Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 461 – Third Master Fu Looks Kind on the Outside but Ruthless on the Inside

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Chapter 461: Third Master Fu Looks Kind on the Outside but Ruthless on the Inside

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When Old Madam He’s slap landed, He Xi was dumbfounded.

Song Fengwan turned her head to look at Yu Manxi beside her. She had her head lowered the whole time and didn’t say a word.

“Grandma…” He Xi was even angrier after being hit by two people today. She stomped her feet and whined.

Just as everyone was thinking that this old madam didn’t seem to be that muddled, she said bluntly, “She’s your sister. Even if she did something wrong in the past, it’s not your place to criticize her!”

Song Fengwan was stunned.

This old lady…

How vicious!

What a formidable mouth.

She had diverted everyone’s focus and even successfully slandered Yu Manxi! She directly convicted her.

Even Jing Hanchuan and Fu Chen looked at each other. They didn’t expect Old Madam He to react so quickly at her age. The older, the wiser.

“When did you take this video? You even threatened others to make it public. Are you trying to ruin your sister?

“Who hasn’t done something wrong when they were a child?!”

Old Madam He’s tongue was sharp. Within a few words, she s.h.i.+fted the focus of the conflict to Yu Manxi.

“She was beaten up for stealing and chased out again, right?”

“Did she really steal something? This behavior is really not good. But she was still young back then.”

“A person’s life is set at three years old. Her character issues are really serious.”

The discussions gradually increased.

Old Madam He had already weighed the pros and cons in her heart. After this incident, it would be difficult to acknowledge Yu Manxi again. If she didn’t sacrifice her, the entire He family would be utterly embarra.s.sed, so…

She could only press Yu Manxi to the ground and step on her!

“She’s her biological grandmother? She’s so ruthless!” Jing Hanchuan shook his head helplessly.

“If she doesn’t sacrifice her, the He family will be the one embarra.s.sed tonight. Besides…” Fu Chen smiled mockingly. “If her reputation is ruined and Sinian doesn’t marry her, she won’t have any value. It’ll be even easier to get rid of her. ”

Jing Hanchuan had also seen through this. “That’s why I said she’s ruthless!”

“Otherwise, how could she abandon her grandchild for more than ten years back then without asking about her life and death?”

With a few words, Old Madam He had changed the denouncement of the He family’s disciplining methods being too cruel to Yu Manxi’s misconduct.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go apologize to your sister!” Old Madam He dragged He Xi to Yu Manxi.

Yu Manxi’s seat was in the first row, very close to the auction stage.

“Kneel down and apologize to your sister!” Old Madam He shouted angrily.

“Grandma, it’s a fact that she stole something. And she even hit me just now and wanted to kill me!” He Xi covered her face and felt extremely wronged.

“What did you say?” Old Madam He narrowed her eyes.

“She really hit me. Besides, not only is she with Fu Sinian, but she’s also entangled with Ning Fan. She’s two-timing!”

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Old Madam He was so angry that her face turned red.

Ning Fan was dumbfounded.


Why do I have to be dragged out and flogged every time something happens to Yu Manxi?!

“I’m telling the truth!”

“Apologize to her first!” Old Madam He’s att.i.tude was firm. “Exposing her in public, do you want to ruin your sister?”

“It’s a fact that she stole something! Back then, it was found in her room, and she lied about it. Why should I apologize?!” He Xi refused to admit her mistake.

“…” Old Madam He was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to hit her.

Yu Manxi, who had remained silent the whole time, stood up and applauded the two of them.

Old Madam He’s fingers trembled. “Child, what are you doing? Don’t worry. I’ll definitely get Little Xi to give you an explanation.”

“Old Madam He, your acting is pretty good.”

“What are you talking about…” Old Madam He’s smile was a little stiff.

“That thing was indeed found in my room back then, but I never admitted it from beginning to end. I asked you to call the police, but you didn’t. You only knew how to hit me. Now, your words…

“You’re saying I’m a thief?

“Your He family became the police officer and the judge, and you convicted me just like that? Have I admitted to it?”

