I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 2930 – Overwhelmed

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Chapter 2930: Overwhelmed

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“Qiao Mianmian, is it… you? Why are you calling me?” It was as if he couldn’t believe that Qiao Mianmian was the one calling him. Gong Zeli was silent for a while before asking.

Because he wasn’t sure, even his words were hesitant.

He sounded so flattered.

Qiao Mianmian looked at Madam Gong and said, “Mm, it’s me.”

“It’s really you. I thought I was wrong.” Gong Zeli kept quiet for a few more seconds. His voice was soft as if he was afraid of scaring her. “Then, why did you call me? If you need my help, just tell me.”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

This was why she wanted to keep a distance from him.

It wasn’t like she couldn’t tell Gong Zeli’s feelings for her.

It was precisely because she could that she didn’t want to interact too much with him.

Firstly, Mo Yesi minded it.

Secondly, she minded it too.

She knew very well that if she couldn’t give him what he wanted, then she shouldn’t let him feel that there was a chance.

“Gong Zeli, did you have a conflict with your mother?” Qiao Mianmian didn’t want him to misunderstand and directly explained the reason for her call. “Your mother asked to meet me. She hopes you can go home.”

“My mom looked for you?” Gong Zeli’s voice turned cold. “She just called me, but I didn’t pick up. So, you’re still together?”

“Mm.” Qiao Mianmian whispered, “Madam Gong is right beside me.”

Hearing that Madam Gong was standing right beside her, Gong Zeli’s voice tensed up. “She didn’t make things difficult for you, right? Did she say anything nasty to you? No matter what she said, don’t take it to heart. Don’t take it seriously. She might have some misunderstanding about what happened

between us, so…”

“No, you misunderstood.” Qiao Mianmian interrupted him. “Madam Gong didn’t make things difficult for me. She just wanted me to call you and persuade you to go home.”

“That’s all?”

“Mm, that’s all.”

“Tm sorry, this is the Gong family’s business. You shouldn’t be involved.”

“This is indeed your Gong family’s business, it has nothing to do with me.” Qiao Mianmian deliberately sounded distant. “But Madam Gong is very upset, and she really hopes that you can go back home. She said that you two had some conflict previously, and she said some things out of anger.

“She regrets it now. As long as you can go back home, she won’t interfere in your matters anymore.”

Gong Zeli was silent for a while. “You mean, you want me to go home, right?”

Qiao Mianmian frowned and corrected him. “It’s not me, it’s Madam Gong. I’m just helping her relay the message. As for how you decide, it’s your own business. I have no right to interfere.”

Madam Gong panicked when she heard that.

“Miss Qiao, you have to help me persuade him. You can’t say that.” Madam Gong was anxious. “What if he doesn’t come back?”

Gong Zeli heard her voice and said to Qiao Mianmian in a low voice, “Mom is right beside you, right? Give her the cell phone, I’ll talk to her.”

“Oh, alright.” Qiao Mianmian immediately handed the cell phone to Madam Gong.

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