Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 464 – Get Out, Noisily Fainting and Pregnant, Mishap

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Chapter 464: Get Out, Noisily Fainting and Pregnant, Mishap

Everyone present had only seen Song Fengwan slap someone on TV before. Seeing her do it on the spot was their first time, and they were all shocked.

He Xi’s face had already been slapped by a third person tonight. And it was a little girl younger than her!

She was furious, and her face flushed red.

Old Madam He was so angry that she pounded her chest and stomped her feet. How could this stupid thing dare to hit someone? She deserved to be slapped by Song Fengwan.

“What responsibility did your He family bear for her? Now, you’re saying that she’s ill-bred?

“First, you publicized a video to try and embarra.s.s Big Sister Yu. Now, after a disagreement, you blatantly tried to commit murder. Everyone witnessed the entire process.

“Miss He, are you here to apologize sincerely? I think you’re here to murder someone!”

Song Fengwan wouldn’t be polite to her. He Xi’s face turned green from fright at the mention of murder.

Attempted murder?

He Xi was instantly dumbfounded. I just pushed Yu Manxi lightly. Does it have to be so serious?!

Duan Linbai stood at the side and tried his best to hold back his laughter. Little Sister-in-Law, you’re really impressive. He Xi and the He family are so frightened that their faces are green.

“I just… I’m not…” He Xi didn’t know how to explain. “I didn’t want to murder her. She’s fine!”

“Big Sister Yu is fine because she’s lucky, not that you showed mercy!”

Song Fengwan’s words shut her up again.

Duan Linbai was speechless. She’s quite sharp.

Little Sister-in-Law should join a debate team or something. Why is she studying art design?

“She was disrespectful to my grandmother first, so I couldn’t help taking action…” He Xi reached out to touch her face. Her face had been beaten badly tonight, and just touching it hurt like h.e.l.l.

She had seen Song Fengwan hit someone on TV before. At the time, she had felt quite good watching it. Now that it was her turn to be bullied, she finally understood the fear of being dominated by Song Fengwan.

She didn’t give anyone face at all.

Every word pierced her heart.

“Did she do it on purpose? It was just an instinctive reaction when a normal person was pulled.” Song Fengwan’s tone was unhurried. “Who can still remain calm after being touched for no reason?

“But you hit someone so hard. You say you want to stand up for your grandmother…

“But you still wanted to vent your anger and deliberately embarra.s.s her!”

“Song Fengwan, I have no grievances with you. Do you need to help her bully me like this?” He Xi was so angry that her body was trembling. She was a few years older than Song Fengwan, but she wasn’t as eloquent as her. She didn’t know what to say for a moment.

She usually bullied others, so she naturally had never encountered someone with such a sharp tongue.

“Didn’t we have a good chat before?

“I even thought we were friends.”

Song Fengwan snickered.

“Miss He, wasn’t it to please me for my cousin?”

He Xi was embarra.s.sed, and there was a burst of mocking laughter around her.

She had even thought that she had done it flawlessly to get close to Song Fengwan. After all, she was only eighteen and young. She didn’t expect her to see through it.

I even tried to please her in every way possible. Wasn’t she deliberately treating me as a fool?

The people around them were discussing spiritedly. Be friends with her? So she was targeting her brother. Being exposed in public like this would only embarra.s.s her.

Only then did Yu Manxi know why He Xi cared so much about Song Fengwan’s impression of her. It turned out she was after Qiao Xiyan.

He Xi was so angry that her body was trembling. Just as she was about to explain, Old Madam He stopped her. “Stop talking. Hurry up and apologize to them.”

Old Madam He lowered her voice to reprimand her harshly.

“Grandma—” He Xi stomped her feet in anger.

“There’s no need to apologize. We can’t accept your He family’s apology.” Fu Sinian had returned at some point and reached out to support Yu Manxi. “How are you? Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.” Yu Manxi was covered in cold sweat, and the pain in her ankle was excruciating.

“She even said that she wanted to have a private chat with Big Sister Yu. She dared to attack her in front of so many people. If they were really in private, she would have probably been even more arrogant and presumptuous. She could eat people.”

