I Can Track Everything Chapter 494 – stepping into Heavenly Devil

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Chapter 494: Chapter 492, stepping into Heavenly Devil


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“That… that is…

Before the boss of Yi Xing Hall could react, ten black-robed cultivators

suddenly appeared in the sky east of Yi City.

These ten black-robed cultivators were all wearing masks, and their faces

couldn’t be seen clearly. There weren’t any special marks on their bodies. If he

had seen this group of cultivators in other places, he wouldn’t have been able

to guess where these ten black-robed cultivators came from.

But now, he knew.

These ten cultivators must have come from Heavenly Devil City. As for why

they had to hide their ident.i.ties, it was self-evident.

They were just trying to shirk responsibility after making a move.

“It’s over…with this group of people here, that kid can’t be caught…”

Muttering to himself, the boss of Yi Xing Hall turned around and flew away. It

didn’t take long for him to fly out of Yi City.

Now, the one who had to hide and live in seclusion… was him.

On the other side, Chen Chen had just repelled an evil G.o.d Hall unity cultivator.

Just as he was about to break out of the encirclement, a voice suddenly

sounded in his mind.

“Calm down, don’t be impatient.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen subconsciously looked to the east.

He saw ten black-robed cultivators shooting toward his direction from the

east. A moment later, they entangled a group of evil G.o.d Hall unity cultivators.

Apart from that, the leader continued to fly upward, looking for the divine

might city lord.

It was obvious that these ten black-robed cultivators were all at the Unity


“Fellow Daoist, don’t panic. They are Heavenly Devil City’s reinforcements!”

Zhou Fu’s voice rang in his mind, and Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief when

he heard it.

Seeing that the group of black-robed cultivators had instantly suppressed the

evil G.o.d temple’s cultivators, he did not continue fighting. Instead, he landed

on the ground and came to Zhou Fu’s side.

“Sect Master Zhou, thank you very much.”

Seeing this, Zhou fu smiled and said, “There’s no need to thank me, fellow

Daoist. It’s just that I don’t know if our agreement still stands”

“of course it does, “Chen Chen said with a calm smile.

“It’s good that it does. It’s our Danxia sect that has a traitor. Fellow Daoist has

been shocked.”

As the two of them spoke, the divine might city lord in the sky suddenly let out

an angry roar.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Heavenly Devil City, don’t go too far!

However, the ten black-robed cultivators were like machines that only knew

how to fight. No one responded to him at all. They just kept on attacking and


After more than a hundred rounds, the divine might city Lord gave up. He

could feel that these people were holding back. Otherwise, several of his

subordinates would have already died.

Thinking of this, he no longer asked for trouble. He immediately roared,

“Retreat, scoundrels from Heavenly Devil City. Today, you guys are ruthless.

However, regarding this kid’s matter, Your Heavenly Devil City must give an

explanation. Otherwise… HMPH!

After throwing out these ruthless words, he took the lead and flew out of Yi

City. His subordinates followed closely behind. Not long after, the group of

people completely disappeared without a trace.

At this time, ten black-robed cultivators landed in the sky and flew to Chen

Chen’s side.

The black-robed cultivator who was fighting with the divine might city Lord

took off his mask and revealed a rather young face.

Facing Chen Chen, this person was full of smiles. Although he was a devil

cultivator, his body emitted traces of the aura of sunlight.

“Fellow Daoist, you really made it easy for me to find you! You’ve finally shown

your face today!

Chen Chen smiled awkwardly and asked, “You are…

I am Shen Chong, the city lord of firmament city of the southerm domain. My

Master is Dongfang Conglong. I am the third disciple of the city lord of

Heavenly Devil City. At the same time, I am the city lord of the southern

domain of Heavenly Devil City.

Shen Chong cupped his hands and smiled as he introduced himself.

Chen Chen could not help but take another look at this person when he heard


This person was able to fight against the city lord of divine might city. He was

obviously a cultivator at the peak of the Unity Realm. However, this person

looked much younger than the city lord of divine might city.

