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Chapter 1290: Flawless Plan

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The party continued after the host had arrived and given her speech. With wine in hand, many men were eager to drink or chat with Yan Jiaren. But before they could get too close, her bodyguards went up to her and whispered something into her ear.

Seemingly hearing something surprising, Yan Jiaren couldn’t hide her delight and joy. She left the venue immediately, with no regard for the guests who had come to see her.

Yun Xi watched Yan Jiaren as she hurriedly left the venue. Besides Mu Feichi, Yun Xi couldn’t think of anyone else who could get Yan Jiaren to disregard her upbringing as an heiress and leave her guests behind with no words of apology.

She was showing the evident joy of a young girl in love after she had heard what the bodyguards had said. So, anyone with sharp eyes would be able to tell what was on her mind.

Mu Feichi’s whereabouts had been kept secret. Thus, for Yan Jiaren to have gotten the news of his appearance so quickly, she must have planned everything ahead of time.

Her bodyguards in the venue were obviously there to keep a lookout for Mu Feichi. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for anyone to notice his arrival so fast.

Yan Jiaren seemed to really care for Mu Feichi. So even though she wasn’t sure whether he would appear, she had still made arrangements to look out for Mu Feichi. No wonder Mu Feichi wasn’t fond of her and even said that she wasn’t a simple woman.

Most people would either contact Gu Baifan or make an appointment if they wanted to meet Mu Feichi, But to make such a perfect plan like Yan Jiaren had, any man would be afraid of her.

As soon as Yan Jiaren left the party, the men at the party began looking around for other targets.

Yun Ziling looked around the venue and immediately saw Liang Xinyi in the crowd, trying to make friends with several socialites and heiresses. Many heiresses knew her because of what had happened at her mother’s wedding banquet. However, everyone shunned her like the plague because of her bad


Just such a simple act and Liang Xinyi had disgraced herself and was now greatly embarra.s.sed.

Seeing how she was being ostracized, Yun Ziling felt an inexplicable joy.

Yun Ziling had always thought of Chen Lixue and her daughters as country b.u.mpkins and s.l.u.ts from the countryside. She didn’t have a good impression of them at all, especially after Chen Lixue seduced her father and almost caused her parents to divorce.

So, it was extremely satisfying to see how Liang Xinyi had gotten to a point where everyone shunned her.

Even though she was only watching the show from the sidelines, Yun Ziling didn’t want to let go of this chance to ridicule Liang Xinyi. So she gathered up her gown and walked over to Liang Xinyi.

“Twondered who was the one everyone is avoiding? And it’s you!”

Liang Xinyi hadn’t noticed Yun Ziling at first. If Yun Ziling hadn’t come looking for her, she would have never expected Yun Ziling to fit the criteria to get an invitation to this kind of event.

But knowing Yun Ziling and her mother, they must have used Yun Xi’s connections to get themselves an invitation. If not, they would never have been able to get into such a party.

“Liang Xinyi, look at you now. You should reflect on why you are such a failure. You and your family are all country b.u.mpkins, so why would these people from reputable families make friends with you? Don’t think you are an heiress now, just because your mother married into the Su family. You and your

sister are nothing more than just burdens from your mother’s previous marriage. Take a look at yourself. Do you think you are Cinderella?”

“You…” Liang Xinyi’s face turned white as a sheet after being humiliated by Yun Ziling in public.

Having just been shunned by a group of heiresses, Liang Xinyi suddenly felt a wave of intolerable burning anger inside her after now being humiliated by Yun Ziling..

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