Song Fengwan chuckled and slowly added fuel to the fire.

“They came here to apologize, but they hurt Big Sister Yu.

“If you continue to apologize, I’m afraid you’ll take her life.”

“Miss Song.” Old Madam He’s face was red with anger.

Fu Sinian’s expression was already ugly, yet she kept adding fuel to the fire. At the thought that she was Old Master Qiao’s granddaughter, she instantly felt her entire life turn gloomy. Did our He family owe these two families in our past lives? It’s them every time!

“If I said anything wrong, I welcome you to correct me.” Song Fengwan smiled at her innocently.

There were so many people around when the incident happened, so Song Fengwan couldn’t slander them for no reason.

Old Madam He was so angry that her chest heaved up and down.

“Manman—” She changed the topic and decided to start with Yu Manxi.

“Linbai, I think if some people continue to stay here, my wife’s safety will be threatened,” Fu Sinian said bluntly.

Wife? A certain someone readily changed the way he called someone. Yu Manxi’s face instantly flushed red. The two of them had never used such t.i.tles in private. How embarra.s.sing.

“Old Madam He, please!” Duan Linbai was the organizer of the banquet, so he naturally had the right to get her to leave.

“Young Master Duan…” He s.h.i.+qing didn’t expect He Xi to be so brainless.

“If you don’t leave, I can only use force. It might be a little b.l.o.o.d.y then!” Duan Linbai said bluntly.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Old Madam He had lost all her face today. These juniors were really impressive now. They even dared to press her to the ground and step on her.

“Grandma…” He Xi couldn’t take this lying down, but Old Madam He still forcefully took her away.

“Big Sister, Miss Song, I’m really sorry. I’ll bring Little Xi to apologize another day.” He s.h.i.+qing always appeared dignified and respectful.

Before Yu Manxi could speak, she had already trotted away to catch up with the other two.

“That’s it?” Duan Linbai felt that this show wasn’t enough.

Fu Sinian smiled without saying anything. His gaze landed on Yu Manxi’s slightly red and swollen ankle. His deep eyes narrowed as he picked her up horizontally. “Linbai, where’s the lounge?”

“Over there!” Duan Linbai pointed in a direction.

“Sinian…” There were people all around, and everyone was looking at her. Yu Manxi buried her head into his embrace in embarra.s.sment.

Fu Sinian ignored her and carried her straight to the lounge.

When Song Fengwan chased after her, her foot stumbled, and she almost fell. A pair of hands reached out from behind her and held her arms…

“Slow down.” Fu Chen’s voice was low, clear, and pleasant.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan coughed twice.

Fu Chen saw the scene of Fu Sinian carrying Yu Manxi and striding away. He compared it to his current situation, and he was even more depressed. He wished he could run away with Song Fengwan in his arms right now.

Duan Linbai looked at this pair of actors pretending to be polite and distant, and he almost burst out laughing.

“Let’s go and see them.” Duan Linbai coughed twice.

Looking at Fu Chen’s aggrieved expression, Duan Linbai suddenly felt the annoyance he felt from being attacked by Old Master Fu a few days ago instantly disappear.

He’s already so aggrieved in his relations.h.i.+p, yet he still shows off their affection to me?

Fu Sinian is the one showing off their affection. What the h.e.l.l are you doing?!

Show off again!

Duan Linbai almost laughed out loud in public. After the three of them turned into the corridor, Fu Chen kicked him. Duan Linbai was furious. “Why’d you kick me?”

“I accidentally raised my foot.”

Duan Linbai was furious. Are your legs cramping? If you’re not careful, you raise your foot to my a.s.s?

When the three of them arrived at the lounge, Fu Sinian happened to be going out. He said that he was going out to find an ice pack to put on Yu Manxi’s ankle.

“Do you want to see a doctor?” Song Fengwan asked.

“I’ve checked. It’s a minor sprain. Put it on ice, and it’ll heal after a few days of rest,” Fu Sinian explained.

