Hellbound With You Chapter 765 – No poin

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Chapter 765 – No poin

Alicia instinctively clutched onto her dress the moment she felt it loosen up. But she quickly regained her composure at the thought of the words he had said just a moment ago – those words that irked her.

She wanted to just let her dress slide down since it was loose enough to do so. But mortification came rus.h.i.+ng at her before she could do so. Biting on her lower lip, she looked over her shoulder to check on how Ezekiel was behaving.

His expression was annoyingly neutral. Or was he returning back to his usual statue self again?

The urge to get back at him by undressing shamelessly before him suddenly surged within her. She hated that she seemed to be the only one who kept being rendered speechless by him. But then again, what if… what if she really was unattractive to him and she would not even get to evoke a reaction on his face even if she stood before him completely naked? Would she be able to handle that blow to her ego?

Her face burned red before she whipped around again. She decided that she would not be able to handle the embarra.s.sment if that ever happens! It was not just because she had no confidence about herself. She knew what she got… it was just that this man was Ezekiel. Not only because of his ridiculous perfection, he had lived for so long as well. He must have built up such a tolerance to many things and would be able to keep his expression deadpan no matter what the view was before him.

“Shut your eyes.” She demanded, changing her mind. Since she was not planning to deliberately undress herself to draw out any form of reaction from Ezekiel, she might as well get him to look away instead. No point of her playing with fire. There was no way she would do something so stupid that might end up back firing on her and burning her instead.

Thankfully, he abided with her demands without a word. An awkward silence followed after that as Alicia undressed, using the only one available hand that she had.

Once she placed her dress on a nearby chair, she spoke. Glancing up at him for a moment. She did not dare look lower than his chest as she knew that this shameless man was completely naked.

“Now let’s get this done quickly.” She walked towards the bathroom, dragging him behind her. She really hoped that he would keep his eye to himself.

Ezekiel just let her drag him. But when he looked at her as he followed behind her and saw how she was wearing only her under garments, a slight smirk curved on his face. He did not say anything though.

“Alright, let’s do it this way,” Alicia touched him and made him face the shower. “We’ll stand here facing the opposite direction. You are not allowed to turn and so am I, are we clear?” Alicia rattled off her plans on how they should go about taking their shower.

He let out a soundless laugh listening to her spelling it out to him one by one and shut his eyes for a brief moment, looking as though he wanted to argue. But at the same time, he did not want to talk. He chose the latter in the end. That was much easier.

Soon, the shower was finally on. The pitter patter of the water falling filled the silence inside the bathroom. Ezekiel lifted his face a little, his free hand moved to his hair, combing his hair back as the water fell all over him.

And since Alicia did not allow him to turn around, he could not see the fact that his tall figure had actually covered her, not allowing enough water to even drench her.

“This won’t do. You’re too tall. You’re blocking almost all of the water,” Alicia complained, “We should do this the other way around.”

Without waiting for his response, she nudged him to move. Ezekiel once again silently followed her instructions. However, this time he was half biting his lower lips.

“Oh, this is much better!” She mumbled, her voice sounding happier.

And before she knew it, she relaxed. Maybe because the water drenching her made her feel a little ecstatic. She thought she was never going to experience this mundane thing ever again. But here she was, in flesh and bathing in a hot shower.

As she was enjoying the feel of the water falling and flowing all over her, she felt Ezekiel moved. She saw him from the sides of her eyes, reaching out for the shampoo.

The smell of refres.h.i.+ng mint shampoo then filled the bathroom. Still, Ezekiel did not say a single a word.

Alicia stretched her free hand towards him, tilting her body a little.

He glanced at her palm and did not wait for her to speak anymore, knowing what it was that she wanted. He grabbed the bottle of shampoo and poured an ample amount onto her palm knowing that she needed more for her long hair.

She immediately brought her palm to her hair but because her hair was pretty thick and long, she stretched out her hand again, asking for more. Ezekiel once again moved quietly and gave her more shampoo.

A while later, Alicia found herself biting on her lower lip to stop herself from smiling. Somehow, she found their situation getting a little funnier. And she was not sure why she was feeling this way. She had honestly thought that this was going to be b.l.o.o.d.y awkward. And she found that shampooing using only one hand was not that uncomfortable as she initially thought.

“Ugh!” a small groaned echoed. The shampoo had gotten to her eyes, so she reached out to turn the shower on. But his hand reached it first, her hand landed on his. She instantly felt his body against her back and that very suggestive feel of his wet skin on hers jolted her relaxed nerves, turning them all stiff again.

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