Hellbound With You Chapter 768 – Untamed

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Chapter 768 – Untamed

Alicia gathered every ounce of stubbornness she could muster to keep herself from asking him to just… kiss her. But even that was not enough.

The temptation that was Ezekiel was too strong, and she was helpless in the face of his head-on attacks. His smouldering gaze, his thumb on her lips, their skin-to-skin contact… the increasing charge between them was so palpable that it was threatening to blow up any second now. It was all just too unbearable for Alicia to endure. She just wanted to scream out to him to go ahead and ravage her. And that thought caused her to jolt in surprise – at herself and how wanton her thoughts have become.

For the very first time, Alicia experienced it herself. This feeling like she had turned into a slave to her very own carnal desires. This had never happened to her before. Never. She had no idea… absolutely zero inkling that it could be more potent than spells casted on her. She had tolerance and cure against spells but this… it was just… impossible… to resist.

And she lost it. She bent over his very naked and muscular frame and crashed her lips against his even as his thumb was still on her lips.

She realized a second too late what she had just did. However, there was no longer any turning back as he did not give her any chances to do something about that mistake anymore. He immediately took control of the situation and did not allow her to back up.

As soon as his thumb between their lips was gone, he possessed her mouth – completely and fully – stealing her breath. And she helplessly opened up to him almost in an instant, kissing him back. It had been so long since she had last kissed someone, way back when she still was not the witch queen. But all the past kisses were nothing compared to this… his kiss, his mouth… why? Why does he taste so mindblowingly good?

She felt him nibbling on her bottom lip gently then hungrily glided his tongue inside her mouth. His movements were savage, punis.h.i.+ng, consuming… as if he was aiming to devour her whole. As if stealing her breath was no longer enough for him. So this time he was going to consume her soul too.

And everything ignited. A shocking hunger exploded from within, and Alicia kissed him back as hard as she could. As fierce as she could, matching his ferocity.

Ezekiel… the man who was the epitome of self-control was looking nothing like that right now. She could feel it in her bones. He was an untamed beast out of its cage now and that thrilled her more than frightened her.

Their kiss deepened, and she wished that she could hate it. But the hate was nowhere to be found. Not even an iota. All that was left was an all-consuming hunger… an inexplicable hunger for him…

The moment she pressed her body against him, his mouth latched onto her slender throat. That earned him a gasp and a s.e.xy whimper. And he continued sucking, devouring, as if he wanted her to make those sounds again. Those cries that fell from her mouth.

And she did. It was impossible not to.

When his mouth found its way back to hers, Alicia kissed him back even harder. She never kissed someone this savagely before. She did not even know she could do something like this. To kiss someone like they were in a fierce fight.

Alicia was not sure what was going on with herself… or why they were kissing this way. There was only one thing she was certain about at this moment, and that was she did not want this to end until she… devoured him… all of him…

Her fingers sunk into his scalp as she pulled him closer, her fingers fisting into his thick and dark hair. It was as though their closeness was not enough. She told herself she had gone mad… but at this moment she totally did not care anymore. All caution was being thrown into the wind. She was under a spell… no, stronger than that… and she did not wish to be freed. At all.

She felt his hand gliding lower, from the small of her back, down to her bottom. Another gasp was wrenched from her now swollen, red and moist lips.

He pressed her whole length against himself, and she moulded herself onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She longed to feel more. More. She wanted him to do more… so badly that she felt like the need was going to drive her insane.

“Eze… kiel,” she moaned against his mouth, panting hard.

Her hands glided down his side, his taut muscle, smooth and hard. She knew what she was about to do… to touch him… make him know she wanted more from him…

She was going to take his hand and place them on her…

“Don’t… don’t do it.” she said that to herself.

And she only realized that she had said that out loud when he stopped his actions in an instant. His lips that were about to reach her taut bud stopped moving. His hand on her thigh stilled as well.

Before she could react, he made one swift move.

Then they were standing next to the tub. He was holding her up to keep her from falling.

He then made another move and cold water fell on them both. The cold water was like a bucket of ice that had forced her to awaken from such a l.u.s.tful dream.

Alicia did not know what to say, or what to do. She kept her head leaning against his chest, hiding her face as they both breathed heavily, trying to catch their breath.

It did not take him long to steady his breath. She envied him for that because she was still unable to calm down. What had she done? Just what had she done?

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