I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 2918 – A Woman’s Instinct Is Very Accurate

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Chapter 2918: A Woman’s Instinct Is Very Accurate

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“Not really.” Qiao Mianmian thought for a while and added, “Do you remember the auction we attended that night?”

“Auction?” Mo Yesi thought for a while and nodded. “Mm, I remember. What about it?”

“Don’t you remember my brother having an ambiguous relations.h.i.+p with a pretty lady at the banquet that night? I feel like their relations.h.i.+p isn’t ordinary, especially the way my brother looks at that lady. I feel like they must have a story.”

Mo Yesi raised an eyebrow. “So?”

“Lheard from my brother that the girlfriend he brought back this time isn’t the girl from that night.”

“[ roughly understand.” Mo Yesi smiled. “You think that the girlfriend your brother brought back this time might not be what he really likes? And that the woman from the auction is the one he really likes?”

Qiao Mianmian pursed her lips and nodded. “Yes.”

Why did she think so?

It was probably a woman’s intuition.

Most of the time, a woman’s intuition was very accurate.

“Baby, how many men and women do you think will end up together just because they like each other? Or how many men and women get married and start a family because they love each other?” Mo Yesi asked with a smile.

“Mm?” Stunned, Qiao Mianmian thought for a while before shaking her head and replying, “I don’t know. But I’ve seen some statistics before. It seems like… the proportion of people who get married because they love each other is small.

“Most of them are suitable for each other.”

“Mm, that’s true.” Mo Yesi a.n.a.lyzed it for her. “Let’s not talk about other things. In our circle, we value the benefits of being compatible and powerful. Very few people pursue so-called love.

“Even if they do, the elders won’t agree if they aren’t from the same family circle.

“No matter how much they love each other, one of them will eventually compromise.”

Stunned for a few more seconds, Qiao Mianmian looked up at him and blinked. “But we and Luo Luo and Big Brother aren’t together for benefits.”

“That’s because Big Brother and I don’t have to rely on our family to live. So, we can consider the opinions of the elders, but we don’t have to listen to them. They can’t control what Big Brother and I want to do.

“So, we can do whatever we want.

“But such a situation is rare. Most people’s marriage matters still have to be arranged by the family. Do you think Shaoqing is very free, easygoing, and playing all day? But he can’t decide on his marriage unless he abandons his current ident.i.ty, discarding the superior life his family gives him.”

Qiao Mianmian bit her lip. “But I think Big Brother can make his own decisions. Moreover, Mom and Dad aren’t picky people. They don’t have to be compatible.”

“Your brother can indeed decide his own marriage.” Mo Yesi agreed with her, but then added, “But the person he wants to marry might not be willing to marry him..”

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