Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1589 – Zone Formation

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Chapter 1589: Zone Formation

Translator: CKtalon

Youkai was rejoicing, “Thankfully, you forced the evacuation of everyone in Sunset City. Otherwise, not many in Sunset City would have survived such a huge disaster.”7

‘The Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds collapsed more and more violently. Carlos and Youkai didn’t dare stay any longer. They turned around and rushed towards the exit of the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds.

Thankfully, Carlos’s Guardian was already at the Terror grade. Otherwise, it was unknown if he could escape alive.

‘The entire Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds collapsed except the area near Zhou Wen. The ancient city had mostly been restored.

The ancient city had a mysterious and ancient aura. Buildings made of rocks had a very simple design. There were basically no decorations. Occasionally, one could see extremely simple drawings on some walls. They were also abstract things like landscapes.

Is this ancient city built by humans or is it an ancient city that originally existed in the dimensional zone? Zhou Wen guessed.

However, just as he was sizing up the ancient city, it suddenly shattered and turned to dust that rose into the sky. When the ashes flew into the air, they vanished.

‘When the ancient city completely vanished, the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder finally completed its evolution and reached the Calamity grade. Its domain power had completely taken form.

It has finally advanced to the Calamity grade. Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief. This was a pleasant surprise.

He originally thought that he had made a wasted trip, but to his surprise, he raised the Dao Sutra to the Calamity grade and condensed a Calamity Zone.

However, up to now, Zhou Wen still didn’t know much about the Calamity Zones ability. He needed more time to understand it before he could figure out what kind of domain it was.

‘The dark Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds no longer existed. The sky was blue. When the sunlight shone down, there were crisscrossed abysses everywhere.

Just as Zhou Wen was rejoicing, he saw a blob of purple light run towards him. Looking up, it was the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General.

What’s going on? Shouldn’t he perish with G.o.dsfall? Zhou Wen had been paying attention to the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and the newly formed domain. He hadn’t paid attention to the situation outside the domain and didn’t see what had happened.

Upon seeing G.o.dsfall’s corpse on the ground while the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General was rus.h.i.+ng towards him, he was somewhat surprised. Just as he was about to stop the Tiger Soul General’s charge, he saw the ferocious tiger leap up. The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General transformed into a purple

flame that flew towards Zhou Wen’s body.

It was useless for Zhou Wen to block it. The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General transformed back into a tattoo and imprinted it on Zhou Wen’s body—back in its original spot.3

Holy sh*t.. This. What’s going on.. A Companion Beast can return on its own without dying with its master… Zhou Wen was truly alarmed. He looked at the headless corpse that was sliding down the valley and couldn’t help but cry out, ‘Was G.o.dsfall’s head chopped off by Tiger Soul General?”

“He was the one who chopped it off,” Jiuyang said as he stood not far from Zhou Wen.

Was he really beheaded by Tiger Soul General? Zhou Wen was even more alarmed. Such a Companion Beast wasn’t only feared by others; even he was also alittle afraid.

The Companion Beast was one with him. If Tiger Soul General came out while he was sleeping and beheaded him with one strike, that would be such an unjust death.

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss. He couldn’t fuse Tiger Soul General into oblivion or throw it away. Unless he could make Tiger Soul General die in battle, it was almost impossible to shake him off.

It also seemed difficult to let Tiger Soul General die in battle. The more this fellow fought, the stronger he became. If he really took him to a particularly dangerous place, Zhou Wen might die before he died.

“Zhou Wen, are you a pure-blooded human?” Jiuyang stared at Zhou Wen and asked. Although the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General was very strange, Jiuyang wasn’t too interested in him.

Instead, it was Zhou Wen who piqued Jiuyang’s interest.

“Probably.” Zhou Wen looked at his body and didn’t discover anything different from a human.

After receiving Zhou Wen’s affirmative answer, Jiuyang’s expression became even more complicated.

“Can you tell me how pure-blooded humans can advance to the Mythical stage?” Although Jiuyang knew that Zhou Wen probably wouldn’t give him an answer, he couldn’t help but ask.

Up to now, the human experts at the Mythical stage and above he knew had relied on external forces other than Zhou Wen.

The education Jiuyang had received since he was young and what he had seen made him believe that it was impossible for pure-blooded humans to advance to the Mythical stage.

The teachings of the Holy Temple clearly indicated that humans were sinners of the world. They were punished by G.o.d and had natural flaws. It was impossible for them to advance to the Mythical stage as humans.

However, Zhou Wen in front of him made Jiuyang suspect the teachings of the Holy Temple for the first time.

“Having nine Life Providences and nine Life Souls allows the advancement to the Mythical stage. Of course, it’s only a possibility. The chances are very low and the possibility of failure is very high.” Zhou Wen answered Jiuyang unexpectedly.


In fact, this wasn’t considered a secret. This was because Xia Jiuhuang had previously attempted this method. Furthermore, Jing Daoxian had told him this method, so Jing Daoxian definitely knew about it.

Zhou Wen didn’t believe that the other families didn’t have any information about this.

However, no one could do it. Apart from Xia Jiuhuang who used an inhuman forbidden technique, no one else could gather the nine Life Providences and nine Life Souls.

“You have nine Life Providences and Life Souls?” Jiuyang was stunned as he asked Zhou Wen in disbelief.

“Guess,” Zhou Wen said with a smile. He suddenly instant transmitted to a spot and reached out to grab the Connate Insight that had fallen to the ground. Then, he teleported away and instantly vanished.

He had already achieved his goal here. There was no need for him to continue wasting time. Furthermore, he wasn interested in continuing the battle with Jiuyang.

Jiuyang was very strong, but Zhou Wen had already seen through him. Furthermore, he had gained insight into the Nondisputatious Sword Intent. There was no point in continuing the battle. Furthermore, he didn’t plan on killing Jiuyang.

Previously, when the lightning struck, Jiuyang had tried to help him block it. Regardless of the reason for helping him, Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to kill him now.

In contrast, Zhou Wen was still very interested in the Connate Insight. G.o.dsfall could use the power of the Connate Insight to reach the Heaven level, so it was obvious that it was at least a Heaven level item.

Jiuyang didn’t s.n.a.t.c.h the Connate Insight because it was useless to him. He couldnt stimulate its power.

Besides, before G.o.dsfall’s death, Jiuyang wasn’t willing to touch the Connate Insight. Otherwise, it would easily trigger a misunderstanding between the Connate Holy Temple and the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple.

Later on, G.o.dsfall’s death, as well as Zhou Wen’s advancement to the Calamity grade as a pure-blooded human, shocked Jiuyang greatly. His attention wasn’t on the Connate Insight that had fallen to the side.

Of course, it was mainly because it was useless to him. Therefore, Jiuyang didn’t take the Connate Insight seriously.

However, Zhou Wen was different. The appearance of the Zone Core fragments triggered by the Connate Insight made him feel that he might be able to use it..

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