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Chapter 557

Yamanaka Ryo’s words caused a huge uproar in the Ninja Alliance. Just as Yamanaka Ryo said, he was the dean of Konoha’s hospital, and Pakura was the advisory elder of the Sand.

“Both of them are in high positions in their respective villages. Could they really be together?”

The ordinary ninjas in the Alliance Army whispered and turned their eyes to Namikaze Minato and Gaara.

Facing everyone’s eyes, Namikaze Minato stood up and said, “All along, Ryo and I have a dream, which is to bring true peace to the Ninja World. I hope that the time between people and people will come… This dream has been realized today. Just now, our five villages have agreed to each other to we will never start a war.

If there is no war, the village and the village will not be as guarded against each other as before. On behalf of Konoha, I hereby announce that we support the matter of Ryo and Pakura. After Pakura marries into Konoha, we will not do anything to hinder Pakura’s freedom.”

“Hokage-sama, do you mean that the village will not send the Anbu to monitor Pakura?” One of the Konoha Ninjas asked.

“Well! Not only the Anbu, no ninja will disturb the life of Ryo and Pakura. This is our sincerity. What do you think, Kazekage?”

Gaara frowned when he heard this. He looked at Pakura and then at Yamanaka Ryo. To be honest, Gaara did not want Pakura to leave Sunagakure.

First, it was Pakura who did her best to help him become a Kazekage. After he became Kazekage, Pakura spared no effort to help him manage the village. It could be said that he could only become a qualified Kazekage with Pakura’s help.

Pakura saw through Gaara’s thoughts. She walked to Gaara and reached out to pat his shoulder, “Gaara, do you know why I chose you to be Kazekage?”

Gaara shook his head. He had thought about this question for a long time.

“It’s actually very simple. Because you know better than the others in the village… You know what love is, and you love the village. You will protect this village. I have always believed in you, and I believe that you can become the best Kazekage in history.”

After hearing Pakura’s words, Gaara’s expression relaxed a lot. He bowed to Pakura and said, “Senior Pakura, I understand! Thank you!”

Pakura smiled and returned to Yamanaka Ryo’s side.

Then, Gaara also announced that Sunagakure had agreed to their wedding.

Along with the cheers of the Ninja Alliance Army, Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura’s hands tightly clenched together.


A few days later, the Ninja Alliance Army disbanded and returned to their respective villages.

At the entrance of Konoha Village, just like the previous few Ninja Wars, the villagers stood in front of the door to welcome the return of the heroes.

Yamanaka Ryo and his group pa.s.sed through the forest and saw a dense crowd. The villagers obviously also noticed them, and the crowd began to burst into waves of cheers.

Yamanaka Ryo listened to the cheers coming from the village entrance, and his eyes were a little blurred. He seemed to see his childhood self in the crowd. At that time, he was mixed in the welcoming team of the second Ninja World War. It was also that time that changed Yamanaka Ryo’s view of this world and made him understand that this was the real world.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of years had pa.s.sed, and he had also changed from a child to the strongest person in the world of ninjas. It could be said that his trip to this world had not been in vain.

Thinking of this, the corners of Yamanaka Ryo’s mouth curled up into a smile. His tone carried a bit of nostalgia as he said, “This kind of scene is really nostalgic!”

“Indeed, when the third world war ended, everyone also came to welcome us like this.” Namikaze Minato said.

A few minutes later, Namikaze Minato led Konoha’s Ninjas to the village entrance and returned to Konoha under the cheers of the villagers.


That night, Konoha began a carnival, and some of the Ninjas who partic.i.p.ated in the Ninja war told the villagers about the war. Some of them talked about something with their dead comrades in front of the memorial tablets, some sat in the tavern drinking, and most of them returned home to reunite with their loved ones.

In the land of the Uchiha clan, Namikaze Minato, Kushina, Naruto, Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke, Obito, Lin, Shisui, and Otsutsuki Hana who just came back from the moon. Of course, Lain and our protagonist, Yamanaka Ryo.

Everyone gathered together and ate barbecue in the evening wind.


At the same time, on the Hokage Rock in Konoha, the 1st and 2nd Hokage looked at the prosperous Konoha in front of them and smiled.

“This is what I have been pursuing. All the families and villagers live together like a family.”

“That’s right! Such a village is indeed very beautiful. Big brother, you are right. Back then, some of my views on the various families were really too extreme.”

“Fortunately, it did not lead to a big mistake. However, you really dare to do it. You actually set up an organization like the Dark Group and turned all the families from the decision-making level to the executive level of the village.”

“Big brother, you are too easy-going. I can only be such a villain.”

Hearing this, Senju Hashirama laughed out loud. Senju Tobirama sighed helplessly and also smiled.

“Alright, we have already seen the situation in the village. It is time to leave.”

“Well, let’s go!”

After saying that, the two of them released Edo Tensei.

As the two of them left the forest behind the rock, Tsunade and Jiraya walked out together.

“It seems that the first generation and second generation are very satisfied with the current situation of the village!”

Tsunade nodded. “Yes, grandfather’s hearty laughter is the best affirmation for us.”

“Well, we should also go to Ryo. Otherwise, the meat will be gone.”

“So useless!” Tsunade rolled her eyes at Jiraya and jumped off the rock.

Jiraya smiled and followed.


It was late at night, and the atmosphere of the party gradually reached its climax.

“Ryo, it’s about time to announce your matter, right?”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded and released his spiritual power to cover the entire Konoha. Namikaze Minato put his hand on Yamanaka Ryo’s shoulder and said, “Everyone, I am Namikaze Minato.”

When the villagers heard Namikaze Minato’s voice, they instantly quieted down.

“I want to announce one thing to everyone. The strongest person in our village, the dean of Konoha’s hospital, Yamanaka Ryo, is getting married.”

The villagers were stunned for a moment and then once again burst out a tsunami of shouts, pushing the atmosphere of celebration to the climax once again.

Similar situations also happened in the other four villages. The five great villages in the world were brightly lit and had sleepless nights.


The next day, Yamanaka Ryo opened his eyes and rubbed the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows. He had drunk too much wine last night, and now his head was still a little painful.

“Ryo, how do you feel?” The familiar voice stunned Yamanaka Ryo. He quickly turned around and saw Pakura lying beside him.

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