Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 463 – Wanwan Rebukes Angrily: Ill-mannered, You Deserve a Slap in the Face

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Chapter 463: Wanwan Rebukes Angrily: Ill-mannered, You Deserve a Slap in the Face

Jing Hanchuan won the auction for the Tian-tsui headdress but didn’t personally pay for it. He had already left quietly from the back door. His car had already driven into the main road when he found out that Fu Sinian’s proposal had succeeded.

“Sixth Master, Young Master Fu should be the first to get married, right?” The person in the front pa.s.senger seat smiled.

These people had been friends with Jing Hanchuan since they were children and had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Jing family.

“Yeah.” Jing Hanchuan nodded. He was only glad that he had left early. Otherwise, they would show off their affection to his face. Fu Chen was still sitting beside the two of them. Compared to him still hiding his relations.h.i.+p…

Fu Sinian proposing in public was a critical blow to him.

Fu Chen was already feeling depressed, and then he even received a message from Jing Hanchuan.

[How are you?]

Fu Chen gritted his teeth. [At least I have a girlfriend. You only have a few ponds of fish.]

The two of them never stopped attacking each other.

There was another person present who was very depressed. It was Ning Fan, sitting in the back row.

Initially, he was quite happy that the two of them became engaged. Although he wasn’t familiar with Fu Sinian, he knew that he was a person with a strong sense of responsibility. The Fu family also had a strong sense of protection for their family and friends, so Yu Manxi’s future wouldn’t be bad.

But when he got up to applause, he heard some discordant voices around him…

“Isn’t Young Master Ning Miss Yu’s ex-boyfriend? Why is he so happy? Is he stupid from being stimulated too hard?”

“Who knows? Maybe he’s forcing himself to smile.”

“How pitiful. I think he still likes Miss Yu a lot.”

Ning Fan wanted to kneel down and hit the ground. What are these people thinking? I’m clearly smiling from the bottom of my heart. Why did it become a forced smile?

Why is it that when the two of them show off their affection, I have to be dragged out and flogged?!

It would have been fine if he had really had a relations.h.i.+p with Yu Manxi, but he hadn’t. He was simply being shot while lying down.

After the auction ended, Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi kept holding hands and never let go. He didn’t talk much, and he rarely smiled. Today, everyone could feel that Fu Sinian had become approachable.

Everyone was busy congratulating them, making the He family feel very embarra.s.sed.

Everyone had just found out about Yu Manxi’s life experience and couldn’t help sighing. After all, she had been abandoned first and then kicked out later. They didn’t expect Fu Sinian to throw a bomb at everyone and propose in public!

Marriage was between them, and no one present could gain anything from it. Other than congratulating them, there was only gossip.

“The He family is really embarra.s.sed tonight.”

“It’s mainly because her ident.i.ty has just been exposed. Fu Sinian did this to tell everyone that Yu Manxi is very good, that the He family is blind and doesn’t know what’s good.”

“This is even more embarra.s.sing than slapping their faces in public.”

The He family was indeed depressed at this moment. He Xi was too ashamed to face anyone, and she wished she could leave early, but Old Madam He didn’t allow it.

“Grandma, let’s go!”

“Where are you going? Come with me later to apologize. Didn’t you hear? Fu Chen just said that he wants to take the legal route.”

“But…” He Xi bit her cheek. They clearly want to sue you for abusing Yu Manxi. What does it have to do with me?

“Where’s your sister?” Old Madam He took her antihypertensive medicine and sat down to calm herself down for a long time before her breathing evened out.

“Cousin was still here just now. She might have gone to the restroom.” The He family had two daughters. When they first came in, many people came to flatter them.

At this moment, they seemed to have become the target of public criticism. Everyone who saw them took a detour. It was as if they would be contaminated with some kind of stench if they were closer.

He s.h.i.+qing had always wanted that Tian-tsui headdress, but someone else had bought it. She thought that since Fu Chen was here, the person who might have taken the headdress was Jing Hanchuan himself. He might be in the hotel, so she was anxious to confirm it.

The backstage was full of people handing in checks or paying with cards, preparing to receive things.

“Excuse me. May I ask who bought the Tian-tsui headdress?”

When the staff saw that it was the He family, they immediately became vigilant. This made He s.h.i.+qing feel a little embarra.s.sed. He Xi, this fool, had also embarra.s.sed her.

“Miss He, it’s not convenient for us to disclose this.”

“I just like it too much. I want to see the headdress. I won’t do anything.” He s.h.i.+qing was not arrogant and willful like He Xi. Coupled with her sincere att.i.tude, a male staff member checked the record.

