Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 471 – Third Master Was Tricked, Thrown out in the Middle of the Night

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Chapter 471: Third Master Was Tricked, Thrown out in the Middle of the Night

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The He family’s filiation banquet would take place on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

They had originally wanted to hold it in late November. But perhaps because they felt that it was too hasty, they decided to push it back, making it so that everyone would know about it.

The He family had never been so high-profile in recent years, and they instantly became the focus of discussions across the country.

Song Fengwan’s CET4 exam had ended before this. She had finished a few papers and exams for her elective cla.s.ses. Her other exams would start after New Year’s, so she was quite free before then.

During New Year’s Eve last year, she had spent it overseas with Fu Chen. Although there had been an avalanche and she had been frightened, the two of them had expressed their feelings for each other and confirmed their relations.h.i.+p.

Therefore, New Year’s was worth a few years for the two of them. They definitely wouldn’t go to the snowy mountains this year, so Fu Chen planned to go to an island…

“The beach…” Song Fengwan was flipping through the travel itinerary Fu Chen made.

“If you don’t want to go there, we can go somewhere else. Or don’t you want to go overseas?”

Now, the entire country had already entered low temperatures. Cold winds were raging everywhere. At this moment, only the Nanjiang area could see the warm sun, but this place was naturally not within their consideration.

“No, I just…” Song Fengwan tugged at her hair. “I still have to buy a swimsuit or something.”

“Okay.” Fu Chen suddenly remembered how Song Fengwan looked in her swimsuit. His throat was burning, “There’s still time. You can slowly pack your luggage.”

“Is this plane on the first?” Song Fengwan looked at the itinerary carefully.

“Didn’t you want to watch the New Year’s concert live? I booked a plane to Jinling on the thirty-first, and we’ll go overseas on the first.”

“You could get tickets? I heard they’re very popular.” It was almost the new year, and a few TV stations were already promoting the guest lineup for the concert. Song Fengwan had just said it casually to him. She wanted to watch it live, but it was just a casual remark…

“Yes, Jinye is in Jinling. He asked someone and got two front row tickets.”

Fu Chen’s elder sister, Fu Wan, had married the Shen family, whose ancestral home was in Jinling.

Shen Jinye had received a call from his uncle saying that he was coming to Jinling. At the time, he was dumbfounded. It was as though he was facing a formidable enemy and scared out of his wits. In the end, he said that he was coming to watch a concert?

My dear uncle, how many concert singers do you know? You’re just a person who listens to opera. Watch a concert?

In the end, a certain someone said, “I’m accompanying your little aunt.”

F*ck, a big bowl of dog food fell from the sky. You’re really going all out to win Little Aunt’s favor.

At the time, the ticket sales for the concert had already ended. The Shen family indeed had connections in Jinling, so he had gotten the front row tickets, almost all of which were reserved for leaders and their families.

“You don’t want to go?” It was Fu Chen’s first time dating, and it was also his first time planning a trip for two…

He wanted Song Fengwan to be happy. He wanted to do his best to satisfy whatever she wanted.

“I want to go. Thank you…” Song Fengwan tilted her head and pecked the comer of his mouth.

“Just once?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows, his eyes smiling.

Song Fengwan leaned over and gently kissed his lips…

The heating in the room was warm, and the two of them were sticking together, so there were naturally a hundred kinds of lingering feelings. Speaking of which, it was strange. After dating for so long, even though they were kissing now, it still inevitably made their hearts palpitate wildly.

While the two of them were nibbling on each other’s necks affectionately, they suddenly heard the sound of a key unlocking a door outside. They looked at each other.

They were currently staying in Yishui Community. It was already sunset, and the sun was setting over the mountains. Who would…

“Third Brother, is there a thief?” Song Fengwan’s entire body tensed up. Because the person wasn’t familiar with unlocking the door, the key seemed to be inserted a few times.

Fu Chen and Song Fengwan planned to stay here for the night, so they had sent Qian Jiang and s.h.i.+ Fang back long ago, and there was no one guarding outside.

He rubbed Song Fengwan’s hair. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll go take a look.”

Fu Chen walked to the door and prepared to look through the peephole to see who was outside.

“Third Brother, take this!” What if it was really a thief?

“It’s fine.”

Song Fengwan had no idea that Fu Chen was good at martial arts and would have no problem dealing with minor thieves.

When Fu Chen walked to the door, Song Fengwan was already holding the fruit knife on the table as she followed closely behind him.

But just as the two reached the door, it opened…

Qiao Xiyan suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Cousin?” Song Fengwan was frightened.