Yu Manxi originally thought that she would be furious when the past was brought up again, but her heart was surprisingly calm.

“The thing was found in your room. You’re still denying it?” He Xi didn’t relent. “You’re a thief!”

“Anyone could enter my room without my permission. After I came to the He residence, I had no privacy at all! Didn’t you often come to my room and yell at me while I’m sleeping?!

“Even male servants could enter my bedroom. What do you take me for?

“Wasn’t my bedroom the public area of the He residence? You said that it was my personal s.p.a.ce after losing something? Your He family is so shameless!”

In the past, Yu Manxi was young, timid, and inarticulate. She didn’t even know how to speak Mandarin and only knew a dialect. She couldn’t defend herself against them at all.

Donkeys didn’t talk to horses. They couldn’t communicate.

Yu Manxi’s words shocked Song Fengwan. If she had stayed in such a place, she probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep well.

“Nonsense! You’re spouting nonsense!” In Old Madam He’s impression, she had always been that cowardly and timid person. This was the first time she had contradicted her like this.

She was so bright and glamorous and had such a strong aura. She didn’t give her any face at all.

“I dare to swear. Do you dare?

“When I left the He family, I said that if I stole something, even if I went overseas, I would die on the streets! I wouldn’t have a good ending!

“Old Madam He, I know you don’t like me because I caused your son to lose his job and the entire He family to be roasted over a fire.

“Since no one liked me, why did you pretend to take me back?

“You told everyone that the eldest daughter of the He family died at childbirth. Couldn’t you have just treated me as dead? Why did you have to bring me back?!”

After Yu Manxi reprimanded her, Old Madam He was so angry that her heart trembled. She raised her hand and was about to hit her.

“How presumptuous! I’m your grandmother! How can you talk to me like that?!”

Song Fengwan jumped up nervously. But before the slap landed, Fu Sinian pulled Yu Manxi away. Old Madam He was old, so her movements were slow and clumsy. Fu Sinian grabbed her wrist, and she couldn’t break free.

“Fu Sinian!” Old Madam He exploded in anger.

“When the He family kicked her out back then, they didn’t acknowledge her as their child, so how could she have any grandmother? Don’t you find it ridiculous to put on airs like this now?” Fu Sinian suddenly flung her hand away.

Old Madam He staggered. If He s.h.i.+qing hadn’t run over in time to support her, she would have fallen to the floor.

“You…” Old Madam He had never been so embarra.s.sed in her life. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling. “Okay, your Fu family is really good. Are you going to fight with an old woman like me?

“You angered my husband to death back then, and now you want to kill me?

“Your Fu family’s upbringing is really not commendable!”

Before Fu Sinian could speak, he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“Old Madam He, your words are improper!”

When everyone looked over, they saw Fu Chen walking over.

He was wearing a black suit today, and there was a jade prayer bead bracelet with a thin ta.s.sel hanging on his wrist, making him look quite recognizable.

“Third Master is here?”

“When did he come? Why didn’t anyone notice?”

Song Fengwan was also furious, but she was in no position to help. Seeing Fu Chen coming over, she felt slightly relieved.

“Fu Chen?” Old Madam He narrowed her eyes. This fellow was notorious for being scheming and ruthless. He looked kind on the outside but was ruthless on the inside. He wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

“Sinian is my nephew, and she is my future niece-in-law. When something happens to juniors, as their elder, I should stand up for them and say a few words.

“… Lest others say that our Fu family’s upbringing is poor and that we let our juniors bully you, an old woman!”

Fu Chen’s every word was harsh.

The soft knife slowly dug into Old Madam He’s heart, and the atmosphere suddenly became cold and solemn.

Old Madam He didn’t know that Fu Chen was here. Fu Sinian had grabbed her wrist and flung her away just now. At this moment, her wrist still hurt slightly.

“What do you want to say?” She was already old, so she was naturally used to seeing storms. At this moment, she was still calm.

“You made it sound as though our family owes your family a life. Neither of us were present for the details of what happened back then. Old Master He didn’t argue with my father and died on the spot.

“Questioning our Fu family’s upbringing is equivalent to indirectly saying that my father and we descendants are arrogant and willful!