“The person who bought it…”

“Who?” He s.h.i.+qing looked nervous.

“w.a.n.g Erma!”

“Huh?” He s.h.i.+qing was dumbfounded. Someone even has a name like that?

“This is the registered information.”

He s.h.i.+qing knew that they wouldn’t reveal too much information, so she could only thank them and leave.

w.a.n.g Erma? What kind of name is that? Is that someone’s name?

Perhaps it’s an alias. At this moment, she was almost certain that Jing Hanchuan had been here earlier. But where was he? As she walked and pondered, she saw Fu Sinian and Fu Chen.

Fu Sinian was holding a box of quit smoking candies in his hand and was crunching on one. Fu Chen, leaning against the wall, tilted his head to say something to him. The Buddhist prayer bead bracelet in his hand was glossy and warm.

One was calm and reserved, while the other was ascetic and gentle. These two completely different people were standing together but complemented each other…

This was the only way He s.h.i.+qing would be able to return to the hall, so she could only brace herself and greet the two of them.

“Mr. Fu, congratulations to you and Big Sister.” He s.h.i.+qing smiled elegantly, acting like a proper young lady from start to end.

After the two of them spoke, she left resentfully.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes at her back. “She’s the biggest winner in this matter, right? He Xi is abolished, and my niece-in-law can’t go back. The entire He family is hers.”

Fu Sinian didn’t say anything. He had never been interested in these things.

Actually, the two of them had come here to collect the auction item, and s.h.i.+ Fang had gone in to settle the paperwork. The news had spread quickly. His and Fu Chen’s phones were about to explode from the calls from their families, and it wasn’t suitable for them to answer calls in the lobby, so the two of them had come here.

After answering a call, he originally wanted to come out for a smoke. But as soon as he took out the cigarette, he endured it.

Yu Manxi didn’t like him smoking, and he was gradually quitting smoking. It was just that he usually smoked a few cigarettes at work and while socializing. Quitting always required the process.

“Didn’t you want to smoke just now? Why didn’t you?” Fu Chen tilted his head and looked at him.

“She doesn’t like it. Besides… if we’re planning to have children, I’ll have to quit smoking and drinking.”

Fu Chen tightened his grip on the prayer beads in his hand. “Your proposal was quite sudden. You didn’t reveal anything?”

“I’ve always wanted to propose, but I couldn’t find the right opportunity. Before we went out today, we talked about having children. She said that getting married and having children were the correct steps. I thought at the time…

“Tonight then!”

Fu Sinian’s proposal wasn’t because of the He family or a sudden impulse. He had already planned it when he went out.

“Besides, you’re here tonight. Tonight is one of the most important days of my life. It’s good for it to be witnessed by my elders.”

Most of the Fu family members were devious. Fu Sinian hadn’t forgotten that Fu Chen had tricked him before and even showed off his affection at the dining table.

This was not a critical hit at all. It was simply stabbing him in the heart with a knife.

Fu Chen was even more depressed. I’m here to protect my wife, not to witness your happy moment.

“Eldest Young Master, Third Master, the procedures are done. This is the jade pendant.” s.h.i.+ Fang ran over and handed him a box and a bunch of donation and charity receipts.

“Thank you.” Fu Sinian reached out to take them.


At this moment, in the hall…

Duan Linbai was dealing with the guests. Song Fengwan had been with Yu Manxi the whole time, dealing with the guests who came to congratulate them. Yu Manxi was constantly smiling until she saw the He family coming…

After all, this was a public place. Yu Manxi couldn’t avoid it even if she wanted to. These three people were clearly here for her.

“Manman…” Old Madam He had already changed her expression and was smiling kindly at her.

Old Madam He wasn’t tall. Because she was old, her back was slightly hunched, and she was a little fat. When she smiled, her eyes narrowed. If Song Fengwan hadn’t seen the entire process of her slapping Yu Manxi in the video, she might have really felt that this old madam in front of her was really charitable.


“Big Sister, congratulations.” He s.h.i.+qing supported Old Madam He. From beginning to end, she had never been reprimanded by anyone. She was the only one in the video who had helped plead for leniency, and she wasn’t involved at all in what had happened tonight.

Song Fengwan knew how capable this Miss He was. Seeing her with a smile on her face, she felt scared.

“Thank you.” Yu Manxi pursed her lips tightly and didn’t give them any other expression.

“Is it convenient for you now? We would like to talk to you alone…” Old Madam He completely put down her old face and spoke humbly and fawningly.

