Hellbound With You Chapter 771 – Chance

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Chapter 771 – Chance

For a long moment, Alicia was paralyzed. What had happened?! How could she have ended up in such a situation? Why does the whole scenario just look so very wrong here?!! A scream that was bubbling in her throat and almost got out was hurriedly suppressed by her just in the nick of time. She felt as though she was a thief that had been caught in the act. Her arm was not just wound possessively around Ezekiel’s waist. Her leg was also hooked over his! Oh heavens… just what on earth had she done?!

She felt a rush of heat flooding her face. Then her heartbeat went into a chaotic mess when she finally realised that Ezekiel was not only sleeping next to her… but he was also naked!

Feeling a huge lump in her throat that could not be swallowed, Alicia struggled for calmness. There was one thing she must do right now, first and foremost. And that was to move herself away from him before he wakes up and finds her in this embarra.s.sing position. But to her dilemma, his heavy arm was slung over her body, trapping her under that significant weight that she could not easily shrug off. This man would definitely wake up once she made a move!

Nibbling the inside of her lips, Alicia decided to give up trying to get away for now and at least just try to remove her leg that was on top of him.

She lifted her leg as slowly and carefully as she could. It was an unnerving moment but somehow, she managed to remove her leg without waking him up. But was he truly asleep though? She had learned her lesson after finding out the truth, weeks of following after him – how he had pretended not to be able to see her when he could the entire time.

Knowing this man, he could already be awake by now and was just secretly laughing to himself at what she was going through. And she would not put him past doing this, as he was fully capable of doing so.

Alicia looked up at him, already expecting that she was right. But to her surprise, Ezekiel seemed to still be asleep. Carefully, she lifted her head to have a better look at his face.

He looked… peaceful. As if he was truly asleep. Alicia squinted and stared harder at that gorgeously perfect face with suspicion, reminding herself to focus and not get distracted by all that manly beauty.

In the past weeks that she had watched over him, Alicia did not remember his sleeping face looking like this. He always looked alert even in his sleep. But right now… it was surprising to see that he was looking somehow different. She would have doubted it if she were not looking at it herself – that Ezekiel, the living statue, could even look peaceful and vulnerable.

That thought made her blink. Then she quickly shook her head internally. Ezekiel? Vulnerable? That did not sound right at all! She had never put Ezekiel and vulnerable in a single sentence because that was just simply out of the question! The world would have to end first before those words could be strung together. However, it seemed that the impossible became possible… somehow. She made a mental shrug and was about to huff when…

Suddenly, memories from last night flashed in her mind and her already red face turned even redder. Even the tips of her ears turned red, as through blood would drip out of them any moment now. Their intimate moments came cras.h.i.+ng into her mind first and Alicia did not know how to even react after recalling it all. All she wanted to do was to wail and then followed by burying her face into her palms and wished that she was anywhere else but here. But… unfortunately for her, she could not even do that.

Then all too soon, the unpleasant moments came to her. Her hatred and spiteful accusations and his icy silence and oh so cryptic and hurtful words. All of which caused her to cringe even as each memory came back to her – one after another.

And something seemed to rise within her. Again, that strong wave of hatred. It seemed to be gus.h.i.+ng out from nowhere again and this time, it was blooming fast and wide within her chest. It was so fast and sudden that she almost could not catch her breath at the change it brought in her.

Then a thought just appeared in her mind. That this was her perfect chance. Her chance to kill Ezekiel. All she had to do was utter the spell now.

But in the next moment, Alicia’s eyes widened in utter shock at her own vicious thoughts.

She felt like non-existent whispers were urging her, pus.h.i.+ng her to grab at this wonderful opportunity that had been presented to her and quickly utter the spell now to end him – once and for all!

Her heartbeat raced wilder as her head throbbed a little with a flash of acute pain. Then there it was, the hatred which began to burn within her, spreading fast and wide like a roaring wildfire as though someone had poured fuel on it. Right now, even she could tell that this does not seem to make much sense. What she was feeling was a little bit too much. And to think that this emotion was rising so uncontrollably for no reason at all.

Last night, even though she had already noticed that something was a little off, she had not doubted her hatred and anger towards him not only because of the things he did in the past but also because he was really making her lose her control because of his silence and secrets. But right now, he was literally sleeping and yet… she was still having this sort of feeling towards him? And without any provocations at all, too.

Before her mind could even ponder more on that, she felt her lips opening on its own accord.

Her eyes circled wide. She was going to utter it… the spell. It was going to spill out of her lips!

A part of her had suddenly wished that he would open his eyes. But when she wished that he did, that is when that he did not. OHis face remained peaceful as if he was in a deep, peaceful slumber.

Her lips trembled. Then the first few words of the chant fell from her lips in a faint voice. And she could not stop it anymore.

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