“May I know your name, fellow Daoist?”Seeing Chen Chen sizing him up, Shen

Chong asked with a smile.

“Chen Chen”

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, but still told him his real name.

“So it’s fellow Daoist Chen. I heard that fellow Daoist has mastered the nine

transformation golden body art. May I have a look?”

Shen Chong asked.

Having come this far, Chen Chen had nothing to hide. He immediately released

the golden light unique to the nine transformation golden body art.

Seeing the Golden Light, Shen Chongs eyes flashed with a hint of envy.

It was the nine transformation golden body mantra.

This was the strongest technique in the upper realm, and it was also the

technique that made the Heavenly Devil City Lord Famous.

At this point, he no longer needed to have any doubts.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, follow me to Heavenly Devil City. The city lord once said

that as long as the cultivator who mastered the nine transformation golden

body mantra is his disciple, you are no exception.”

“Uh, Alright.”Chen Chen replied and put Ao Yu into the Longze. As for the ten

thousand transformations Divine Blade, he had already put it away.

A moment later, Chen Chen and the people of Heavenly Devil City arrived at

fimament city via the teleportation array of Yi City.

They then used the teleportation array of firmament city to arrive at Heavenly

Devil City’s branch city in the Southern Domain.

The city lord of this city was the person in charge of Heavenly Devil City in the

southern domain, Dongfang conglong.

Compared to Yi City, this city was more like a sect. All the cultivators Chen

Chen met along the way were wearing the clothes that were unique to heavenly

devil city.

Obviously, this city was not a city that welcomed cultivators from the outside


“Senior… Senior Uncle Chen, my master is inside.”

Shen Chong brought Chen Chen to the front of a large hall and pointed inside.

Chen Chen could not help but laugh when he heard his martial uncle address

him as martial uncle. However, he did not reject the t.i.tle. Instead, he nodded

and walked into the large hal.

This large hall occupied a huge area and was dozens of meters tall. There was a

huge sculpture of a dragon head right in front of it. The size of the sculpture

was almost the same as a true spirit.

Under the dragon head stood a middle-aged man who was two meters tall and


Seeing the middle-aged man’s back, Chen Chen finally became a little nervous.

It was not the first time he had met the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City

Lord. He had met wind devil before.

However, wind devil was far less majestic than the back of the man in front of

him, especially in the context of the grand hall.

“Ahem, Chen Chen greets senior.”

Seeing that this person didn’t seem to realize his arrival, Chen Chen cupped his

hands and bowed.

Hearing this, Dongfang conglong turned around, revealing an incomparably

imposing square face.

After seeing Chen Chen, he squeezed out a smile and said in an excited tone,

“Little junior brother, I’ve finally found you! Now I can explain to master!

Chen Chen wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

In fact, he had many questions in his mind, such as how many benefits it

would bring to become the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord, how many

crystals he could get every month, and so on.

But at this moment, he suddenly couldn’t bring himself to ask.

“Junior brother, Ive already spread the news that I’ve found you. It Won’t be

long before master will send down the projection. At that time, you’ll know his

arrangements for you

Dongfang conglong patted Chen Chen’s shoulder, acting as if he was very

familiar with him.

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment and asked, Then what about the things Ive

committed in the evil G.o.d Hall?

“Tll naturally solve this matter for you, senior brother!”Dongfang conglong

smiled confidently, his expression full of contempt for the evil G.o.d Hall.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Shen Chong rushed in, his

expression somewhat unsightly.

“Master, the evil G.o.d temple’s venerable Xie Sheng has brought many people to

our sky demon city.. It looks like he’s not here with good intentions.”

After saying that, he subconsciously glanced at Chen Chen. His meaning was

self-evident. That Venerable Xie Sheng was here for Chen Chen.

“So what if he’s here? Junior brother, accompany me to meet this venerable Xie


After Dongfang Conglong finished speaking, he did not care whether Chen

Chen agreed or not. He directly pulled Chen Chen and walked out.

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