With the He family’s current strength, they couldn’t afford to offend the Fu family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been suppressed so severely by Fu Chen.

“If you have something to say, just say it here.”

“It might be a little inconvenient. Just let us say a few words. It’ll be quick,” Old Madam He pleaded again.

“Since it’s quick, then you can say it here.” Yu Manxi’s att.i.tude was firm.

She didn’t like this family to begin with, so she naturally couldn’t be alone with them.

“Yu Manxi, Grandma is already begging you like this. Don’t go overboard!” He Xi was furious. Her gaze landed on her fingers holding the wine gla.s.s. The diamond ring was dazzling and pierced her eyes.

“He Xi!” Old Madam He glared at her angrily.

Duan Linbai was standing not far away. Seeing the two parties meet, he looked around. Where did Sinian go?

“You want to bring He Xi to apologize to me, right? This isn’t anything shameful. The video was publicly played. Since it’s an apology, I need it to be public.”

“Yu Manxi!” He Xi was impatient. She had already been slapped by her previously. Now that she saw her being so unreasonable, she was naturally even angrier.

“He Xi, you’re the one begging me now. Please correct your att.i.tude. If you’re not sincere in apologizing, I don’t think this conversation needs to continue.”

Yu Manxi pulled Song Fengwan to leave. “Wanwan, let’s go.”

“Manman—” Old Madam He pulled her back. She knew very well that if she let her go this time, it would probably be even harder to contact her in private.

Yu Manxi’s body instinctively blocked her. She knocked the wine gla.s.s in her hand, and the wine in the gla.s.s landed on Old Madam Fu’s clothes…

This was the first time that Old Madam He had been splashed with alcohol in public. Although she had done it unintentionally…

It made her angry, but she found it difficult to speak.

Yu Manxi didn’t expect the alcohol to spill and land on her.

“You splashed my grandmother? Yu Manxi, you’re crazy!” Old Madam He had raised He Xi single-handedly. Yu Manxi’s behavior of spilling the alcohol was clearly humiliating them. “We came to apologize to you, but you didn’t accept it and even humiliated us!”

Like a lunatic, He Xi raised her hand and pushed Yu Manxi away.

Yu Manxi was still thinking about whether she should apologize to Old Madam He. She didn’t expect He Xi to dare to take action in public.

She twisted her ankle and fell backward, hitting Song Fengwan. Both of them staggered and almost fell at the same time.

“Big Sister Yu?” Song Fengwan reached out to support her. “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Manxi’s ankle hurt terribly. “How are you? I didn’t hit you anywhere, did I?”

Song Fengwan’s foot was stepped on by Yu Manxi, but she could only suppress the pain and shake her head.

“F*ck!” Duan Linbai hurriedly ran over when he saw He Xi publicly making a move.

He Xi was also anxious. Thinking about Yu Manxi’s previous threats, she went all out and actually rushed over to knock her away…

“He Xi!” Old Madam He was furious. What else does this stupid thing want to do?

“Grandma, be careful!” He s.h.i.+qing grabbed Old Madam He, who was about to mediate. When Yu Manxi was knocked over just now, her wine gla.s.s had fallen to the floor, and the floor was full of gla.s.s shards.

At this moment, Yu Manxi’s foot hurt terribly. The pain came from her ankle, and she couldn’t stand on her foot for a while. Her shoulder was pushed again, and she was so angry that her face turned green.

“Yu Manxi, you bullied me and even wanted to bully my grandmother. You ill-bred wild girl!”

Yu Manxi found it funny. But before she could do anything, Song Fengwan, who had been silent, exploded.

She raised his hand and pressed down on He Xi’s shoulder. He Xi had always wanted to please Song Fengwan, so she forgot to move for a moment. In the end, Song Fengwan suddenly exerted force and pushed her away from Yu Manxi…

The force was very strong. He Xi was caught off guard and fell to the floor.

“Your He family gave birth to her without raising her, but they raised you. Your He family is the least qualified to talk about manners!”

When He Xi was pushed down, there were sneers around her. She was furious. She got up and rushed toward Song Fengwan…

Yu Manxi was afraid that Song Fengwan would suffer. She endured the pain in her foot and wanted to s.h.i.+eld her behind her. But Song Fengwan moved faster than her. When He Xi rushed over…

She raised her arm and slapped her hard!

“Your He family also questioned the Fu family’s upbringing. I think your family is the most ill-mannered. Is this a place for you to behave atrociously?”

Duan Linbai had already rushed over. Little Sister-in-Law, your slap…

It felt so f*cking good!

This kind of insufferable woman deserves a beating!

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