Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband Chapter 553 – Something That Shouldnt Have Happened

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Chapter 553 – Something That Shouldnt Have Happened

Chapter 553 Something That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Water keeps coming down from the tip of the hair, which pa.s.ses the eyes, the face, the lips, and then all the way down. Leng Weiwei keeps her head down in front of him, thinking about something. Her quietness enchants him like ineffable magic.

Perhaps it is the complexity of the world that makes the world appear so intriguing.

She isn’t docile and what he wants is certainly not a docile woman.

Gentleness, considerateness, generosity, and kindness are nothing but gloss.

Any woman can pretend to be like that.

What he wants is a real and thoughtful woman. He wants a human, not a puppet at the mercy of him!

He knows that she must be up to something. But as long as Yi Yuntian likes her, nothing will matter!

She knows he’s not fully awake. But Leng Weiwei feels that her heart is racing when being stared at by him like that.

What a flaming feeling!

She throws the shower at him, rising to her feet, “Wash yourself and don’t come out until you sober up.”

With that, Leng Weiwei stands up and walks straight out of the bathroom.

Glancing at the shower lying on his chest which keeps spraying water, Yi Yuntian smiles sarcastically.

The drug which Lan Qin’er used to drug him is so efficacious. If he just takes a shower, he will probably spend hours on it.

If he really washes up for several hours, his skin will be destroyed.

The heat is circling inside and his whole body seems to be on fire. As he has strived in the business world for so many years, dirty tricks are not new to him. Did he overplay the act of saving Leng Weiwei?

He knew there must be something wrong with the c.o.c.ktail, but he didn’t know that the drug was so efficacious!

He tears off his clothes and looks at himself in the mirror. His eyes were red, making him look like a werewolf under the full moon.

A total monster!

Leng Weiwei has changed into a new pair of pajamas and is now lying back against the pillows.

She absolutely knows what kind of drug Yi Yuntian took. The state of her clearly shows what is in her mind.

To tell the truth, she lied to him. If she had arrived home on time, that would not have happened.

Yi Yuntian has been in the bathroom for more than half an hour. Leng Weiwei is thinking if that man has been masturbating in the bathroom for half an hour.

Her own mind even amuses herself. The president of Yi’s Multinational Group is actually reduced to masturbating in the bathroom? It will surprise quite a lot of people!

But he has been there for so long. Can the shower really dispel the effect of the drug?

Could there be an accident?

Thinking of this, Leng Weiwei gets somewhat worried, wondering if she should enter the bathroom to check it out.

Just at that moment, Yi Yuntian flings the door open and walks out, only wearing a bath towel.

His dark hair is covered with water and falls on his face. His white skin, slender figure, and narrow red eyes show the intense desire at the bottom of his heart. Yi Yuntian has a magically charming face and now he’s smiling viciously. Anyone will definitely have a feeling of being smothered by taking just one look at him!

Leng Weiwei involuntarily retreats to the corner of the bed.

She was going to comfort Yi Yuntian, but now she regrets it!

D*mn! She should have run away when he was taking a shower!

Now she will be in peril.

“Babe… Hohoho!” Yi Yuntian says in a hoa.r.s.e voice, dripping with viciousness. It’s so creepy.

Yi Yuntian seems to be possessed, showing that the beast in him is about to come up!

Leng Weiwei can’t help clenching her fists. Though she feels afraid, she still says with sarcasm, “Wow, you’ve turned into a beast? By the way, you are supposed to make out with Lan Qin’er tonight, right? I think Lan Qin’er must be over the moon seeing you like this! President Yi, what’s Lan Qin’er’s phone number? Tell me and I’ll invite her over.”

With this, Leng Weiwei draws out her phone.

“My girl is called Leng Weiwei.”

“Sorry but I’m single. I don’t belong to anyone… Hey!”

Before Leng Weiwei finishes her words, Yi Yuntian gets into bed and holds her into his arms. A strong fragrance is wafting over each other.

She feels the rapid and powerful beating of his heart. The more brutish he is, the stronger his fragrance is.

The male hormone of the man is different from that of others. This kind of fragrance fascinates and excites her.

“Too hard.”

Yi Yuntian raises his eyebrows, “Seriously? I’m not all out yet.”

Leng Weiwei rolls her eyes, “Still playing tough? President Yi, I yield.”

“Do you love me?”

“You nuts? Get off me!”

“Weiwei, be my girl, all right?”

“What are you trying to do?” Leng Weiwei notices that Yi Yuntian’s restless hands are approaching her.

“You tell me what I’m going to do.” Yi Yuntian smiles viciously.

