Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1296 – Opportunity

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Chapter 1296: Opportunity

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Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were also at the party, standing in a comer beside the buffet table. They were casually holding their plates and eating cakes while enjoying Liang Xiugin and her daughter’s pitiful plights.

“Yun Xi, your mother just tried to bring up your name to plead for help at this critical moment. During normal times, she treats you as if you didn’t exist. Now suddenly when something terrible has happened, she remembers that you are her daughter. How shameless of her!”

“Even now, she doesn’t really treat me as her daughter. She just thinks that she can rely on my relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chenghuan to escape this calamity. Since I’m the one who set up this trap, I have no intention of interfering.”

This was also the reason why she wasn’t going to show her face. Once Liang Xiugin and Yun Ziling saw that she was here, they would definitely ask for her help and try to drag her down with them.

She was not stupid enough to dig this hole for herself.

“Let’s go. This show is over. There’s still going to be a better show later.”

After putting down her plate, Yun Xi pulled Zhao Yumo out of the hall.

“There’s another good show coming? Does it have something to do with your father?”

Zhao Yumo followed behind her. Yun Xi no longer cared about the situation that was taking place at the party. Everyone was certain that Liang Xiugin and Yun Ziling were indeed thieves, and the store a.s.sistant was also on the way to identify them. When the store a.s.sistant arrived with the surveillance

footage in hand, Yun Xi didn’t believe that the mother-and-daughter pair would be able to do anything to get out of their calamity because there was concrete evidence on the tapes.

Yun Xi nodded, her red lips curling into a cold smile. “The police will definitely come after Liang Xiugin after she did such a stupid thing. Even if Yun Yuanfeng can afford to be so embarra.s.sed in this way, he won’t indulge Liang Xiugin anymore. This will be a good time for them to get a divorce. If he

doesn’t make good use of this situation, and his mistress gives birth to a son who can’t be his legitimate child, who knows what other things will happen to his career?”

‘When she heard this explosive news, Zhao Yumo immediately stopped. She looked at Yun Xi’s extremely calm appearance with an expression of disbelief.

“No way? How did you know that your father had a mistress and that she is pregnant?”

“What news in Jingdu can be concealed from the Young Commander’s intelligence network?”

“That’s not right. Why don’t you seem to be worried at all?”

“What can I do when the sky wants to rain and Father wants to remarry? Furthermore, I’ve never grown up close to either of them, because they sent me away when I was young. Don’t you see how they treat me? How deep can my relations.h.i.+p with them be? Furthermore, even if my father wants to bring

his mistress into the family, don’t you think I can stop her with my methods?”

She had been able to handle Liang Xiugin, so why would she be afraid of a mistress?

She was the one who had facilitated Yun Yuanfeng’s current situation. If she wanted to kick him down from the clouds where he lived in blissful ignorance, it would only be a matter of minutes. Therefore, no matter what they tried to do now, it did not matter to her at all anymore

The only important thing was that everything had to be put to good use at crucial moments or else everything she had done after returning to Jingdu would have been for nothing.

“That’s true!”

Zhao Yumo had watched everything that Liang Xiugin had done to Yun Xi. Yun Yuanfeng had completely treated Yun Xi as a chess piece that could add icing to the cake that was his career. Having such an unorthodox pair of parents had indeed been hard on her.

However, after this incident, some things would have to be finally settled.

Without Liang Xiugin and her constant drama, everyone would be able to live a more peaceful life.

Zhao Yumo thought that this matter would end just like that. What she didn’t know was that Yun Xi had even more brilliant plans besides this to come.

‘Mu Feichi had told her before that she could not be too gentle this time. Otherwise, he would light a fire behind her and be even more ruthless than she was going to be.

She had understood what he meant. Rather than letting him dirty his hands, she might as well do it herself…

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