“You checked?” Song Fengwan was stunned. So casually and so quickly?

“He was an athlete before, so he’s very good at handling this. Since he’s said it’s nothing serious, it should be fine,” Duan Linbai said.

After Fu Sinian returned, he placed Yu Manxi’s foot on his lap and helped her ice her ankle. During this period, he even called a lawyer to ask how to deal with illegal video dissemination. He also consulted some established standards for intentional injury.

He even asked his lawyer to come and collect evidence.

Song Fengwan originally thought that letting the He family leave like this would be letting them off too lightly.

Unexpectedly, Fu Sinian wasn’t easy to deal with either.

“Sinian, do you want to send He Xi in?” Duan Linbai chuckled.

“Shouldn’t you pay the price for doing something wrong?” Fu Sinian asked.

The few of them stayed in the lounge for a while until Duan Linbai’s a.s.sistant knocked on the door. “Little Boss, the banquet is almost over. Do you want to go out?”

“Okay.” Duan Linbai got up and tidied his clothes. “I’m going out to send the guests off. Are you leaving now? Or are we going to have a small get-together later?”

“I’m taking her home,” Fu Sinian said bluntly. Yu Manxi had sprained her ankle. It wasn’t serious, but she had to rest well. Besides, a lot had happened tonight, so she probably wasn’t in the mood to go out again.

“I’m sending Wanwan back to the school later,” Fu Chen said.

Duan Linbai was speechless. So, I’m the only one left again?

“My foot doesn’t seem to hurt anymore. Let’s go. Young Master Duan, I’m very sorry about today.” Yu Manxi stood up.

“It’s alright. It’s not your fault in the first place.” Duan Linbai felt a little guilty. After all, he could have stopped this matter from the start. But he didn’t know that this so-called hitting video would be like that.

As soon as Yu Manxi stood up, she felt dizzy. Everything in front of her seemed to be swaying. Her body swayed, and she lost consciousness and fell forward…

Fu Sinian’s pupils constricted slightly as he supported her body. “Yu Manxi?”

“F*ck, what happened?” Duan Linbai was dumbfounded. Why did she f*cking faint all of a sudden? Wasn’t she fine just now?

“Is Big Sister Yu pregnant? Did she suffer too much stimulation tonight?” Song Fengwan asked tentatively.

At Yu Manxi’s home, when the two of them discussed childbirth, Song Fengwan felt that she might be pregnant.

The entire lounge instantly fell silent. Only Fu Sinian reacted and rushed out with Yu Manxi in his arms.

“F*ck, preg… preg…” Duan Linbai subconsciously touched his stomach.

“Little Boss…” The a.s.sistant coughed twice. Even if she’s pregnant, why are you touching your stomach? You only have a few lumps of fat on it at most.

“What are you waiting for?! Let’s go!” Duan Linbai rushed out. “Fu Sinian, go through the back door!” There were too many reporters in front. They might hear the commotion and follow them to the hospital.


After Fu Sinian got into the car, Qian Jiang followed closely behind while s.h.i.+ Fang drove Fu Chen and the others to follow them.

“Little Sister-in-Law, how can you tell she’s pregnant?” Duan Linbai was curious.

“Didn’t she say that she’s gained weight recently? When my mom was pregnant, she also gained a lot of weight,” Song Fengwan explained, feeling extremely excited.

Fu Chen was sitting beside her without saying a word. Proposing and pregnant?

It was two bombs in one night. He felt aggrieved.

He turned his head to look at his little wife. Someone else is pregnant. Why is she so excited?

“Even if she’s pregnant, why are you so happy?”

“I’m happy!” Song Fengwan smiled.

“You’re going to be a grandmother. Are you still happy?”

A bucket of cold water was poured over her head. Song Fengwan was completely dumbfounded, and her heart turned cold.

Sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat, Duan Linbai was cramping up with laughter.

Fu Chen, you’re f*cking impressive. You even dare to affront your wife. Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to coax her well and that you’ll have to woo her all over again?

Sure enough, Song Fengwan leaned against the side, unwilling to say another word with Fu Chen.

