Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 466 – Third Master Is Suffering Wanwan’s Disregard

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Chapter 466: Third Master Is Suffering Wanwan’s Disregard

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Jiangcheng, Fu residence…

After dinner, Dai Yunqing sent the two men to wash the dishes and dragged Yu Manxi out for a walk.

Only then did Yu Manxi know that Dai Yunqing had come out to dance in the plaza at night. Moreover, she knew a group of middle-aged women and had even established a certain organization and partic.i.p.ated in some compet.i.tions.

She pulled her over to introduce her. “… Yes, this is my daughter-in-law.”

“Oh, she’s so beautiful. She looks even better than on TV.”

“You’re really lucky. Your daughter-in-law is so good-looking and capable.”

“Host Little Yu, I like you a lot…”

These women were all very enthusiastic and praised her endlessly. Yu Manxi was so embarra.s.sed that she almost couldn’t face anyone.

She thought that a person like Dai Yunqing would definitely drink tea with poise like a n.o.ble lady. She didn’t expect her to be so down-to-earth like an ordinary middle-aged woman.

“Yunqing, did your Secretary Fu accompany you out tonight?”

“I have my daughter-in-law to accompany me.” Dai Yunqing wished she could introduce her to everyone.

“Does Uncle usually come too?”

“He’ll accompany me for a walk when he has nothing to do. He’s usually very busy. Sometimes, when he’s free, he’s also lazy. When he gets off work and goes home, he wants to sleep after taking a shower. His waistline has been rising in recent years. He doesn’t know how to control himself…” Dai Yunqing couldn’t help complaining.

At the end of the day, they were all ordinary people who wanted to lead steady lives.

“Little Yu, our Sinian doesn’t know how to talk. He might be a little boring usually. And when he works, he works day and night. You have to be more tolerant. Actually, Sinian is a good person…” Dai Yunqing sighed.

“After getting married, if there are any b.u.mps, you have to communicate in time. Don’t hold it in. That brat doesn’t like to talk. If you continue to hold it in, something will definitely happen. You two have to understand each other better.

“It’s not easy to manage a marriage. If this brat bullies you in the future, just tell me. If you have any problems, you can look for me anytime.”

Dai Yunqing told her a lot about Fu Sinian and also talked about the way husband and wife should get along.

The two of them walked around the garden plaza for a long time. When they were about to go home, Dai Yunqing couldn’t help asking, “Little Yu, when are you and Sinian planning to have a child?”

Yu Manxi squealed in surprise. If it wasn’t because the sky was dark and the lights were dim, she would definitely see her face burning red.

“I’m not rus.h.i.+ng you. You just got the certificate, and you two also have thoughts about having some alone time. I just want to say that if you have the intention, you have to do it early. I can help you take care of the child…”

“Okay.” Yu Manxi smiled bitterly.

“You’re living next door to Sinian now, right? Then why don’t you use that place for your bridal chamber?”

Dai Yunqing had considered a lot. The girl had married him, but it was impossible for him to take her away with just a marriage certificate. The wedding ceremony was indispensable.

“Bridal chamber?” Yu Manxi really didn’t think too much about it.

“We have to redecorate it. The wedding is also complicated and requires proper planning.”

While the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were chatting happily, the father and son at home were very depressed.

“Dad, Mom has already taken her out for almost three hours.”

“So what?” Fu s.h.i.+nan drank tea while soaking his feet and watching the news.

“We’re newlyweds. Do you think this is appropriate?”

“You have a lifetime to spend together. Do you care about an hour or two?”

“Three hours!” Fu Sinian corrected.

“I haven’t said that your wife has occupied your mother for three hours!”

Fu Sinian was speechless. This is simply unreasonable. I really should let Dad’s subordinates see what he’s like at home.

When the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned, the father and son thought that they could finally go back to their rooms to sleep. But they didn’t expect the two of them to chat so happily, say that they were going to sleep together tonight, and send the two men away.

On the night of their marriage, Fu Sinian lay on his bed alone and looked at his phone. It was full of blessings. He replied to them one by one…

Little White Dragon in the Waves: [Oh, on your marriage night, you still have time to play with your phone?]

[You’re not accompanying your wife and chatting with us? Isn’t she angry?]

[Eldest Nephew, you’re so efficient! When are you going to have a child?]

Who knew that Fu Sinian was alone on his marriage night?

Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi stayed in Jiangcheng for three days. When they returned to the capital, Yu Manxi’s landlord called her and said that she wanted to settle the condo transfer procedures.

She looked at the landlord with a dumbfounded expression. It turned out that Fu s.h.i.+nan and his wife had secretly found the landlord, bought the condo, and gave it to Yu Manxi.

Fu s.h.i.+nan worked in politics, so his salary was limited. But the Dai family was very rich, and Dai Yunqing was an only daughter, so she naturally didn’t lack money.

