I Can Track Everything Chapter 493 – the Gamble was right

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Chapter 493: Chapter 491, the Gamble was right

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“Whoever helps our evil G.o.d temple capture this person, will be rewarded with 100 spirit crystals!”

The divine might city lord let out a roar.

A few fusion cultivators who were watching from afar instantly moved upon hearing this.

100 spirit crystals was equivalent to all their wealth, and now, as long as they made a move, they would be able to obtain it.

Although the divine might city Lord had previously said that he would reward ther handsomely, how could he be so direct in listing numbers? The old man who was the first to attack saw that Ao Yu already had the intention to retreat, but when he heard these words, he immediately became spirited as if he was injected with stimulants.

However, he was also afraid that something unexpected would happen, so he quickly turned around and shouted to the surrounding cultivators in the distance, “100 crystals! What are you all still hesitating for? Could it be that the evil G.o.d Hall will deceive us? Everyone, follow me…”

Just as the old man was talking excitedly, he saw the expressions of the surrounding cultivators change drastically. From eagerness to fear, he felt an extremely strong gust of wind behind him.

Without thinking too much, the old man directly took out a huge axe and slashed at the wind behind him!


With an earth-shattering sound, an extremely strong shock wave spread in all directions, causing the buildings below to collapse.

The expression on the old man’s face suddenly froze, and his eyes became somewhat vacant.

When Chen Chen saw this, he withdrew his ten thousand transformations divine edge and glared fiercely at the surrounding cultivators in the distance. For a moment, no one dared to meet his gaze. After he turned around, crackling sounds that sounded like exploding beans came from the old man’s body.

Not long after, a gust of wind blew past, and the old man in the form synthesis realm along with the huge axe in his hand turned into ashes, drifting away with the wind.

The surrounding cultivators were greatly frightened, and they did not dare to watch, nor did they dare to join in the battle. Instead, they fell to the ground at the same time and hid in the buildings.

Chen Chen did not glance at the old man behind him. Instead, he held the ten thousand transformations divine blade tightly and looked at the group of form synthesis cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple.

The group of form synthesis cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple were also stunned at this moment. Chen Chen’s attack had directly killed a form synthesis cultivator, and this had shocked them too much.

After all, they were only unity cultivators.

If that attack had been directed at them, would they have been able to hold on?

Thinking of this, the group of people felt a sense of cowardice. No one dared to attack Chen Chen again.

Chen Chen sneered when he saw this. The brave would win in a narrow road. This was the logic.

As long as he showed a bit of strength, the other party would definitely cower.

After all, everyone only had one life, and no one was unafraid of death.

Seeing that no one was stopping him, Chen Chen did not say anything and once again launched an attack on the array formation above Yi City.

Although this avatar’s cultivation was not enough to unleash the strongest power of the ten-thousand transformation divine blade, the physical attack that was unleashed by just waving the ten-thousand transformation divine blade was far stronger than other attacks.

After all, it contained exquisite divine gold, which could make the ten thousand transformations divine blade become heaven-defying in an instant.


There was no one blocking his way. Chen Chen struck the array formation above him with his sword.


With an explosive sound, the array formation shattered. Chen Chen was overjoyed, but his expression remained cold.

“Brother AO, let’s Go!” “Okay!” Ao Yu responded and flew out of the array formation, arriving outside of Yi City.

The Divine Might City Lord was furious and anxious when he saw this. He immediately used a trump card and heavily injured Zhou Fu in one strike, landing in Yi City.

“You want to run? It’s not that easy. If I really let you run, where will my face


After injuring Zhou Fu, the Divine Might City Lord Roared angrily and chased after Chen Chen Chen. Before he arrived, the nomological chain had already pounced towards Ao Yu like a flood dragon.

“What are you all standing around for? If we let him escape, we will count each and every one of you as one. All of you will be sent to the Small World!”

Seeing that his subordinates were still in a daze after tangling with Chen Chen, the divine might city lord cursed at them for failing to live up to his expectations.