Leng Weiwei looks at him. She knows what he’s going to do. Moreover, there’s nothing she can do to stop him.

Or is she willing to stop him?

Seeing that Leng Weiwei becomes silent, Yi Yuntian knows what is in her mind. If a girl with such a strong personality like her does not resist, it means that she acquiesces.

“Sometimes, you may not need to be that strong. As you know, you are already spoken for.”

Leng Weiwei snorts and looks away.

G.o.d, does she fall in love with him?

Does she fall in love with the d*men Yi Yuntian?

“Leng Weiwei,” Yi Yuntian s.n.a.t.c.hes Leng Weiwei’s chin, forcing her to look at him, “Listen up. Be my girl.”

She knows clearly about what’s going to happen tonight, but she still lets him do what he wants.

Even if they won’t unite in marriage and she is now scheming against him, she doesn’t want to let go.

She doesn’t want to let go when he has been drugged.

Not only women can be beautiful enough to feast the eyes.

Leng Weiwei lets out a sigh, “Do you know that there is a spider in the world called black widow?”

“What? You wanna murder your husband?” Yi Yuntian gets close to her and his breaths are blowing her face, “You are my girl and you will always be. You won’t be a widow. You won’t have the chance.”

Leng Weiwei is Yi Yuntian’s girl and she will always be!

When Zhang Hai wakes up and sees the things around him, he immediately sobers up!

It’s a feminine bedroom, which is gorgeous and tidy. Besides, there’s an intoxicating smell of flowers around him. He… Why is he here?

How could he be here?

Zhang Hai quickly recollects what happened last night. After drinking a few goblets of Hennessy with Christine, he began to get unconscious. As for what happened next, he couldn’t remember.

Seeing Christine, who is lying in bed, Zhang Hai feels that his heart is racing!

Did he and Christine…

“Mmm…” Christine grunts. Feeling some strange movements, Christine wakes up. Seeing Zhang Hai’s surprised look, Christine smiles, “You wake up?”

Zhang Hai nods mechanically, replying, “You… You and I…”

“You got drunk last night.” Christine replies casually. And then she grabs the quilt and sits up, continuing, “We were both drunk, so don’t fuss about it. And I hope you don’t mind it.”

Mind? Is she listening to herself?

Actually, she is the one who loses out. Why did she tell him to let it slide?

Countless information rushes into Zhang Hai’s mind, which stupefies him.

Seeing that Christine appears casual, Zhang Hai says with a severe countenance, “Christine, be honest with me. Did we do that last night?”

Christine purses her lips, blinks her charming blue eyes, slightly tilts her head, and says, “Hai, I don’t need you to be responsible for anything. You don’t have to blame yourself.”

She means that they really did that thing last night!

She doesn’t need him to be responsible for anything?

What’s she talking about?

He is a man!

“Christine, I’m a soldier! I have to admit and be responsible for what I’ve done!”

Christine does not immediately reply. Instead, she turns around and puts on her nightgown “I’m gonna take a shower. By the way, when do you usually report to your boss?”

Christine’s words make Zhang Hai see the light. Now he is fully awake. He quickly takes a look at his watch. It’s after seven!

G.o.d! It’s after seven!

“Christine, I gotta go. I’m sorry!” With that, Zhang Hai hastily gets dressed, “Sorry but I gotta report to my boss now.”

“Mmm. Go ahead.”

“…” Although Zhang Hai is anxious, he scolds himself for being a coward when he sees Christine slightly lower her head and recalls the thing going on between them.

But he has to pick up the boss and the sister-in-law. He cannot afford to fail them!

“Christine, I’m really sorry. But remember to wait for my call and I’ll come to you when everything is settled. I’m not an irresponsible bad man. You have my word. Remember to wait for my call.”

“OK.” Turning around, Christine smiles with a trace of helplessness, “I know. You are a soldier. I can understand.”

Seeing her smile, Zhang Hai is really reluctant to leave and blames himself more. He wants to say something, but the clock is ticking.

“Christine, I’m leaving now and I’ll call you later! Remember to answer my call!”

With that, Zhang Hai leaves in a hurry.

And then there comes the sound of closing the door downstairs. Christine narrows her eyes slightly and then picks up the phone.

“I’ve done what you told me.”


Christine snorts, replying, “Or what? You think I’ll have s.e.x with him just after a few drinks? You really undervalue me.”

“The guy is good.”

“Nonsense!” He has got no money or rights. And he is so naive. What’s the use of just being tall and strong?

There are lots of tall and strong men in the world and she can easily let them kneel down to her in adoration.

“Stick to the plan. Don’t ever be sentimental.”

Christine grits her teeth, “Got it.”

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