Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1579 – Beauty of Simplicity

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Chapter 1579: Beauty of Simplicity

Translator: CKtalon

“Haven’t you already advanced to the Calamity grade? Why are you still

searching for the Zone Core?” Jiuyang had seen Zhou Wen’s speed before. It was

definitely at the Calamity grade, so he was convinced that Zhou Wen had

already advanced to the Calamity grade.

Zhou Wen didn’t answer, nor could he answer. He could be considered a

Calamity-grade, but that was under the condition of simulating other Essence

Energy Arts. He himself hadn’t advanced to the Calamity grade.

“You haven’t told me how to distinguish the level of a Zone Core?” Zhou Wen


“The Zone Core isn’t an inanimate object. Levels are demarcated artificially. To

know what level the Zone Core is, one can only observe the zone itself. The

stronger a dimensional zone is, the stronger the Zone Core condensed. There

are also some other details that need to be observed by yourself. There are no

fixed standards,” Jiuyang said.

Zhou Wen thought to himself, Sweetie’s Hut is definitely very strong, but can

those words be considered a Zone Core? The Ancient Sword Tomb should be

very strong as well. The possibility of it being at the Heaven Realm is very high,

but I can’t be sure. Sovereign Sui’s Tomb can only be considered special. It’s

hard to say if it’s at the Heaven level.

Zhou Wen had been figuring things out by himself all this while. Today, he

finally learned more formal information. It only gave him more questions.

“Why are you telling me this?” Zhou Wen asked Jiuyang. He was considered an

enemy of the Holy Land, so there was no need for Jiuyang to tell him this.

Jiuyang said indifferently, “These things are considered secrets among

humans, but they aren’t considered secrets in the Holy Land. Anyway, you will

enter the Holy Land soon, so it’s fine to tell you this in advance.”

It’s good to be confident, but you have to be prepared to suffer a setback. Zhou

Wen felt that Jiuyang’s temper was very odd.

The two of them were clearly enemies. Furthermore, Zhou Wen had previously

defeated him in Dubhe Palace. They were about to have a duel.

However, Jiuyang could speak to him calmly. If it wasn’t for the impending

duel, Zhou Wen even felt like he was chatting with a friend instead of an


In fact, Zhou Wen didn’t realize that he was also such a strange person. To

Jiuyang, Zhou Wen was also an enemy.

“It’s about time. There’s no need to wait any longer. Let’s begin. Summon your

Companion Beasts and let me see what else you have other than that

Companion Beast,” Jiuyang said to Zhou Wen as he glanced in the direction of

Sunset City.

“It’s just a duel. There’s no need to fight to the death. Why don’t we set some

ground rules?” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to fight Jiuyang to the death.

“What rules?” Jiuyang asked with a frown.

“Me using a Companion Beast or you using a Guardian isn’t the true

manifestation of our abilities. Neither of us will use external forces and we’ll

limit our strength at the Epic stage. How about we rely on our cultivation and

techniques to determine victory?” Zhou Wen had seen Jiuyang’s technique and

knew that his technique and realm were top-notch. He just lacked strength.

“Alright.” Jiuyang looked at Zhou Wen seriously before agreeing.

Just then, Youkai and Carlos returned and heard their conversation. Youkai was

enlightened and said, “It’s no wonder Zhou Wen dares to fight Jiuyang. So

that’s what he’s up to.”

However, Carlos shook his head and said, “Don’t think of it so simply. Although

their strengths are at the Epic stage, Jiuyang has already experienced the

strength of the Calamity grade. By having different vantage points, Jiuyang will

see everything from a more comprehensive perspective. His realm is also

much higher than Zhou Wen’s. It won’t be easy for Zhou Wen to win.”

“That’s true. Even if the same amount of money is given to different people, it

will definitely be the people with more information sources who can earn more

money.” Youkai thought of the industry he was familiar with.

As the two of them were discussing, they didn’t see a figure standing in the

darkness not far from them. As the environment was too dark and the figure

had no aura, he was like a ghost. No one noticed his arrival.

This person was naturally G.o.dsfall, who had been secretly monitoring Jiuyang.

He had heard Zhou Wen’s conversation.

Jiuyang is too stubborn. It doesn’t matter if you call him stupid or clumsy, but

when it comes to persistence, I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world who

can compare to him. He has been cultivating martial techniques since he was

young. Among us Saints, any Saint was better than Jiuyang in the first year. In

the second year, Jiuyang could already keep up with everyone’s progress. And

in the third year, very few Saints of the same generation were his match when

it came to the same martial technique. They could only use other techniques to

make up for it and think of ways to defeat him. After a few years, even if

Jiuyang only uses the most ordinary martial techniques, it will be very difficult

for anyone to defeat him in terms of martial techniques.

G.o.dsfall thought to himself, If Zhou Wen wants to compete with Jiuyangin

technique and realm, there’s no need for me to take action. What a pity.

“What weapon are you using?” Zhou Wen asked Jiuyang.

“My body is the weapon,” Jiuyang answered naturally, exuding full confidence.

“Then you won’t mind me using a saber, right?” Zhou Wen said.

“Feel free to do so.” Jiuyang clearly didn’t mind.

Zhou Wen extended his hand and the Bamboo Blade appeared in his hand.

However, after some thought, Zhou Wen put it away and summoned an Epic

Companion Beast saber.

Since he requested to have an Epic-stage battle, using the Bamboo Blade was


“You can use the saber you are used to,” Jiuyang said.

“It doesn’t matter what saber I use. Since I was the one who came up with the

idea, you can attack first.” Zhou Wen held the hilt without unsheathing it.

Jiuyang didn’t stand on ceremony as he moved his feet and threw a punch at

Zhou Wen.

Indeed, he had only used the strength of the Epic stage. Furthermore, this

punch didn’t look profound. It was just an ordinary thrust. It was fast enough,

but with the strength of the Epic stage, its speed was much slower than usual.

Ignoring Zhou Wen, even Youkai and Carlos could see it clearly. It wasn’t

difficult to dodge.

However, Zhou Wen only used his Epic strength, so the speed he could produce

wasn’t very fast. Faced with such a punch, he didn’t choose to dodge. Instead,

he raised his scabbard and blocked Jiuyang’s attack.

Jiuyang’s expression didn’t change despite having his punch being blocked. His

other fist followed as his punches rained down.

Jiuyang’s boxing technique wasn’t profound. Furthermore, he didn’t have Feng

Qiuyan’s ability to grow stronger while in combat. However, this ordinary

boxing technique pressured Zhou Wen.

In this world, the more complicated something was, the higher the level.

Sometimes, simplicity was also a form of beauty, a simple sublime feeling.

Jiuyangwas the kind of person who could turn something simple into

something sublime.

It was clearly a very simple boxing technique, but when used by Jiuyang, it

became extremely threatening.

The feeling was akin to Monkey Sun having 72 transformations; yet, it was

difficult for him to withstand the might of Buddha’s flip of the hand..

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