Hearing this, the group of Demon G.o.d Temple’s combined body cultivators mustered up their courage and surrounded Chen Chen.

Ao Yu took the initiative to meet the divine might city lord. However, as soon as the man and the Dragon fought, Ao Yu was at a disadvantage.

There was nothing they could do. After all, he was only at the late stage of the unity stage. The other demon G.o.d Temple’s unity cultivators had also learned their lesson. They did not think of taking down Chen Chen directly. Instead, they used the power of various laws to restrain him.

Although Chen Chen’s ten thousand transformations Divine Blade was invincible, it was impossible to get rid of so many unity cultivators at once.

The scene fell into a stalemate for a moment, but a group of unity cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple knew that as long as the city Lord took down the true dragon descendant and regrouped with them, then no matter how strong this person was, he could only surrender.

Thinking of this, they put in even more effort to pin him down.

Just as the battle was going on above, the cultivators in Yi city below began to flee in all directions.

Now that the array formation had been broken, there was really no need for them to stay in this dangerous place.

Meanwhile, in a ruin near Yi Xing Hall, Zhou Fu struggled to get up. He had been injured by the divine might city Lord’s Special Magic Treasure. If not for the fact that he was rich and had all kinds of elixirs, let alone standing up now.., he was probably about to die.

“Father, are you okay?”

Zhou Qiong came over and helped Zhou Fu up. She asked worriedly.

“I’m… fine.”

As Zhou Fu spoke, he looked at the sky and saw that Chen Chen was fighting alone with a group of people who had the upper hand, he could not help but exclaim, “As expected of a person who can become the personal disciple of the Lord of the Heavenly Devil City. He has such amazing combat strength even before joining the Heavenly Devil City… He is not from the same world as US ordinary cultivators.”

“Father, that true dragon descendant won’t be able to hold on for long. We should leave quickly. From now on, we should live in seclusion and not get involved in the affairs of these large sects.”

Zhou Qiong’s eyes were filled with tears as she said this. She had thought that her father was going to die just now, and this kind of experience had caused her state of mind to quickly change. She had forgotten all about the Danxia sect and her proof.

However, before she could finish her words, Zhou Fu took out a communication token and began to transmit the message. After the transmission was over, Zhou Fu suddenly laughed.

“The news has spread out. Hehe, we made the right bet this time.”

“What did we make the right bet?

Not far away, the sinister voice of the boss of the Yi Xing Hall could be heard. Seeing that Zhou Fu was holding a communication token in his hand, he struck out without thinking and shattered the communication token.

Zhou Fu smiled faintly and said, “I’ve already informed the Heavenly Devil City. Junior brother, what use is there for you to do this now?”

The Yi Xing Hall’s owner’s face was gloomy as he said coldly, “So what if I’ve informed the Heavenly Devil City? That Brat and that true dragon descendant won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Can the people of the Heavenly Devil City rush over?

“As long as that Brat is captured, senior brother, I’ll have done a great service for the evil G.o.d Hall. From now on, I’ll be the sect master of the Danxia sect!”

With that said, he directly grabbed towards Zhou Fu, wanting to directly kill this senior brother of his.

Zhou Fu casually took out a protective magic treasure to block in front of himself and his daughter. A mocking smile appeared on his pale face.

“Junior brother, our Danxia sect has long since pledged allegiance to Heavenly Devil City. You Don’t think that the cultivators of Heavenly Devil City will fly over like the people of the evil G.o.d Hall, do you?”

Upon hearing this, the boss of Yi Xing Hall’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly turned his head to the west of Yi City, where the teleportation array of Yi City was located.

However, there was no movement there.

Upon seeing this, he was overjoyed. He no longer cared about killing his senior brother. He took a step forward and prepared to destroy the teleportation array. However, before his feet left the ground, an extremely dazzling teleportation array suddenly lit up in an inconspicuous corner to the east of Yi City.

It was obvious that the teleportation array connecting Yi city to omen city was actually hidden there.

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