Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 467 – Wanwan Protects Her Man?

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Chapter 467: Wanwan Protects Her Man?

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Because Duan Linbai was treated as a guinea pig, he was very depressed. He was also a chatterbox and complained to Fu Chen.

A certain someone wanted to attract his little wife’s attention, but he was ignored and already depressed. When he saw Duan Linbai’s message, he only sent him an emoji.

[Get lost.]

Duan Linbai was furious. F*ck, you treat me like a guinea pig. I’m not angry yet, but you’re throwing a tantrum at me?

He adhered to the principle of looking for Little Sister-in-Law to cozy up to if anything happened and sent Song Fengwan a message.

Song Fengwan had already finished writing her exam paper and was checking the reference answers with a red pen when her phone vibrated.

[Little Sister-in-Law, Third Fu is bullying me. Don’t you care?!]

Song Fengwan chuckled. [Why would Third Brother bully you?]

[Are you planning to s.h.i.+eld your man?! This kind of unreasonable behavior of protecting your man is very bad. It will encourage some crooked practices.]

Song Fengwan frowned. My man?

He’s too direct.

She continued replying and didn’t notice that Fu Chen had already walked out of the bedroom.

[No, Third Brother has always had a good temper. How could he bully you?] Song Fengwan naturally had to protect Fu Chen.

[Do you think I’m wrongly accusing him? Let me tell you. Among our group, the worst and most vicious one is Third Fu. Hanchuan gives people a bad impression on the surface, but Third Fu is evil in his bones.]

[You have no idea how this guy bullied me in the past!]

[Go ask the people around him. Who hasn’t been bullied by him before?]

Song Fengwan felt a black shadow envelop her. Just as she was about to turn her head, someone pressed down on her shoulder, and Fu Chen bent down.

“Wanwan…” His fingers suddenly landed on a translation on her exam paper. “You have a grammar error here.”

It was like being splashed with a bucket of cold water in the middle of winter. She was both embarra.s.sed and angry. Okay, you’re the only one who’s impressive.

“Are you done?” Fu Chen sat beside her.

“Yes.” Song Fengwan harrumphed coldly.

“Tomorrow…” Fu Chen thought that they could go out to watch a movie tomorrow.

But Song Fengwan said directly, “There’s a special lecture on CET4 and 6 at the school tomorrow.”

She originally didn’t intend to go, but Fu Chen was too infuriating. When she was doing the questions, he kept teasing her. At the time, her heart was full of him, so how could she still be in the mood to study? And now, he even said that her grammar was wrong?

Fu Chen was just thinking that the two of them could be alone for a while when Song Fengwan’s words. .h.i.t him hard.

“Then, the day after tomorrow…”

“I’m going to write a paper for my politics cla.s.s.”

Fu Chen pursed his lips. He was now certain that this little girl was doing it on purpose.


The next morning…

Fu Chen had the habit of copying scriptures. He woke up early and went downstairs to buy breakfast for her. When he returned, Song Fengwan was yawning and sitting cross-legged on the sofa in a daze.

“Third…” She was about to call out to him when she noticed that he was wearing Bluetooth earphones. He was obviously on the phone.

She reached out to take the breakfast and tiptoed to help him remove the scarf around his neck. Fu Chen also calmly lowered his body and closed the distance between them.

“… I know. You can consult your mentor about this.

“I already have plans this weekend, so I can’t have a meal with you.”

Song Fengwan got closer and heard Fu Yuxiu’s voice.

She calmly helped him take off his scarf.

Fu Yuxiu had been an intern at Fu Chen’s company for a long time. He had wanted to invite him for a meal using the excuse of asking him about something, but unfortunately, he had been rejected. At this moment, he was lamenting that his third uncle was really difficult to meet. How could he know what Fu Chen was doing?

After hanging up, Fu Chen stepped back and took off his Bluetooth earphones. “Hurry up and eat. It won’t taste good if it gets cold.”

“Why did Fu Yuxiu call you so early in the morning?”

“He asked some questions.” Fu Chen took out his breakfast. “He has never had an accurate gauge of his abilities.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like when he was young, he kept asking me which was better between Beijing University and Jinling University. I just wanted to say to him: With your results, which one can you go to? Do you need to be so conflicted?”

Song Fengwan coughed twice, took a pair of chopsticks from the kitchen, and lowered her head to eat the soup dumplings.

In fact, Fu Yuxiu was considered relatively outstanding among his peers. Otherwise, Qiao Aiyun and the Qiao family wouldn’t have agreed to the Fu family’s proposal back then. But in Fu Chen’s eyes…

This second nephew of his seemed to be utterly unpresentable, and he disdained him.

