I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 2940 – That’s Right, I’m Going Back on My Word!

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Chapter 2940: That’s Right, I’m Going Back on My Word!

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“Tang Ya, is Yueyue with you right now? Let me tell you, you’re not allowed to hurt Yueyue, or I won’t let you off.” An angry voice came from the phone. It was a woman’s voice.

Tang Ya’s mocking smile deepened.

Her expression didn’t change at all. She obviously didn’t take her threat seriously.

“Did you hear me? Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re not allowed to hurt Yueyue! If you hurt Yueyue, you’re going against the Mo family. No one who goes against the Mo family has a good ending. As long as you don’t hurt Yueyue and return her to the Mo family unscathed, I can plead s.h.i.+xiu on your


Tang Ya pursed her lips and sneered. “What do you mean, Madam Mo? Are you going back on your word now?”

It was Madam Mo.

“That’s right, I’m going back on my word!” Madam Mo’s fl.u.s.tered voice came from the phone. “Who asked you to lie to me? You said that you would return Yueyue to me after hiding her for a while, but you lied to me. Tang Ya, what exactly are you trying to do by getting close to me and taking Yueyue


“Madam Mo, you’re wrong. You were the one who handed your granddaughter to my people. I didn’t force you to do that. Moreover, I’m not lying to you. Your granddaughter is with me. Didn’t we agree I would return her to you after some time? It’s not time yet, why are you in a hurry to get her back?

You’re not acting on the spirit of the agreement at all.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you now? You’re a liar. If you don’t intend to do anything to Yueyue, why did you take her away secretly? Why don’t you tell me where Yueyue is now? Tang Ya, I don’t care what your motive is. You can’t hurt Yueyue!” Madam Mo growled.

“Isn’t it a little late for Madam Mo to worry about your granddaughter now?” Tang Ya mocked. “Also, I advise Madam Mo to be more polite when talking to me. Don’t threaten me so easily. I don’t like to be threatened. If I’m unhappy, I’ll vent my anger on your granddaughter. What will you think when your

granddaughter is harmed by you?”


“Madam Mo, you must have been living a blissful life all these years. You often tell me how filial your two sons are and how much your husband loves you. It’s really enviable. But have you ever thought that your happiness might be built on someone else’s pain?” Tang Ya suddenly changed the topic.

“W-What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Tang Ya sneered. She narrowed her eyes as if she was recalling something, “You should be asking your husband, Mo Yunchen, about this. You should ask him how much he hurt that woman when he betrayed her.

“Did he ever think that the woman would still be calling his name the day she closed her eyes for the last time?

“Has he ever thought that it was just an accident in his life, or rather, a romantic affair that ruined a woman’s life?”

“W-Who exactly are you?” Madam Mo sounded shocked… “The woman you’re talking about is… Tang w.a.n.giu?! Are you talking about Tang Wanqiu!”

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