“You two…” Qiao Xiyan was wearing a black trench coat, looking murderous and bleak, and his deep eyes seemed to be covered in layers of ice. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think we can do?” Fu Chen said matter-of-factly. He moved back to let him in.

They were dating and alone. What else could they do?

Qiao Xiyan choked and entered the house. His gaze landed on the fruit knife in Song Fengwan’s hand. “What are you doing?”

“I thought there was a thief.” Song Fengwan hurriedly put the knife on the table. “Cousin, why are you suddenly here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“I asked you a few days ago. Didn’t you say you were busy with your exams?” Qiao Xiyan looked at the two of them. They were dressed neatly and didn’t seem to have been doing anything.

“I just finished my exams. Why are you here in the capital?”

“I’m going to the antique market to collect some jade materials.” Qiao Xiyan had also come last winter, but he had come earlier. “I should have come last month, but I received an invitation from the He family, so I decided to go to both on the same trip.”

“You received one too?” Song Fengwan was surprised.

The invitation cards were already sent to Suzhou?

The He family has really invested a lot this time.

“Yes, the weather in Suzhou hasn’t been good recently. My dad’s wrist joints aren’t feeling well, so he didn’t want to go out and asked me to come.”

“Is Uncle alright?” Song Fengwan knew that Qiao w.a.n.gbei had been working for a long time, so his joints weren’t very good.

“It’s an old problem. He’s fine.”

“Uncle has a relations.h.i.+p with the He family? Why do you want to partic.i.p.ate in this?” Song Fengwan was curious.

“Grandpa and the He family were acquaintances, but they didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p. Isn’t this the filiation banquet specially held for Miss Yu? She and Fu Sinian have already obtained their certificate. It’s to give the Fu family face,” Qiao Xiyan explained.

Song Fengwan suddenly understood. At this moment, Yu Manxi was not only the eldest daughter of the He family but also the eldest young madam of the Fu family. Even if everyone didn’t give the He family face, they had to give the Fu family face.

This filiation banquet would be very lively.

No wonder they could publicize so much. They were mainly using the Fu family’s reputation.

“What are you two eating tonight? Are you going out to eat?” Qiao Xiyan was used to staying here. With knives, it was indeed a little inconvenient to stay in a hotel.

“No, Third Brother is cooking.” Song Fengwan smiled. “Third Brother cooks delicious food.”

Song Fengwan knew that Qiao Xiyan still had some complaints about Fu Chen, so she naturally praised Fu Chen in front of him.

“Really?” Qiao Xiyan really didn’t believe that Fu Chen could cook.

Fu Chen didn’t expect Qiao Xiyan to come over suddenly either. “Okay, you should rest for a while. You can eat in half an hour.”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Qiao Xiyan was quite polite to him.

Fu Chen was busy in the kitchen. From the corner of his eye, he saw Qiao Xiyan start unpacking his luggage. The first thing he did was take out a few sets of carving knives from his bag. They were of different sizes and materials, and the knives were sharp and cold.

A certain someone treated them like treasures. He lined them up, wiped them one by one, and slowly put them away.

“Do you and him come here often for dates?” Qiao Xiyan turned his head to Song Fengwan, who had made tea for him.

“Not really. We come here occasionally.” Song Fengwan didn’t dare to say that she would come every week as long as she was free.

“Do you stay overnight?” Qiao Xiyan raised his eyebrows.

“Definitely not.” Song Fengwan smiled bitterly.

Qiao Xiyan was much older than her. Although he was her older brother, he was actually about the same as an elder. Moreover, he had an extremely sharp and terrifying aura. She didn’t dare to tell Qiao Xiyan exactly how far she had developed with Fu Chen.

“Is that so?” His senses were keen as he sized Song Fengwan up, wanting to see through her, wondering if she was telling the truth.

“For sure.”

With her cousin’s temper, he would definitely go crazy if he knew that the two of them slept together all the time.

Qiao Xiyan lowered his head silently.

It was also because of this conversation that the root of the trouble was buried. After dinner, Qiao Xiyan said directly to Fu Chen,

“Third Master Fu, it’s getting late!”

In other words: You can go home now.

The last time Fu Chen stayed here, he had slept with Yan w.a.n.gchuan. He didn’t want to sleep on the same bed as Qiao Xiyan. He braced himself and went out reluctantly.

s.h.i.+ Fang had driven his car away, so he could only call him.

s.h.i.+ Fang had already undressed and gotten into bed. When he received the call, he was dumbfounded. Didn’t he say that I would be on standby until tomorrow morning? Why is he calling me so late at night and telling me to go pick him up?

So when he saw Fu Chen, he said directly, “Third Master, did you quarrel with Miss Song? Did she kick you out?”

Fu Chen’s face was terribly dark.

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