Was he still his biological uncle?

“When does the lecture at your school start?” Fu Chen hadn’t forgotten that Song Fengwan had said she wanted to go back to listen to the lecture.

“It isn’t mandatory in the first place. It doesn’t matter if I go or not.” Song Fengwan didn’t want to go out on such a cold day.

Fu Chen smiled. “Were you teasing me last night?”

Song Fengwan lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

“In that case, I’ll bring you to Hanchuan’s later. Didn’t you want to see that Tian-tsui headdress set? Let’s eat lunch at his house and then go out to watch a movie.” Since she said that she didn’t have any plans, Fu Chen voiced his plans.

“Okay.” It had been a long time since the charity banquet, and she had almost forgotten about it.


Chuanbei Jing residence…

Fu Chen and Song Fengwan didn’t call before coming to the Jing residence, so when the two of them entered the living room, Song Fengwan was dumbfounded.

The heating in the hall was on. Jing Hanchuan was wearing a white long robe with an embroidered collar and large clouds and totems on his sleeves. The lighting in the room was slightly rosy. He looked very graceful as he stood there.

He was already handsome and unrestrained. His facial features were feminine, but he didn’t feel feminine. At this moment, dressed in the Beijing opera style, he looked even more elegant.

He looked arrogant and aloof. He had a fan in his hand, and his figure was slender and tall. When he saw the two of them enter, he was slightly surprised.

Jing Hanchuan rarely wore opera costumes. Today was just a whim. He casually took off his clothes and hung them up seriously so as not to wrinkle them.

“Sixth Master knows how to sing opera?” Song Fengwan asked softly.

“He learned from his mother. He’s a stage virgin though.” Fu Chen chuckled.

This profession was very tough. His mother loved him dearly, so she treated it as a hobby to nurture him. But his every move and aura had already been nurtured, so he was very stylish.

“Why are you here?”

Jing Hanchuan took a sip of hot tea. His voice was pleasant and had a Beijing accent. It was indescribably lazy and pleasant to the ear.

“Wanwan wants to take a look at the headdress you bought previously.”


Song Fengwan went to the collection room to take a look, only to find that there were many good things in the Jing residence. This room was lined with opera costumes of all kinds of designs. Many of them were handmade, and even the embroidery patterns were carefully embroidered st.i.tch by st.i.tch.

She took a few photos, and her hands were itching to copy and paint some of the designs. But this place was not close to the school or Yunjin Prime Manor, so it was difficult to get painting tools, so she spoke about it casually.

But Jing Hanchuan got someone to buy her painting tools and then put the bill under Fu Chen’s name.

Song Fengwan kept smiling and thanking him, feeling embarra.s.sed to trouble him.

“You’re too polite.” Jing Hanchuan didn’t reveal it. It wasn’t my money anyway.


Meanwhile, in the He residence…

After the He Xi incident, the He family’s reputation in the Beijing circle was already a little terrible. Now, when He s.h.i.+qing wanted to find someone to go shopping with, her good sisters who had supported her in the past, all turned her down. Her parents often had arguments over Yu Manxi, and the entire He family was in a foul atmosphere.

“Eldest Miss, there’s movement from the Jing family.”

“What?” He s.h.i.+qing was annoyed, and her tone wasn’t good either.

“There are guests at the Jing residence today. Third Master went there, and a Jing family member went out to Rongying Pavilion.”

“Rongying Pavilion?” He s.h.i.+qing frowned. “What place is that?”

“The place that sells drawing and painting tools, pens, inkstones, all kinds of charcoal…” The man spoke very softly, afraid that he would accidentally anger the person in front of him. As he spoke, he looked at the change in her expression.

“Someone from the Jing family went there to buy things…” He s.h.i.+qing frowned. No one in the Jing family was proficient in drawing and painting, let alone buying professional tools.

She suddenly remembered the plagiarism incident some time ago. At the exhibition center, Jing Hanchuan had also gone over and helped Song Fengwan.

At the time, she had been thinking about the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them and why Jing Hanchuan had to make a move personally.

Song Fengwan was an art student, and she had interacted with her about three times in close proximity—at Yu Manxi’s condo, the exhibition center, and the charity banquet… She seemed to be at all the places where Jing Hanchuan appeared.

She’s young, but she’s quite difficult to deal with. Could she and Jing Hanchuan be…?

He s.h.i.+qing suddenly had a headache.

Why is it Song Fengwan?

This little girl looks innocent and harmless, but after the plagiarism incident, who would dare to look down on her? She’s a formidable figure. Why does it have to be…

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