Fu Chen coughed twice and reached out to hold her hand. Song Fengwan slapped his hand away…

“Haha…” Duan Linbai was cramping up with laughter. You’ve verbally attacked everyone. And now, you even dare to say something about your wife. You deserve it.

Duan Linbai rarely saw Fu Chen suffer.

To think that you would have such a day. Indeed, there’s always one thing that can subdue another.

“Little Sister-in-Law, I’ve decided to follow you in the future.”

Song Fengwan’s good mood was completely ruined by Fu Chen. I’m still a young girl in my prime. Why did I become a grandmother? Isn’t it all because I’m dating a certain someone? How could he still have the cheek to pour cold water on me?


Yu Manxi woke up on the way to the hospital. She felt very dizzy, and she was covered in cold sweat. She didn’t even have the strength to speak…

“Don’t be afraid. We’ll be arriving at the hospital soon.” Fu Sinian’s heart was pounding wildly.

He didn’t like children, so he naturally didn’t look forward to being a father. But now, he felt that having a child wasn’t bad either.

“…” Yu Manxi couldn’t muster any strength. Her head was dizzy, and she didn’t even have the strength to hold him.

The car arrived at the hospital entrance, and Fu Sinian ran in with Yu Manxi in his arms.

“Sir…” The nurse on duty hurried over. “What’s wrong?”

“My wife is pregnant.”

Yu Manxi was dumbfounded. Pregnant? Why don’t I know?

“Then slow down!” The nurse hurriedly called her colleague to call the doctor on duty.

Yu Manxi was carried to a bed. She was dizzy and didn’t have the strength to speak. She only saw many people running around her in a flurry.

A female doctor in her thirties came over. After examining her, she reprimanded Fu Sinian.

“What do you mean pregnant? She had a low blood sugar attack. She might have been a little anxious and couldn’t take it anymore. You’re her husband, right? You scared me to death! I thought…”

Yu Manxi was covered in sweat. The doctor directly gave her a glucose injection and then put her on a glucose IV drip. Only then did Yu Manxi slowly regain her senses.

“You should put some candy in your bag. If you feel uncomfortable, eat some in time. If there’s no one around, it’s dangerous to faint,” the doctor reminded.

“Thank you.” Yu Manxi thought that she had gained weight recently and had been controlling her diet. Coupled with the fact that she was going to attend the charity banquet, she had been restraining herself a lot recently.

“Are you on a diet or something?” The doctor stared at her.

Yu Manxi lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

“You have to lose weight appropriately. You have to exercise more and diet in moderation.” The doctor spoke for a long time while Fu Sinianu Sinian stood by the bed with a stiff face.

Standing at the side, Song Fengwan tried her best to reduce her presence. She had never heard that Yu Manxi had low blood sugar…

Because of her, the doctor had reprimanded Fu Sinian. It was really embarra.s.sing.

“Remember, you should exercise more, and you still have to eat meals normally.” The doctor smiled.

“Okay.” Yu Manxi nodded.

“Sir, did you hear that?” The doctor looked at Fu Sinian. He looked quite mature and steady. Why did he speak and do things so carelessly? She had thought it was a miscarriage or something. She had run over, and her back was covered in cold sweat.

Fu Sinian looked at Yu Manxi and said very seriously, “Yes, don’t let her diet and urge her to exercise.”

Only later did Yu Manxi find out what a certain someone meant by urging her to exercise…

“Who said I was pregnant?” Yu Manxi looked at the people in the room. It was baffling.

“Third Brother, it’s late. I should go back to the school.” Song Fengwan smiled bitterly, feeling so embarra.s.sed that she was too ashamed to show her face. “Big Sister Yu, rest well. Goodbye!”

She lowered her head and leaned against the wall as she slowly walked out…

“I’ll send you.” Fu Chen naturally had to cooperate with his wife.

On the way back to the school, Song Fengwan kept her head lowered, and her ears were red. Too embarra.s.sing.

Fu Chen glanced at her from the corner of his eye. My wife is indeed the cutest..

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