naturally good-looking, and coupled with the aura he exuded, he looked clean and refres.h.i.+ng. He greeted the reporters with a smile. The corners of his mouth curled up, and his eyebrows pressed against his eyes. He looked a little evil, but he was clearly…

Very flashy!

Because a certain someone was actually wearing a floral s.h.i.+rt in his suit.

Song Fengwan suddenly remembered the scene of him wearing a mink coat. This fellow’s aesthetics were really suffocating. He was born with a good appearance, and he looked good in everything he wore.

Not long after Duan Linbai entered the venue, Yu Manxi saw a few familiar figures, and her smile froze.

“You don’t want to meet them? Why don’t we not go?” Fu Sinian had never been interested in partic.i.p.ating in such events. It was just that Dai Yunqing had always told him that he should bring Yu Manxi out more often. It would be good for her in the future.

Song Fengwan looked at the people slowly entering the hotel. She only knew the He sisters because she had seen them at Old Master Fu’s birthday banquet. There was also an old lady. She was most likely the old madam of the He family, who hadn’t gone out for a long time.

“It’s fine.”

She had to face it eventually. Yu Manxi had never avoided anything. Since she wanted to be with Fu Sinian, she had to meet some people sooner or later.

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

When they parked the car and entered, many people exclaimed. After all, Yu Manxi was a famous host, and Song Fengwan had appeared on TV during the plagiarism incident, so many people in the country knew them.

As soon as the three of them entered the hotel, Yu Manxi heard someone call her from behind.

It was actually Ning Fan.

At this moment, in a certain car outside the hotel…

Fu Chen was rubbing his prayer beads with his head lowered. He only looked away when he saw Song Fengwan enter the hotel.

“The He family is here, and so is Ning Fan. There’s also this restless Duan Linbai. This banquet is lively tonight,” the person sitting beside him suddenly said.

“What is Linbai wearing today?”

“He looks like a flamboyant male peac.o.c.k!”

Fu Chen smiled and turned his head to look at him. “Why are you here?”

“My mom heard that someone will be auctioning the Tian-tsui headdress used by a master in the Republic of China era tonight, so she asked me to buy it for her.” Otherwise, Jing Hanchuan wouldn’t have joined in the fun. “Why are you here?”

“Guard my wife!” Fu Chen said firmly.

After everyone entered the venue, the two of them quietly entered the hotel through the side door without alerting anyone.

The hotel was already full of singing and dancing, and there was a beautiful fountain of champagne.. When the He family saw Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian appear together, Song Fengwan could feel the tension in the air.

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