“In this world, no one has ever said that our Fu family is ill-bred. But you… have never been qualified to be mentioned in the same breath as my father, let alone comment on our Fu family’s conduct.”

Old Madam He’s face instantly turned ashen.

Fu Chen’s words were very tactful.

Unless you’ve sat in Old Master Fu’s position, you are not qualified to judge the Fu family.

There was a sharp needle hidden in cotton.

Duan Linbai, standing on the stage, almost applauded and cheered him on.

Old Madam He didn’t run into anyone so harsh earlier. She should have been criticized like this long ago.

Fu Chen cleared his throat.

“From beginning to end, you have never acknowledged Yu Manxi as a member of the He family. Why are you putting on airs as a grandparent now?

“If you really bring her back one day and publicly announce it, I might admire you a little. Although you’re my elder and should be respected, today…

“No one can bully my family in front of me!”

Everyone had only heard that Third Master Fu looked kind on the outside but was ruthless on the inside. Today, they finally saw how unreasonable he was.

“Fu Chen…” Old Madam He didn’t expect Fu Chen to dare to do this.

How arrogant.

“Whether she stole anything or not is inconclusive. But your He family abused a child, so you should be suspected of committing a crime.” Fu Chen took his time…

… and brought the matter from one of morality to legality.

Old Madam He couldn’t maintain her expression, and her entire body became tense.

“He Xi spread a child abuse video in public, entered the backstage without permission, and threatened others. These are all facts, and the evidence is very clear.

“You even dragged her here to apologize. Are you sincerely repenting, or is this moral kidnapping?

“Do you really think everyone is a fool?”

It was the first time He Xi had come into direct contact with Fu Chen, and she was already frightened and hid at the side.

She just wanted to release the video to ruin Yu Manxi. Who knew that even Third Master Fu would explode?

“Old Madam He, you refused to let go of the inconclusive matter and instead blurred out the most important facts. Back then, you sent her overseas to fend for herself. Now, you’re preparing to sacrifice her to protect the He family’s reputation.

“For the He family, you really…

“… have good intentions!”

He exposed her hidden motive!

Old Madam He only felt dizzy, and she suddenly overlapped his image with Old Master Fu’s youthful image.

This father and son were both devils who came specially to suppress the He family.

When Old Madam Fu thought of her deceased husband, she only felt a dull pain in her chest. Even her breathing became rapid and difficult…

Duan Linbai was speechless. Who asked this old lady to be so ruthless? She wanted to force her own granddaughter to a dead end. Where did this fellow Fu Chen come from? I don’t remember inviting him.

Old Madam He should have left, but her body didn’t allow her to, so she could only return to her seat. He s.h.i.+qing went to pour some water and took out some medicine for her to calm down.

Her gaze met Fu Chen’s for a moment. Third Master Fu is so arrogant and unreasonable!

He didn’t show any mercy at all. He was simply pressing her family to the ground and rubbing them against it!

Duan Linbai coughed twice. “Then, let’s continue with the auction…”

The matter between these two families couldn’t be resolved in such a short time. He couldn’t leave a group of people hanging.

At this moment, Fu Chen naturally sat beside Fu Sinian.

“Third Uncle, you didn’t have to intervene in this matter.” Fu Sinian frowned.

“I can’t stand seeing some people taking advantage of their age. You’re not good at dealing with these things either. I am your uncle, so it’s only right for me to help. Besides, I am responsible if people say that you don’t have good manners.”

Fu Sinian pursed his lips tightly. Fu Chen was blatantly taking advantage of him now. After a few seconds, he gritted his teeth and thanked him.

Fu Chen smiled and didn’t say anything. His phone in his pocket vibrated. It was all messages from Song Fengwan.

[You were so handsome just now! That old lady is really too much and too vicious.]

[What should I do? I love you so much.]

[My Third Brother is indeed the best.]

Song Fengwan almost praised him to the heavens. Fu Chen instantly felt delighted.

But next, just after Fu Sinian thanked him, he stuffed a mouthful of dog food into his mouth.

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