After getting their certificate, it was naturally time to prepare for the wedding. Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian discussed and found someone to open up the condo as a bridal chamber. With the need for renovation, the two of them moved to the old residence.

Old Madam Fu naturally welcomed them and had someone tidy up the room early in the morning.

When she saw Yu Manxi carrying the kitten, she chuckled and said, “I haven’t seen Yu Zhaocai in a long time. Has it gained weight?”

“Yu… Zhaocai?” Yu Manxi was tongue-tied. What kind of name is this? She looked at Fu Sinian with a dumbfounded expression, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Yeah, isn’t its name Yu Zhaocai? Did I remember wrongly?” Old Madam Fu smiled.

Yu Manxi thought that she should save some face for Fu Sinian and nodded. “Its name is Yu Zhaocai.”

When the two of them moved back, Fu Chen had even gone home for dinner. As elders, they definitely had to express something for the newlyweds.

He reluctantly gave them a red packet.

“Thank you, Third Uncle.” Fu Sinian had been very proud recently. Although he was still silent, he gave off a completely different feeling.

“I have to remind you of something.” Fu Chen ate leisurely. “The old residence’s soundproofing isn’t good.”

The newlyweds opposite him instantly blushed.

As a result, when the two of them wanted to do something in the future, they even specially found a reason to go to a hotel to get a room. They were acting sneaky like thieves.


On another side…

As winter approached, the cold wind blew, and Song Fengwan became busy. The CET4 exam was gradually approaching. After the exam ended, it was followed by the final papers for the elective courses, and there were also some final exams to take. So she was naturally very busy.

But every weekend, the two of them would meet at Yishui Community.

It was freezing outside now, so it was no longer suitable for them to go out. Naturally, it was more comfortable at home.

After Song Fengwan finished her cla.s.s on Friday, she returned to her dorm room to get some things. When she left the dormitory, Fu Chen’s car was parked at the side of the bamboo forest behind the building. She got into the car, s.h.i.+vering from the cold.

Because it was Friday, the two of them had two days of alone time. Before returning, they went to the supermarket.

When they entered the house, the two of them changed their shoes. Song Fengwan took off her hat and scarf and turned on the heating. Fu Chen lifted his leg and closed the door. Then he hugged her from behind and leaned on her.

“Third Brother.”

“I love you so much.”

Fu Chen’s sudden words made Song Fengwan blush in embarra.s.sment.

“You haven’t seen me for a few days. You’re really hard-hearted. Don’t you know…

“… how much I’ve been thinking about you?”

The two of them leaned against the door and hugged for a while.

“I’ll cook tonight.” Fu Chen took off his coat and was only wearing a thin s.h.i.+rt inside. He carried the shopping bags into the kitchen.

“You know how to cook?” Song Fengwan took the electric teapot, filled it with water, plugged it in, and boiled some hot water.

Unless it was the weekend, no one usually came here, so it looked inevitably deserted.

“I just learned.” Fu Chen had nothing to do recently, so he went to find Jing Hanchuan to learn it secretly.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Song Fengwan tidied up the house briefly and watered the plants. Then she stood by the kitchen and propped her chin up while looking at Fu Chen.

After all, Fu Chen was a novice, so he had to serve every dish the same way. After setting the plates on the table, Song Fengwan specially took a photo and posted it on her Moments.

[It’s a certain someone’s first time cooking. The taste isn’t bad~]

When Duan Linbai saw this post, he was hopping mad.

F*ck, Fu Chen cooked and treated me like a guinea pig all day. He spoke very nicely that he was treating me to meals. On the first day, I had diarrhea and almost became dehydrated.

Of course it tastes good. I f*cking exchanged my life for it.

My stomach is about to be destroyed by him. He finally did a good job, and then he went to please his wife. How inhuman.

But he couldn’t say this in Song Fengwan’s comments section. Fu Chen would see it. But could he only silently like it and praise him? This was absolutely impossible.

After dinner, Fu Chen thought that the two of them could finally be alone…

Then he saw his little wife take out a set of exam papers from previous years and a few pens of different colors from her bag.

“Third Brother, I’m going to study. My exams are soon.”

In other words: I’m going to be busy. Go do whatever you want. Don’t disturb me.

“Studying?” Fu Chen held back his displeasure.

“Yes, I haven’t even finished going over everything yet. Time is a little tight.”

“Okay.” What else could Fu Chen say? His wife had to study. What could he do?

Song Fengwan set a time to do the exam papers. Fu Chen had originally been sitting beside her and playing with his phone for a while. But later, he felt bored and simply leaned against his chair to look at her…

Duan Linbai even sent a message to question him, complaining about Fu Chen treating him like a guinea pig to test food. Fu Chen said that he had to be intimate with Song Fengwan now, disregarding the life of his brother.

But who knew that he was actually watching his little wife study? He couldn’t tell anyone about this, so he could only hold it in.

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