Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1587 – Condensing a Zone Again

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Chapter 1587: Condensing a Zone Again

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen felt his heart palpitate. All he could do was pin his hopes on the Chaos Egg, hoping that it could withstand the power of the lightning.

However, in an instant, Zhou Wen felt a chill run down his spine. The power of the lightning seeped into the Chaos Egg and struck him.

Even the activated Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and Truth Listener were useless.

Zhou Wen s.h.i.+vered as the Chaos Egg automatically dissipated, exposing his body.

It’s over! Zhou Wen’s body and mind trembled as he felt his calves and stomach cramp. He was only human, one that was afraid of death. In particular, he didn’t want to end up like G.o.dsfall.

He wanted to resist, but he realized that his Essence Energy was instantly sucked away by the lightning that invaded his body.

His Essence Energy was like iron powder, and the lightning was like a magnet. The former was instantly sucked dry, leaving nothing behind.

Without Essence Energy, Zhou Wen couldn’t do anything, He couldn’t even throw Demonic Neonate out.

Now, Zhou Wen finally knew how G.o.dsfall felt when he was struck. It was no wonder G.o.dsfall didn’t have a chance to resist. Zhou Wen didn’t have a chance either.

Zhou Wen could sense that the lightning retreated like the receding tide after absorbing his Essence Energy.

However, before it left Zhou Wen’s body, the Heaven-Opening Scripture on his Wheel of Destiny automatically lit up without any Essence Energy to support it.

The lightning that was retreating at high speeds stopped. It moved toward the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder as though it had been attracted.

Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised. Although he had previously discovered that the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder could attract the points of light, he felt that it might not be able to withstand such terrifying energy after seeing G.o.dsfall’s outcome.

Lightning surged into the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and the sutra automatically opened. Strange words gradually appeared on the blank pages.

Zhou Wen didn’t recognize any of the words, but for some reason, he vaguely understood the meaning behind them.

G.o.dsfall lay on the ground as he panted with great difficulty. However, he stared intently at Zhou Wen, unwilling to take his last breath as though he was waiting for Zhou Wen to head to the netherworld with him.

Jiuyang looked at Zhou Wen who had been struck by lightning, After some thought, he reached out and took out something. It was a strange bead that resembled a miniature sun.

With the divine bead in hand, the Sun G.o.d Light on Jiuyang’s body became stronger and stronger. He stared at Zhou Wen as though he wanted to do something.

Another bolt of lightning descended as Jiuyang’s body emitted a divine light. It illuminated the nearby area, revealing everything. The powerful Sun G.o.d Light struck the lightning.

“Jiuyang… What are you doing… Cough…” G.o.dsfall shouted hysterically with all his strength, only to cough out blood.

“He’s my opponent. Even if he dies, he has to die at my hands,” Jiuyang answered calmly.

However, just as he said that, Jiuyang’s expression changed drastically. The Sun G.o.d Light augmented by the Holy Artifact failed to stop the lightning.

The lightning vanished like a ghost. When it appeared again, it had already struck Zhou Wen.

Upon seeing this scene, G.o.dsfall laughed crazily. His face was as warped as a devil’s.

However, G.o.dsfall’s smile quickly froze.

‘When he had been struck by the second lightning bolt, his body had rapidly aged and lost its vitality. However, none of that happened after Zhou Wen was struck by the second lightning bolt.

Zhou Wen’s aura didn’t weaken; it even became stronger. It was as though an intangible force was erupting from his body.

Jiuyang was slightly taken aback as he stopped and looked at Zhou Wen.


Explosive booms sounded from the light blob in the sky as the bolts of lightning formed a thunderstorm that constantly struck Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen seemed to be bathed in lightning, but his body didn’t wither like G.o.dsfall. Instead, his aura became stronger and stronger.

“Impossible… Impossible…” G.o.dsfall widened his eyes as though he had gone mad. He cried out angrily, but his voice was so hoa.r.s.e that it was difficult to hear.

Words constantly appeared on the Heaven-Opening Scripture in Zhou Wen’s body. Every bolt of lightning that fused into it formed words on the Heaven-Opening Scripture.

The shapes of the words were strange, but one could understand their meaning with a glance.

From the looks of it, that thing is indeed the Zone Core that was shattered back then. Furthermore, it happens to be compatible with my Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. It has benefited me. Instantly, Zhou Wen felt mixed emotions.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if this was considered luck. Although he had previously discovered that the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder could absorb the points of light, he wouldn’t have had the chance to absorb it if G.o.dsfall hadn’t attracted the shattered Zone Core out.

I wonder what the Zone Core looked like before it was shattered? Zhou Wen stared at the blob of light in the sky and realized that it was gradually shrinking.

The blob of light was clearly not the true face of the Zone Core. It was only a collection of fragments. There was no Inowing what the real Zone Core looked like.

Unless one chanced upon an ancient powerhouse who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle, it was very difficult to know what the core looked like.

Zhou Wen was actually somewhat puzzled. This Zone Core was already so terrifying in its shattered state. It could easily kill the Holy Artifact-wielding G.o.dsfall; how powerful would it be when it was complete?

This Zone Core was clearly extraordinary to have so many powerhouses vie for it.

‘More and more words appeared on the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. Finally, it began condensing a domain power. Zhou Wen could sense that the power of the Heaven-Opening Scripture was building a nomological domain.

Zhou Wen’s body floated in the air as a strange force spread out from his body.

These were the original ancient city ruins. Nearby, the ancient city ruins within the domain’s range were undergoing a strange change.

The broken walls, stone pillars, and ground were like a movie playing backwards as they were restored to their former appearance.

‘The weathered bricks were gradually repaired, and broken stone pillars appeared out of thin air. The entire ancient city seemed to be undergoing a reversal of time.

Zhou Wen… Is he condensing a domain to advance to the Calamity grade? Carlos couldn’t move his eyes away when he saw the strange magical scene.

After running for a short distance, they realized that something was amiss. When they turned their heads and saw this scene, they were stunned.

Zhou Wen… He seems to have a pure human body… Youkai sized up Zhou Wen’s body as his expression tured even odder.

It wasn’t just Youkai. Jiuyang also discovered the same problem. Zhou Wen didn’t have any traces of Spirit Casting on him, nor did he have the characteristics of a dimensional creature after using the Mythical Serum. No matter how he looked at it, he was a pure human.

He’s advancing to the Calamity grade as a pure human? Jiuyang stood there and looked at Zhou Wen in a daze..

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